Monday, April 18, 2011

Create Your Art Like the Showroom Designers....

I want to share with you some creative and inexpensive ways, showroom designers design art to unite the fabrics and furniture in a room.  These are photos I took while in the Lily Pulitzer showroom at market in High Point.  It was a such a beautiful showroom with all the bright colors and fabrics!  I left there longing for summer!!!  I have some more great pics of this showroom I will share with you later....

Lily Pulitzer Showroom in High Point
Mix of vintage photos matted to repeat the color of the sofa and framed in simple frames. Love all the different sized and shaped frames used.  The addition of the two gold frames kept the collection from looking too contrived.

Lily Pulitzer showroom
This piece of art is just a repetition of curvy lines.  
Buy a canvas from Michael's and go wild!

Lily Pulitzer Showroom
Here they used a pair of canvases and repeated the colors in stripes.  
Notice how they are not exactly the same. The random thickness of the stripes
 create an energy between the canvases.

Lily Pulitzer
Love the curly graffiti on this wall.  This treatment could be used in a child's room,
a bathroom, or anywhere you want a little whimsey!

Lily Pulitzer Showroom
How simple and cool is this?  Solid backgrounds with circles!
 Looks like they used a stencil to create the circles.
It would be easy to cut out of mylar or poster board.
 I like how the edges look a little ragged.

Don't continue to live with blank walls!  If you cannot afford fine art,
 make your own!   All you need is a couple of canvases and a few supplies.  
You can create art that will give your room a finished look just
 like the pieces above!  There is no right or wrong way to create art!
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