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July 8th is our anniversary!  We got married in Wilmington, NC outdoors in July!  Yes, it was hot, but it was beautiful! We both love the beach, so we knew we wanted to get married at the beach or nearby. This year we celebrated our 19th year!  Fortunately, we are typically at Topsail for our anniversary so doing nothing is perfect.  We almost always go to dinner  at the local white tablecloth restaurant, The Beach Shop Grill, which is always fabulous. (Side note: Our sixteen year old, is the dishwasher at the Beach Shop this summer!)

 This year, for our anniversary, I wanted to do to plan something special for my hubby, so I combed Pinterest for ideas.  Here were the top 5 fun ideas I found for celebrating anniversaries.

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Miranda, from "onelittleminute" blog came up with the creative idea of planning an outing for each of the five years of marriage and wrote the outing on cute little tags tied with sailor knots.. I think this idea would work if you are celebrating  6-8 years, but beyond that, it could get tricky.  I tried to envision us doing 19 things on our special day, and I think we are probably too old to get 19 things done in one day, but it might be fun trying! If you are fairly newly married, this is a brilliant plan.  I also liked that Miranda and her husband rotate years planning the anniversary and every third year, plan together.  We will be adopting that plan for sure. My husband always feels he has to be the planner who always makes me feel guilty. 


2. The Dating Diva "MORNING JUST FOR HIM"

I loved The Dating Divas idea for "a morning just for him." This plan only costs time and art supplies.  This diva makes up a bunch of cards telling her husband why she is grateful for him and hides them, in places she knows he will look, when getting dressed in the morning.  I like this idea because it reminds your loved one why you are thankful for him.  Everyone can use a little gratitude for a job well done, right? 
She then puts a box on the table with something inside that he would love like a ticket to a ballgame.  If you aren't familiar with The Dating Divas check them out here.  This diva says she is married to Superman, but I personally think she is Superwoman!  

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Gluestickgirl's fellow mailed her a card for each of the years they were celebrating.  On her anniversary, she received 15 cards telling her how special she is.  Wouldn't that be fun?  


Maryann and her husband came up with a brilliant plan!  They assigned an alphabet letter to each year  of marriage.  
The first year is letter A and so forth.  On their last anniversary which was 16th, the letter "O" was their letter, so they had to do everything with the letter "O." They went to Oceanside for the weekend ate at Outback, and her gift was an orange and an opal.   This year was our 19th, so our letter was "S" so that got my wheels turning.   Wonder what you do when you get to Z?  I guess you get to start over with the letter "A" or create a new game plan? 

All those ideas are creative aren't they?  I had fun on Pinterest dreaming about what I was going to do.  Are you wondering which plan I executed?  As much as I would like to tell you I followed through with one of these cute ideas, I did what I do many times I when  day dreaming on Pinterest....and just dreamed.  Old habits are hard to change.  We went to watch the sunset, took this selfie, then went back to The Beach Shop and had a wonderful night!  It was a beautiful sunset and a perfect night.  I think I'll keep these ideas for next year.

My hubby and I decided we don't like selfies very much!  Why do we always look so goofy?  

Nothing quite like a Topsail sunset! oxox
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  1. sorry if this posts again...not sure where my first one the cloud I guess. anyway...

    happy anniversary!!!! y'all don't look goofy at first thought of your selfie was how beautiful y'all's skin is ...that's a keeper of a pic, one to frame for sure!

    1. Thanks Nancy, you are so kind! Happy Hump Day!


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