Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flooring Can Make a Huge Impact on Overall Design...

  The following pictures show how  dramatically light and dark  patterned carpet
 & flooring choices can affect the feel of a room or hallway.  
Photo via Schumacher
Patterson, Flynn & Martin's Pattern 

Arista Cross Square Carpet
Instant Drama! This hallway went from boring to vavoom when this
charcoal patterned carpet was installed!   The use of pattern 
on the floor along with that great curved wall makes this 
 hallway interesting in an area where 
there is limited wall space for art. 

Photo via Schumacher
Patterson, Flynn & Martin's 

Annandale Intergration Carpet
 This stunning neutral tone on tone carpet in the Master bedroom provides an
 interesting calm, current look
with just the right amount of pattern.  

Photo via Schumacher
Black, Gold and cream furnishings are able to shine on this neutral carpet. The pattern in the  carpet adds a subtle energy to the room with out being tootoo bold.  This carpet  says, "look at me", I'm important to this room too!

 There is just the right amount of balance 
in pattern, between the window treatment and the rug,  
without competing with one another.  

Here is another view of the Master Bedroom.
Look  how great the carpet looks with very little color!
It proves that pattern in carpet can add interest with out
having to have lots of color in furnishings.  

A close up of the charcoal hallway carpet from above.  Notice how 
 the pattern from the carpet is repeated on 
the hardwoods to integrate the carpet and the flooring.

Another look at the integration of the carpet and the
flooring.  The  design flows from one surface to the other to
create unity between the light and dark flooring. 
This is also a good example of how the flooring can change
in looks by  using  the same technique but different colors.  

This is the 2011 Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club Decorator Show House 
at 163 East 63rd Street in New York as shown by

Hallway design by Nina Helms
 Master Bedroom designed  by The Jeffery Design Group 

 I wanted to share with you this article in hopes it will make you see how 
important the floor actually can be in a overall design.
  Today there are so many options of  patterns,colors and  textures in
flooring.  Flooring is as important as paint, wallpaper or fabrics in 
a well designed space as proven above.   

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Come Join Me On a Tour of My Ancestral Gardens....

photo by Joan Perry
I have a new little great niece, named Anna Middleton. Anna Middleton is
 named for our ancestor, Eleanor Middleton, decendant of the Middleton lineage
 of Middleton Place in South Carolina.  In honor of her christening 
this past Sunday, I decided to  post about Middleton Place for 
 little "Anna Mills" (that's what we are calling her).  
  Let's take a tour of Middleton Place and I will share with you
 the beautiful grounds, a little history and a couple of interesting facts.

Courtesy of Middleton Foundation

Middleton Place Plantation is located on plantation row about
15 miles north of Charleston, S.C.  It is on the National Register
of Historical Places.  John Williams began building Middleton in
the late 1730's but his son, Henry Middleton, completed the house .  

This map shows an aerial view of the property.  It also shows how
 the gardens were logically and geometrically laid out to
adapt perfectly to the land. 
Courtesy of the Middleton Foundation

This is Henry Middleton, he was son in law, of John Williams.  
He is responsible for finishing the house and gardens around 1741. 
 Henry also served as President of the First Continental Congress. 
His son, Arthur, was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Arthur's son, Henry and grandson, Williams, were credited with taking the
 plantation from a  private residence to an active self sustainable rice plantation.  

Photo Courtesy of Trip Advisor

Middleton Gardens, is America's oldest landscaped garden and is called
"the most interesting and important garden in America"
by the Garden Club of America.
This aerial view reveals the beauty of this well planned garden.
This photograph also shows, "The Butterfly Lakes"
which mimic the shape of a butterfly's wings when open
for flight.  The bluff or the  top of the graduated area to the left of the lakes,
was where the original house sat 40 feet above the lakes and the river.

Photo by Joan Perry

This view is from the opposite direction, which would have been the view from
 the back veranda of the home.  The main hallway of the home lined up perfectly 
with the strip of land you see above which gave a perfect view of the Ashley! 

Photo by Joan Perry
The main house was three joined structures, the south flanker which was
 the guest quarters, the main house and the north flanker, which housed 
the library and a conservatory.  This is a picture of the South Flank
 which is the only part remaining.  
This south flank has been restored and is now the museum. 
 It was the least damaged part of  the house when the house was burned
 in February 1865, prior to the end of the Civil War.
  It even survived the earthquake in Charleston in 1886 which completed
 the demise of the other two buildings which had been gutted by fire. 
 In the museum, you will find objects belonging to the family 
such as silver, furniture,china, and some original paintings. 
 However, the family Bible is not there! 
 My late uncle  told me he had seen the family Bible once at a 
relative's house but it mysteriously disappeared! 
 I wish I could find it and return it to the foundation!  

