Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saturday Shopping at Francie Hargrove

 The recipe for a perfect weekend for women consists of laughter, good food and shopping?  My girl's getaway this past weekend was no different!  I was fortunate enough to be included in a relaxing trip to Lake Toxaway with twelve of my good friends.   A third of the group were designers, so on Saturday when give the option of hiking or shopping, the designers chose shopping!   Our first and favorite stop was a shop called Francie Hargrove Interior Design.  I had been to this shop before so I was excited at the prospect of returning.   Francie Hargrove is an accomplished interior designer.  Her shop is a reflection of her talent.   The shop is a wonderful mix of furniture, gifts and accessories perfectly arranged to make you feel as though you are visiting in someone's home.  Francie and the staff are as friendly as the front porch that greets you when you arrive.   

Welcome to Francie Hargrove, come on in and see what's inside!
I promise you won't be disappointed!

 When you enter the front door you know that someone has a knack for design.  
If you aren't there to buy, you will certainly be coveting in every room! 

A  handsome triptych of horse holding court over the mantle in the first room caught my eye when I entered the shop.  After that my eyes couldn't stop to focus on one particular object because there were so many things in the room I liked.  It  was the overall look of the well crafted roomful of carefully chosen artifacts that I found so appealing.  It was a feeling of being in a space that had a history, not  a shop full of items for sale.

There was a unanimous sigh was heard when we walked in the door.  There so many beautiful lamps!   This pair of amber glass lamps were the first pair to catch my eye.  
I love the way they update this traditional french mirror and chest.  

Walking from room to room you can't help but notice the abundance of beautiful 
paintings and prints.  This oil painting was my favorite.  Under the painting was
 this great looking teal blue pottery bowl cleverly perched on a carved wooden
 plinth to give it the needed height and prominence for the buffet. 
(yes, I'll take one please!) 

The perfect vignette...need I say more??
Antlers, great lamps, beautiful mirror and that beautiful arrangement !
(Swooning yet?)

 Just around the corner, I spied this mirror.  It was stunning!  Perfect for a narrow hallway or
a little niche. The table below the mirror was covered in pieces of statement jewelry. 
Can you see the cross reflected from the opposite wall in the mirror?  Just lovely!!!

Another great lamp and more jewelry...

I loved the botanicals flanking this great looking mirror,
& more great lamps!

Chairs like these tend to find their way in my car.  
My husband calls them "girl chairs".  Aren't these adorable?
The hubs is lucky this trip since I rode with someone else and 
couldn't bring these home.  I would have taken the chairs 
and the pillows so fast if I had been in my own car!
Look at  the drapery behind the chairs?  They are so beautifully
done, I took an up close picture so you could see the details below.
But first look at that killer coffee table before scrolling down....

Goblet pleated linen drapery with scroll trim and a pleated edge!  Oh my!

Monogram pillows anyone?  These are some of the prettiest I have seen
The monograms look like antique lettering.  Custom made in your monogram with
the colors, fabrics and edgings of your choice. (sorry the pic isn't better)

Another example of the beautiful monogramming on this stool...

Be prepared to be wowed with the pillows in this picture.....

 I decided to back up and get a picture of the back of the settee too just so you'll drool...

If the pillows didn't make you want to take a trip to Francie's,
 then I am sure seeing some of the gifts will...

Look at these adorable little pocketbooks!  Wouldn't you feel fancy carrying one of these?
These would look lovely sitting on a dressing table or powder room just for decoration.  
They came in several colors and were well priced. ( Sorry I don't remember the price.)  

There was a plethora of  great looking frames.  
These were especially cute with burlap bows.

They also carry Rewind Candles.  Are you familiar with these?  They are great smelling, well priced candles in recycled wine bottles. The scents are Pinot Noir, Merlot, Chardonnay, Reisling, Cabernet and Champagne.  My fellow blogger, Elizabeth at The Mustard Ceiling's family makes this line!  Francie says they are a great seller for her.  

I love the packaging and the display.

Among all these great things it is hard to pick a favorite but I have to say the pottery jugs
are right up at the top of my list....they are available in dogs...

Mammys and rabbits....

Even livestock options....

A horse, bears and a ewe are across the way keeping their corner of the shop lively.

Here is a close up of the sheep..... magnificent!


Who couldn't love this face?  She is my absolute favorite.  One
day I am going to get her for my very own!!!  Of course if I buy one
I am going to have to buy a dozen because everyone in my family
is going to want one!  I already have her name picked out!


In the little kitchen with the pottery there are also beautiful collections of plates
 like this pair of blue and white transfer ware platters.  Prices were great!

As I am walking back through the store, I stopped to look at
 another great pair of lamps and hewn wood mirror with dried
hydrangeas.  There is so much to see I missed this the first walk through.

 Tangerine is the color of the year, and this place is on target with the trend!
These graphic placements would make any table a showstopper!

 Are you wondering what I bought since I am so crazy about everything?

Ok, I am going to show you.......

My friend Cindy saw these first, but we all ended up buying them!  
We even bought our hostess some!

Adorable votives wrapped in a wreath of oyster shells...

A beautiful box encrusted in oyster shells .....

 I've already placed my box in my bookcases in my family room and the votives found a
home on my breakfast room table for now. I'm sure I will move them all over my house before I decide their resting place.  All sweet little reminders of a weekend filled with laughter and days filled with fun adventures with friends.  Thank you Francie for a fun time shopping!

If you see anything in my photos that you are interested in purchasing the contact
information for Francie Hargrove is:

25 Burns Street
Cashiers, NC 28717
T. 828.743.9700

Don't forget....I'll be posting about the beautiful home we stayed in while we were away
next so don't forget to check back..  

