Friday, January 6, 2012

Plott Your Strategy for the Jason Wu Rollout at Target Feb. 5th!!

OK all you budget minded fashionista's out there...
It's almost time for Target's next designer collection to roll out!

It's been an ongoing joke, that if Target doesn't  do a better job rolling out the next designer collection, they are going to be forced to change the red bulls eye to a black eye, due to all the fights caused by the lack of supply meeting demand with their designer collaborations.  With that thought in mind...

Get your track shoes out, fluff up your sleeping bag and grab your boxing gloves..

Target's next designer collaboration due in stores
February 5th.  

 You have to act fast, run hard and be focused! Don't sit home on the computer thinking you can buy online.  The site will undoubtedly crash or better yet, it may look as though your order went through, only to find later, your order was cancelled, once Target realized they had over sold, like so many angry shoppers had happen the last go round.  

Unless you are willing to pay more on ebay, start planning now....

So what can you do to be victorious in the mad dash to acquire the latest and 
greatest of the Tar-jay designer colab...  Here are some ideas....

1.  Take your entire family - kids, hubby, aunt, uncles, grandma and all, yes that's right.  Rent a bus. Let the kids skip school to help you get the items you want.  They will remind you of it every time you wear it or every time  they see it hanging in your closet if you never wear it (odds are good on that one)

2. Make sure you get to the store around 4 a.m and oh yeah, wear a diaper.  Think New Year's Eve Time Square.

3.  Take an helium filled balloon with you to Target the morning of the event, poke a pin in it and as it is flying around the store, scream "wow, did you see that"?  While everyone is looking around, steal what you want out of their carts!  

4.  Drive to a remote place where they don't know who or what a Jason Wu is.

5.  Pay your teens to go in the store everyday to see what has been returned.  If you don't have a teen, pay your babysitter or your grandmother who doesn't have anything better to do. 

6. Buy ads in your local paper announcing that Target has changed the date to Feb. 6th.

7. Hire the old man at the Y who talks to everyone and doesn't exercise to annoy the crowd, they'll all leave before the doors open and you'll have the place to yourself...

You know I'm kidding, right?

Is it worth it you ask?  I'm not sure!  I totally avoided the last Missoni debacle and have lived quite well without one single item.  Of course, I already owned a Missoni scarf  and dress which is enough zig zag for me. Here's hoping Target will figure out some way to keep the ebayer's from buying up the entire line to profit off of the limited collection.  Until then, let's take a look at Jason Wu and a peek at some of the pieces from his Target collection... 

So who is Jason Wu...
s the designer for her inaugural ball gown....
Why he's the 29 years old designer who took the fashion world by storm when it was
revealed he designed Michelle Obama's inaugural gown.


here's the dress and the girl who make it all happen for Jason....

here's my favs from his new 2012 resort line, have you look?
go check them out at so when you go to Target
you will know what is truly the "Jason Wu" look.....

here's the new ad campaign that Target just released....

This pink, yellow and black dress with ribbons will surely be a hit!

here is a sneak preview a few of the pieces from the line...

Prints as shown above on the boxy bag and dress will play a major role in collection.
Rivieria cotton a line dress with stripes $40 and bag $50

  This collection for Target doesn't take any designs from Wu's main line but rumor has it you won't be disappointed. He is also introducing Milu, the cat, as the collection's mascot.  Milu will be on scarfs and tees.  Some of the more desirable pieces in the line will be the knits and tennis skirts.   there will be blouses with ties and  raffia handbags, as well as handbags like the ones you see above. 
 So start plotting your strategy now! 
 Put the date on your calendar with an ALERT!  if you don't want to miss out!

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