Friday, April 1, 2011

Can You See This Room as An Outfit?

If I had to pick a spot that looks like Spring....

Don't you love the yummy colors?   Eye Candy, right?  Isn't it fab how that 

 damask fabric updates those traditional french chairs and ottoman.

  The floral design of the fabric works so well with the strong

vertical fushia and white stripes on the wall.  The repetition of the gold

   candlesticks,  fab chandelier, and gold leaf on the frame of the

 furniture adds just the right "jewelry" touch to the room.

I don't even mind that there isn't a rug on the floor.

Looks like a perfect spot to sit and a spot of tea & a little gossip session.

Looks like this  flower garden to me...... 

Here is the outfit inspired by the room...

Let's start with this great Dress.......


Cockatoo Feather Dress  

Simple Yet Chic dress that can totally change depending on the accessories

A total classic but updated in this  cool print...

Add a  Wrap in case it's chilly........


Wispy Bloom Wrap 

Adds a little femininity and softness to 

the basic little dress

These Beautiful Earrings...


The right amount of bling!  The smooth elegant gold encases

the rough cut  pink and green semi precious stones.

A Couple of  bracelets.....


This looks like something Cleopatra would have worn.

The gold works with the outfit like the candlesticks, chandelier and gold

leaf work in the room...Just the right bling!

Chan Luu Wrap

The soft green of this lux wrap bracelet softens the hard edges of 

the metal cuff.

Last but not surely not least, these great Sandals....


Fushia Gladiators $128

That unexpected vibrant color peeking out from under

the hem of the dress will add just that right amount

of wow!  Love the color, reminds me of this great pair

of Claudia Ciuti shoes I adored.   Unfortunately, I only got to

wear those shoes once!  My dog liked them too. She chewed

 the heels off after I had only worn them once....

  Never did like that dog...

 Ready For Your Spring Soiree!
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