Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Create Cool Decorations ....

Remember Last week when I showed you this stuff
and asked you to guess what I was going to do with it?

 Well, I had to buy more stuff to accomplish my goals....

And more stuff....

And even more stuff....

 My table became such a mess, I decided to take a break and try to
figure out what I was going to do with the fishing net I bought!
 The net was white, but I didn't like it that way....

So I put it in the sink with watered down paint...

I was beginning to worry about finishing in time, so I  hired an assistant to help me out...My niece Lily was ready, willing and able!  She took over painting one of the canvases!  Whew!  Big help Lily!  
I couldn't have done it without you!

We were feeling so good about  our progress....

I added a another project to the mix ....

Ooops, I almost forgot I was going to do this....

Ok, I'm really getting tired.  I think I will take a break and 
show you what Lily painted....

Oops!  I am out of the time I allotted for this post today, sorry!  You'll have to wait to see how all this turns out!  I have to go work on my High Point Style Spotter Olioboard Contest!!!  My design board is due today and I want to tweak somethings before I post it!  The contest officially starts tomorrow, so make sure you vote!  I'll have all the details for you tomorrow or you can go to the High Point Market on Facebook and check it out.  I am sure it will be posted
 there as well.  Come back tomorrow to see what I chose for my olio board.

And make sure you check back on Thursday, to see what I did with
all the things from above!  It turned out just as I had hoped!
  I'll share my how to's just for you! 

 Have a terrific Tuesday!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

High Point Market Olioboard Contest

It's a busy week!  As you know I was nominated by the High Point Furniture Market for their "Style Spotter" Contest sponsored by Olioboard and the design board is due tomorrow!!!!  The contest begins on Wednesday, so please check back for that!!!!  Also, My One Room Challenge Reveal is the same day!!!!   

High Point Market Olioboard Contest!!!!

For the past week, I have been involved with a family wedding which has totally diverted my attention, so today I have to get cracking on my design board!  The contest rules are to do a design board representative of our design aesthetic using items from the April 2012 Market and post on Olioboard.   I have secretly designed several boards but can't get "happy" with any of them for the contest.  I'm sure today will be spent designing more.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed to hit that "happy spot"  later today with at least one of them and submit!  I know that several boards have been submitted but haven't looked at them on purpose.  I don't want to be swayed by anyone else's designs!

Check back tomorrow to see pictures of things I created for the breakfast I helped host for the morning after the wedding.  I 'll show you all kinds of things like this darling centerpiece that my friend Jenny made with directions on how you can make it yourself! 

Here's hoping your Monday is full of motivation!!!!! 
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Welcome Liz Carroll! Fabulous Friend on Friday!!!

My Fabulous Friend on Friday is....
Liz Carroll

Liz left the corporate world of banking in 2008 and opened Liz Carroll Interiors.
How does one jump from banking to interior design?   I think it is fair to say, a design gene runs in her family, as sister Charlotte Harris, is also a designer and works with Barrie Benson     Liz and her sister, Charlotte had the good fortune of learning first hand about design, from their mother, Sherry Harris, who is also an interior designer.  It was only natural that Liz follow in her mother's footsteps and pursue her passion.  

I was first introduced to Liz's work, when she was featured on House of Turquoise in 2011.  I was immediately drawn to her crisp, fresh design aesthetic.  I liked the way she combined traditional pieces with just the right pop of color and accessories to make it current and chic.  I  popped over to her website to see more of her work.  What I found was pure eye candy!  Beautiful work!   It wasn't until this past June, when I flying out to Little Rock, Arkansas to my first Mastermind Group Meeting with Tobi Fairley, I met Liz in the Charlotte airport.  I recognized her from her pictures and that signature smile that spans her face the minute she approaches you.  We chatted all the way to Little Rock on the plane.  It just so happened, that Traci Zeller and Liz were in the row behind me.  By the time we landed in Little Rock, I had a crick in my neck, from craning around to chat with them.  We had a fabulous trip!  Our Mastermind Group is awesome!

Liz, Me, Tobi Fairley and Stacy Naquin in Little Rock on
the last day of Mastermind.

Liz and I made a pact to get together, when I came down to my beach house this summer and get together we did!  I went over and visited with Liz and met her adorable children!  Our visit which was suppose to be short, spanned into the evening hours.  I told Liz I felt as though I was visiting India Hicks!  Everything was so lovely and wire was filled with music and laughter.  Every now and then her children would run up to her and she would pause to give them a kiss or a hug.   As I was leaving, Liz offered for me to use her studio, while I was in the area if I need somewhere to work!  I took her up on her offer and spent the next day working in her beautiful studio while she was away on a shoot.  Lucky me!!!

I wanted to share some pictures of Liz's beautiful home, because it is such a good  example of the beauty she creates.   She has created a true to life fairy tale.  She even has the picket fence!  Martha Stewart can move over!  
See for yourself!

