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Do you have pretty linen towels and good smelling hand soap for guests who use your powder room?  I am always delighted when I visit in someone's home and they have taken care in selecting special items for their guests.  What are your favorites?  Here are some of my favorites!

{click to see my favorites to spruce up your powder room....}

Jo Malone Lime, Basil & Mandarin Body & Hand Wash- Click for Details

SAVON DE MARSEILLE Click here for Details
This is the hand soap we have in Studio 202.  It comes in six scents.
Each scent is divine but I especially like the Fresh Verbena.
Traci Zeller and I have a story about this soap that it too involved to share
but when you see us at market, ask and we will share.  It's really funny!

L'Occitane Verbena Hand Soap Click Here for Details
This is my husband and son's favorite hand soap.  It comes in a pretty container
and smells divine.  Cleans hands without drying the skin.  

Monogrammed Soaps click here for details
I love these monogram soaps and not only use them in my powder room,
 but also give these as gifts.  Aren't they pretty?

Tocca "Cleopatra" Hand Soap Click for details
Nest Hand Soap Want to see all the fragrances? click Here
I have shared some of my favorite hand soaps in all price ranges.  Now let's talk hand towels.  Do you prefer?  I really prefer linen because linen looks so crisp when ironed.  You might prefer something else.  Are you like me and like  linen or do you prefer cotton or terry? I like monogrammed hand towels because towels seem more special when customized.  Do you perfer monogrammed or plain?  Here are some of my picks for a perfect guest towel which offer lots of options in fabrics, styles and costs. 

Homespun Hammam Towels are popular! click for details!

Camaroon Hand Towel click for details
Kassatex Monogrammed Handtowels click for details

Monogrammed Hand Towels on sale Click Here!
Monogrammed Linen Hemstitched hand towels Click Here
Have I gotten you in the mood to spruce up your powder room?  I know my Sunday Pearls of Wisdom are typically more thoughtful but I'm in a fall cleaning frenzy and all I can think about is how to clean up, refresh and get ready for the holidays.  Yes, I said holidays!  We will blink and the holiday will be here.  What are you doing to get ready?  If you need my help, you know where to find me.   Not in the Charlotte area?  I offer e-design too.  Email me at to inquire.

AT STUDIO 202   5PM - 8PM

Lisa Mende Design
2935 Providence Road Suite 202
Charlotte,NC  28270
(704) 561-1466
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  1. I'm a soap snob, too. Guests not only notice but comment. It is a way to show not only pride in your home but also a special welcome to your guests.

    1. yes they do Robbie! I agree with you on all points! Love it!

  2. The Savon de Marseille verbena is our house soap - love it!

  3. love all those soaps especially the savon de Marseille...and I love a good guest towel. I've been looking for cotton guest tip towels, you know the ones slightly shorter than a regular hand towel, but cant find them anywhere...can find linen but not pure cotton. know where I can find any of those?

    1. is this what you are looking for Nancy? or perhaps these... or these


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