Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Bastille Day & Trends at Paris Fashion Week

It's France's National Independence Day!  Independence Day in France is called Fete nationale. As a confessed Francophile, I hope to one day attend this festive occasion in Paris.  Can you imagine fireworks over the Eiffel Tower?  

I was excited to attend my first Maison & Objet last year during their week dedicated to home fashion.  It was amazing to be introduced to new trends in Paris and watch as those trends as they gradually trickled into the U.S.

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Runway fashions often influence the home decor market.  As a designer, I'm very interested in what's happening on the runway.   I must admit I'm also a bit of a fashion addict as well.  This past week, when the fashion gods gathered to celebrate Paris Fashion Week, I couldn't keep my eyes off the internet runway releases.   Visiting Paris during fashion week is on my bucket list.   I find myself constantly checking out the shows as they are released on    Almost every major fashion publications has been covering the event. 

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I wanted to share some trends and images from the runway during Paris Fashion Week.  

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From the looks of things I can surmise you better get your legs in shape because the micro mini is bigger than ever!

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 Black and White will never go out of style, as confirmed by  major fashion houses, who were again showing lots of this color story on the runway.

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Color of orange, turquoise, red, cobalt and yellow were again walking the runway as well as florals and bold pattern.

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There seem to be lots of ruffles, fringes and sheer fabrics on the runway.   Dries Van Noten fashion house was one of the houses showing this look.

One of the most fun parts of Paris Fashion Week is seeing the street fashions.  I can only imagine how fun it is to get dressed for fashion week!  Check out some of the fashions here on Elle.  It's worth a gander!  There are so many crazy styles, I would never wear, but here are a few I would wear.





What do you think?  How do you see these fashions translating into home decor?  It will be fun to see!  I can promise you we will see threads of these trends woven into the home decor market!  I can't wait!

Happy Bastille Day!!

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  1. Oh yes absolutely Lisa!! Love so much you've shown and the Eiffel is magnificent of course!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. THANKS! Doesn't it make you want to go? Have a great rest of the day!!! oxo


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