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Monday, January 30, 2012

How to Get Motivated...

Mondays mark the new week, a new chance to get those projects done that you have been putting off.  What's on your to do list this week?  

I don't know why, but I always have a hard time getting motivated on Mondays, especially when I have been out of town for the weekend.  I went to the mountains with friends.  We had a great time.  I am going to take you shopping with me this week at a great shop we shopped in on Saturday.  I am also going to post about the great home we stayed it.  Unfortunately, my friends were ready to go before I really got the perfect light, so my pictures aren't that great.  
Check back for these post and more.  Until then I am going to leave you with a quote that reflects my personal and professional attitude towards interior design.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
.....decorating should be continuous.  If you do everything at once, you will just end up with a staged set, not a home that reflects you.  When we are living our lives right, we are growing every day.  The same applies to your decor.   -Bryan Batt

Happy Monday, now get your lists update and go seize the day!


if all else fails you can .....

all photos courtesy of pinterest with the exception of the first photo which belongs to
lisa mende design blog
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Asta Barrington


I recently came across the decorative Folk art  trays of Asta Barrington in Elle Decor and was instantly enamored with these little beauties.  Intrigued, to find out more about the woman behind the designs, I did a little internet research.   I discovered this British textile designer has a far more extensive collection of work.  Asta also designs embroidered scarves, throws, shawls and cushions.  She is also the designer behind the new homewares line, Alabasta. Based out of  Bath, England, the designer, has a well pedigreed history.  After graduating from The Royal College of Art in England in 1995, Asta created fabrics for English designer Matthew Williamson and Italian fashion label, Marni.  You can read her complete biography here!   Her most acclaimed work to date is a commission in 1996 to create the curtains for the drawing room windows at Belsay hall, English Heritage owned stately home, Northumbria as part of "Living at Belsay" exhibition.   I am sure this is just the beginning of Asta's career and we will see much more of this young designer.  

The Folk Art Stripe trays were designed for Ary, the Swedish laminated birch wood manufacturers. The trays are hand painted and made from the finest Scandinavian birch wood in Sweden.  Although Asta gives kaleidoscopes credit for inspiring her tray designs, I couldn't help but be reminded of my time, as a child playing, with my super spirograph.  (I actually went online to see if they are still available and am happy to report  a vintage 1969 Super Spirograph on is available on Ebay.  They aren't cheap but they are available.  The new spirograph pails in comparison to the original version, so if you are interested in getting one for your kids, make sure you order the original version or forget it.  The new ones only have one blue pen. )



Wouldn't these trays would be great to use for serving, hanging on the wall or barware.


How cute is this little stool also created by Ary?

Cute coasters available through Gretel

Here are a couple of trays from the Blue Fish collection she designed for Ary.   All the trays are  made from the sustainable birch wood which makes these products "green".  
These be great in a beach house!

The Folk Art Striped trays and the Blue Fish trays are the newest and most acclaimed trays in the line, but there are also monochrome trays which are still available while inventory lasts.
  Production is limited so once the designs sell out they are no longer available.  




Let's look at some of Asta's other  designs.  This embroidered textiles major shows her true mastery  with her beautiful scarf collection.  The handmade embroidered ladies scarves are made of wool, cashmere and silk.  Notice the intricate edgings she adds to her scarves.  These edgings are what make her scarves so identifiable and unique and set her apart from the typical scarf offerings.  She loves color and personally controls all the dying of the scarves.    Applying the trims before the dying process is another reason this designer's work is unique.  This method creates variances and depth in color with how the textures receive the dyes.  
All I can say is beautiful!

Which one do you like?

She also has incredible throws, but her photographs are copyrighted so i could not borrow for the blog, but you can click here to view on her website.  If you are like me, you will be trying to figure out how to purchase one for yourself!

The blog Alabasta has more info on Asta's work if you would like to read more.

The Folk Stripe trays are available at:SCPLifestyle BazaarFortnum and Mason, London (not online)Homer, Edinburgh (not online).Hus and HemTheoBerry RedHen and HammockThe Linen Worksand online in the US from Gretel and in Canada from Galerie CO.
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do You Know What This Is?

I am so excited I had to share!  My friend Whitney just returned from South Africa and guess what she brought me?  That's right!  A Cameroon JuJu Hat!!!  Typically sold for between $400-$800.00 she got mine for $120!!!  I am sooooo excited!!!  Isn't it beautiful? Traditionally these tribal hats are worn by the village chiefs.  They are a symbol of wealth and prosperity.  Made of bird feathers painstakingly hand sown onto a raffia base, these beauties have been the darlings of the design world for ages.  When not in use they fold into a neat little bundle for storage.  To hang all you do is fold out the hat kinda like an umbrella.  You can mash the ribs down to open all the way.  There is a little loop on the back to hang it on the wall.  
  I asked her for a white one, but she found this awesome natural colored one which is even prettier than the white one! ( love sigh).. A special thanks to Connor her son who carried it on the plane!  If you don't know what a JuJu is you can read all about them here

It is currently hanging in my dining room but I may have to move it to another
 room or repaint these walls just for my juju!!!

Here are some other pictures of JuJu's in rooms.  I love the texture the feathers add
to the rooms and the colors are such a pop of color!






The Nesting Place

Table Tonic

Table Tonic

If you want to make a JuJu style wreath out of yarn, Rose 
over at FlutterFlutter tells you how here!

What do you think? Do you Juju?

If you want one and aren't traveling to South Africa, you can buy at these online boutiques

Laviva Home (USA)
Table Tonic (Australia)
Design My World (UK)
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