Monday, April 25, 2011

House of Fifty is Finally Here!

I wanted to share the new, fabulous
 "House of Fifty"  with all of you! 
 One of my favorite bloggers, 
Janell from Isabelle & Max, 
has created this fabulous e-zine!  
 You simply don't want to miss this!  
My fabulous blog designer, Shari Miller from 
"Little Blue Deer" blog, 
not only designed the website,
 but is also serving as 
"House of Fifty's" 
artistic director.......

Welcome "House of Fifty"!!!!

Compliments of Janell Beal of Isabella & Max

Click here to see the e-zine , "House of Fifty"
And also to read about Janell's journey!
Kuddos to Janell, Shari and all the fab people
 who made this new e-zine possible.  Love it!
I find "House of Fifty" rather nifty!

Readers, let me know what you think?

Did you subscribe?

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