Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flooring Can Make a Huge Impact on Overall Design...

  The following pictures show how  dramatically light and dark  patterned carpet
 & flooring choices can affect the feel of a room or hallway.  
Photo via Schumacher
Patterson, Flynn & Martin's Pattern 

Arista Cross Square Carpet
Instant Drama! This hallway went from boring to vavoom when this
charcoal patterned carpet was installed!   The use of pattern 
on the floor along with that great curved wall makes this 
 hallway interesting in an area where 
there is limited wall space for art. 

Photo via Schumacher
Patterson, Flynn & Martin's 

Annandale Intergration Carpet
 This stunning neutral tone on tone carpet in the Master bedroom provides an
 interesting calm, current look
with just the right amount of pattern.  

Photo via Schumacher
Black, Gold and cream furnishings are able to shine on this neutral carpet. The pattern in the  carpet adds a subtle energy to the room with out being tootoo bold.  This carpet  says, "look at me", I'm important to this room too!

 There is just the right amount of balance 
in pattern, between the window treatment and the rug,  
without competing with one another.  

Here is another view of the Master Bedroom.
Look  how great the carpet looks with very little color!
It proves that pattern in carpet can add interest with out
having to have lots of color in furnishings.  

A close up of the charcoal hallway carpet from above.  Notice how 
 the pattern from the carpet is repeated on 
the hardwoods to integrate the carpet and the flooring.

Another look at the integration of the carpet and the
flooring.  The  design flows from one surface to the other to
create unity between the light and dark flooring. 
This is also a good example of how the flooring can change
in looks by  using  the same technique but different colors.  

This is the 2011 Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club Decorator Show House 
at 163 East 63rd Street in New York as shown by

Hallway design by Nina Helms
 Master Bedroom designed  by The Jeffery Design Group 

 I wanted to share with you this article in hopes it will make you see how 
important the floor actually can be in a overall design.
  Today there are so many options of  patterns,colors and  textures in
flooring.  Flooring is as important as paint, wallpaper or fabrics in 
a well designed space as proven above.   

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