Courtesy of the Middleton Foundation

This epergne, is one of the pieces of silver found in the museum that
 belonged to the Middleton Family

Photo by Joan Perry

One of three of the remaining structures on the plantation is this Rice Mill House.
  The mill was built in 1851 when the plantation began more plantings to rice farm. .
Photo by Joan Perry

Centuries have softened the Azalea Pool borders.  They have become more free form or organic in look, not as structured as the original plan yet still beautiful.
Photo by Joan Perry
Another view of the Azalea Pool

Photo by Joan Perry
 Another one of the beautiful statues that grace the gardens.
Photo by Joan Perry
 One of the most impressive features of the gardens is the "Middleton Oak" which is said to be over a thousand years old, with a trunk that spans more than 10 feet in diameter.

Photo by Joan Perry
Rows of beautiful azaleas and other beautiful blooming flowers
 such as magnolias,rose blossoms

Photo by Joan Perry
Another beautiful view of the flowers along the banks of the river
Photo by Joan Perry
A distant shot of The "Wood Nymphe"  
Photo by Joan Perry
Beautiful Spanish Moss flowing from the trees add a graceful elegance as the breeze makes it dance from the tree branches.

Photo by Joan Perry
From one bank to the other, views of magnificent color! 
Photo by Joan Perry
A picturesque walking bridge for crossing the water on the nature path.
Photo by Joan Perry

The Reflecting Pool is home to many different types of wildlife.  
The animals find pleasure in watching their reflections and frolicking in the waters, 
especially during the humid summer months.

Photo by Joan Perry
One of the remaining original statues, the "Wood Nymphe", greets you around one of the curvy paths in the north garden.   

Photo -Southern Living

Historians have discovered records that prove the first camellias grown in an american garden were planted in Middleton Gardens by Arthur's son, Henry, who was friends with the French botanist, Andre Michaux.  Four camellias were planted at the parterre and three of them survive today. They are the Camellia japonica, Asiatic azalea, Rhododendron indica  and the crape myrtle, Lagerstroemia indica!

  I encourage you to take a trip Middleton Place, there is so much more to see.
 Children love the carriage rides, the stable yard, and the nature walks.
If you visit you can tell them you know the family!

  I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Happy Christening Anna Mills, hopefully, one day this will mean something to you!

Special thanks to the Middleton Foundation and Joan Perry for  photographs.  All information in the above article is credited to Middleton Foundation,


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Monday, March 28, 2011

Keep Your True Love Of Nature, For That is The Way You Understand Art More and More. ~Vincent Van Gogh

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post which will about my ancestral home, Middleton Place in Charleston, South Carolina.

A Few  Inspiring photos from Middleton Place Gardens to whet your appetite...
Photo by Joan Perry
What better way to start our week than a toast from Mr. Frog and a sneak peek of whats to come tomorrow.....
Here's to your week being productive and fun!

Photo by Joan Perry
Come claim your rocking chair, straw hat and enjoy the beautiful scenery
 here in the gardens!  Beauty abounds all around.

Photo by Joan Perry
 Everything is in full bloom and waiting !

Photo by Joan Perry
Get your "ducks" in a row and meet me here tomorrow
 for the grand tour of Middleton Place!  I promise it will be worth the wait!
  Enjoy Your Monday!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not Gonna Let This Rain Get Me Down....Here's a little sunshine for Your Sunday...


Who's ready for Spring? Maybe this sneak preview of the Eileen Kathryn Boyd Collection will get you in the mood!
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Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Fabulous Friday...

Art from little blue deer

Don't  know about you but I'm glad it's Friday!  I am ready for the weekend...but before I rush off to enjoy the weekend...wanted to post a couple of  Fabulous Friends...
First let me introduce, my very talented friend & artist, Laura Trevey of  Bright, Bold and Beautiful blog  Laura's blog is a favorite!   She is a talented artist, wife and mother of three!   I smile every time I read her blog!  When I decided to start my blog, it was Laura who directed me to...... the Fabulous Shari Miller of  Little Blue Deer !    Shari is a blog & website designer, who has an awesome blog herself.  Not to mention, Shari also has the patience of Job.
Here's what Laura posted about Shari on her blog in August...

Shari is the Bold Vision behind little blue deer. Every time I visit her gorgeous blog, I get lost in her sinfully beautiful and dreamy photos... Shari is a graphic designer who currently operates a coffee shop and roasting company with her husband in Savannah, Georgia. She adores blogging, and would love to one day work for an online magazine, in the tradition of Lonny and the upcoming Rue.
I am delighted to announce that Shari will be mentioned
in the inaugural issue of Belle Inspiration!

Below are some of Shari's beautiful photos from her blog!

Mosey on over to Bright,Bold and Beautiful & check out Laura's fabulous watercolors, then go to Little Blue Deer and see what Shari had going on!  Thank you Laura and Shari for helping me get my blog on!!!  Happy Friday....

I want to wear this party dress!  by Laura Trevey
Another of my favorites from Laura Trevey!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's My Birthday and also the "birth" day of My New Blog! Welcome!

At the end of your life you will never regret not having passed one more test, not winning one more verdict, or not closing one more deal. You will regret time not spent with a husband, a child or a parent. ~ Barbara Bush
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