Sunday, July 20, 2014

Girl with Pearls....What You Can Do To Add Personality to Your Home!

Welcome to my new series, "Girl with Pearls!"  where I will be sharing weekly wisdom from my designer friends!  There is a surprise coming with this series very soon!  I'm kicking off the first post with one of my "pearls of wisdom."  Can't wait to share "pearls of wisdom" from some of the industries finest designers!  Today, I'm sharing  my tidbit about a homes greatest accessory....

Get a dog!  It's true! Our dogs are much more than pets.  A dog add personality to a home!  We have a Yorkie named Oliver.  Oliver is alone most of the time but when my daughter visits she bring her black lab named Levi.  When those two dogs get together are an instant party.  We all love watching those two play.  Levi weighs 90 lbs and Oliver weighs 9 lbs!  Don't tell Oliver he isn't a big dog!  My friend Theresa says he has "little man syndrome" because bosses the big dogs around.  We just let him think he is!    Does your dog rule the roost?
My dog is happiest at our beach house, because there is a big glass door, which is perfect for people watching and excessive barking!  I don't need a doorbell, we have barking which alerts us to any visitors! It's a lively atmosphere!!

Tell me about your dog.   I want to know!  I think a person's dog tells you a lot about the person, don't you?

I took this picture of my neighbor, Edna's dog last week.  His name is Bailee and he looks like a big stuffed animal.  I will be sharing Edna's beach house on the blog next week. You are in for a treat!  Edna's house is coastal living at its best!  
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