Thursday, July 31, 2014


I have always adored shells.  As a little girl, I would spend hours on the beach collecting shells.  There is really nothing more beautiful to me than a shell whether perfect or imperfect, each shell is a piece of art.  Each shell has its own special beauty. 

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Williams-Sonoma Inc. Designer Marketplace - Lighting Inspiration on Pinterest by Holly Phillips

Thank You Holly Phillips for including me in your Lighting Inspiration on Pinterest roundup on Williams-Sonoma Designer Marketplace.   What a great group of designers with awesome Pinterest Lighting inspiration!  I am proud to be among the mix.  Click here to read the entire article and see who else is included in Holly's picks.   While you are there, sign up to follow these great lighting boards on Pinterest!  After all, one can never have enough lighting in one's life, how can we?  

Don't forget to Enter to win in the GIVEAWAY
 for Ted Kennedy Watson's fabulous new book
Style & Simplicity!  It is my favorite new book!  

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Octopus Gardens 30" x30"

So excited to announce Julie Robinson Art has arrived at Studio 202!!  
 Her work is amazing!  Julie lives in Asheville, NC.  Julie studied at the University of New Orleans and New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts.  She received her MA in Architecture from Tulane University and lived in New Orleans for over 30 years.  She was selected for "On The Verge" by WNC Magazine as one of the top ten emerging artist in Western, North Carolina.  
Julie calls her paintings "Abstract Transcendental Paintings".     Her work can be described as a mix between minimalism and contemporary expressionism.  Translucent in nature, the paintings are created by layering glazes on the mylar.   Her paintings are dreamy and reflective and give the sense of floating in space.  I love the pieces we currently have in the Studio.   The colors are more vibrant and watery than my photos show.  
Come by our studio to see these beauties in person. 

{click here to go to the post and see more of Julie's beautiful work..}

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Monday, July 28, 2014


I wanted to share my new favorite book with you!  It is a book written by Ted Kennedy Watson called
"Style and Simplicity" An A to Z Guide to Living a More Beautiful Life.

Ted's book is an easy guide to the art of living well everyday.    It's a book to read, savor and read again!  He shares wonderful tips and ideas to make life special, but more importantly he shares a bird eye view of his own artful and charming lifestyle.    

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Cotton & Quill's New Introductions at Atlanta Market

I didn't make it to the Atlanta market but I did get these fabulous pictures of Cotton & Quill!  
This line keeps getting better and better!  Feast your eyes on all the goodies!  I am dying over the canopy!  What an amazing display!  Their new patterns are fabulous!  I don't  know which I like the best?  Feast your eyes on the bounty of awesomeness .....

{click to continue reading and see the beautiful new introductions....}

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Thursday, July 24, 2014


As promised here is Bailee to lead  us on our tour today!  Welcome to the third level of the Dougher house.  If you missed Day 1 or Day 2 make sure to click over and catchup!  
I have always been a fan of beach properties designed with the living areas on the top floor.  Why?  The top floor provides the best views and perfect natural light.  The Dougher's third floor features an open floor plan with the living areas open to one another which makes an impressive impact on guest as they enter the space.  The living room, dining room and kitchen area makeup one-half of the house, while a powder room, master bathroom and bedroom are on the opposite side of the house.  The kitchen features a large L-shaped island which multi-functions of storage, a bar for casual eating and buffet when entertaining.  The dining area has a panoramic view of the sound and is decoratively hand-painted  to give the feeling you are under a pale blue umbrella anchored by palm trees.

Enjoy the tour!

Custom fish stair rails. 

Gallery wall featuring sentimental mementoes of the family
 as well as original art of a beloved pet.

Handcrafted mermaid paddles line the elevator door.

The kitchen window also has an excellent view provided by the large bay of windows over the sink area.  If you get the task of dishwasher at the Dougher's house, at least you have a fabulous view of the sound.  The large column on the corner of the island is home to Edna's cross collection. 

There are a variety of crosses on each side of the column.

Edna is talented at creating great table scapes with pretty bottles, mixed colors and interesting elements.  David Hicks would be proud!

The bar area is tucked away at the end of the kitchen and continues the painted white cabinets.  The upper cabinet has a glass front doors which act as storage for Edna's decorative glass collection.

The back wall of the cabinet is painted aqua to add an 
interesting design element in the otherwise neutral cabinets.

As you can see, the entire back of the house is wrapped in glass windows and doors to provide maximum views where ever you sit in all areas of the upper floor.

The table top is was handmade by a local cabinet maker from reclaimed 
pine recovered from the Cape Fear River.

Here is a closeup of the amazing dining room painting by Trapper Cramer of Surf City, NC

One of Edna's hobbies is creating beautiful mirrors and boxes from shells.
She designed and made the shell mirror over this console.  I wish
this picture showed the detail better.  It is exquisite.

Favorite magazines are tucked away in pretty baskets so they
are available for reading when needed but rather than clutter act as
a decoration.

Here is a corner close up of the mirror, can you see the level of detail
in the design?  Also, who could say no to this vintage lamp with
pin up girl having a coke?

Edna said recently a friend visited and said, "wow you love mermaids" to which she shockingly replied, "I didn't realize I did, but I guess I do."   Here is one of Edna's 
table scapes with a sassy mermaid and few shells perfectly placed on a book of shells.

The living room is centered around a shell encrusted fireplace with built-ins on either side.
The furniture is comfortably arranged for conversation.  The room beckons family and friends to gather for a visit.

Fishing trophies float along the wall in the vaulted ceiling as though
 they are swimming in water act as evidence of the family's love of fishing.

A tall metal palm tree adds a tropical feeling in the corner behind
one of the club chairs.  

The bookcases reveal more of Edna's creative placement of her collections.

The focal point of the room is the fireplace with original palm tree
art, and shell encrusted surround.

A collection of Herend sea creatives is swimming on the mantle. 

A bark fish swims in the fireplace. 

Here is a cheerful corner in the master bedroom.  Unfortunately, my photographs
of the master bedroom, bath and powder room turned out too dark to share,
but here are a couple of bright spots of the room. 

Edna's cute pine desk is the perfect spot for writing notes and keeping
social invitations organized.  A collection of straw hats and bags
 decorate the iron coat tree.

The porch off the living areas on the back of the house are decorated with
colorful adirondack chairs.

Porch gates with custom design adds a subtle decorative feature on the stairs.

A grouping of books and decorative objects on the coffee table sums up the
 Dougher home, it is "shell chic."  The home is a beautiful home functionally
 designed with excellent views of the water.

Who doesn't want to have a view of this beautiful sunset every afternoon?

I hope you enjoyed our visit to the Dougher home.   A big thank you to Edna 
Dougher for allowing me to share your beautiful home with my readers!

So what did you think?  Are you ready to move in? 
I certainly visit every chance I get!
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