Pictures of Liz's kitchen

Her family room 

Her daughter's room 

To add to this fairy tale setting, there is even a quaint little cottage in the back yard,  which Liz has renovated 
for her design studio. It's perfect!  She can stroll out her back door and be at work!

Liz added to the charm of this cottage  with a pergola and porch swing!

The bench on the right is the bench where Liz's husband, proposed to her in Chapel Hill.  
The cool round piece of furniture in the middle is actually a table with chairs that tuck in.  

Let's take a look inside.....

Here is Liz's desk.  Don't you love that Visual Comforts Lamp attached to  on her desk! There is also a great Jonathan Adler ceiling light but I forgot to get a picture!  The starburst mirror behind her desk reflects light from the window.
The color palette is lavender with creams, and white which is soothing and relaxing for her workspace.  

This is the living area of the studio.  It's like a home away from home! The burlap bullseye ottomans got whisked away the last time Liz's mom was visiting!  She wanted them for a client!  Good thing she got them otherwise
I might have taken them for myself!

The table with benches is perfect for client presentations.

I didn't take a picture of Liz's resource library, but it is well stocked with all 
the current designer favorites! 

Liz also uses the studio for out of town guest.  Here is a beautiful guest  bedroom.  

 Last but not least, I couldn't finish my post without sharing this picture of her great back porch! 
She keeps chalk on the porch so her children can draw on the floor. I wrote a thank you to her there before I left!  

Please visit  Liz at  Liz Carroll Interiors website or  Liz Carroll Interiors Facebook page for more pictures of her beautiful work.  If you go to  Liz Carroll Interiors Facebook page, you can see "before" pictures of the rooms featured above.   Its worth a gander!  While you are there make sure to "Like" her page, so you can keep up with her happenings!  She posts really great tips, ideas and projects there daily.   I'm a huge fan of her Facebook page!

 Now you know why Liz Carroll is fabulous!  She uses her talents to create a beautiful life 
not only for her own family, but for all those around her!

Thank you Liz for allowing me to feature you today!

(all photos courtesy of Liz Carroll Interiors)

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guess What This is for.......

Do you have any idea what all this is for?  
We have a family wedding weekend kicking off today.  First
  Can't wait!  It's going to be fun!  If you are wondering what these things are
going to be used for, make sure you come back to visit, so you can see what I'm up to!  Hint: it has something to do with the decorations for the "morning after the wedding" breakfast...Can't wait to share details!
  It's going to be a pretty fabulous weekend filled with family love,
lots of decorations and parties!

Hope you are staying out of the heat and
enjoying your Summer!

Don't forget to "like" me on Facebook
Pinterest (Lisa Mende Design), Instagram ( lisamende)
twitter ( @designlhm)

Check back for updates on the High Point Market
Olioboard "Style Spotter" Contest coming soon!!!!!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

High Point/Olioboard Style Spotter Contest & One Room Challenge Week 5

Ok, So I had to chuckle this morning when I woke up, It seems I have a new division in my interior design practice, called "Lisa's one room challenges".  Yes, that's right!  I have been working  for the past 5 weeks on  my  "One Room Challenge" which Linda of My Crafty Life created and graciously invited me to join then on Monday, I was notified that I was a finalist in the High Point Market's Contest for the 9th spot on the market's "Style Spotter" Panel sponsored by Olioboard!  I wrote about that yesterday if you missed it! It's all very exciting and fun, but  a girl need beauty sleep folks! Haha!  Yesterday, once the Olioboard contest went active, mine wouldn't work!  I was frantically trying to get into the contest board!!!!  After several unsuccessful attempts, I did what no man would ever do....I emailed Cheminne Taylor-Smith and asked for directions!  Low and behold, it wasn't me!  My link was faulty!  Once it was fixed,thanks to the fabulous Sheilah from Olioboard, off I went to create my own Olioboard, with the contests pieces (all from the April High Point Market) that best describes my design aesthetic!  If you haven't been on Olioboard and you liked to play house, paper dolls or make collages when you were little, you must sign up for Olioboard!  You don't have to be a designer to love it.  It's incredibly fun and there is no mess to clean up afterwards!  I have been using it for my interior practice for a while and my clients love it.  I can quickly put the items I want to specify together on a board and email to the client.  Really helps them visualize the the concept for the room.  Well, enough about work, let's get back to the contest!  I am sure you read all about it on my post yesterday, but if not, you can pop back over here or scroll down to find out all about it!  I had to make myself stop creating drafts for "my room design" and go to sleep last night!  I am hating myself this morning because I think that was around 1 am! ugh!    Oh well!  I love a good challenge especially, when it involves my passion which is design.  Make sure you stay in the loop, so you can see all 15 boards and vote for your favorite me! (Just kidding!) on starting August 1st!  Now, onto my original fun challenge....

Here we are sliding into Week 5 of
If you are new to the party you can check 
out the other weeks here:
 Week 1   
This week we went accessory shopping.  Here is our
list of items we need to complete our room:

 Something large to go over the sofa,
 2 Lamps : one for between the club chairs & one by sofa
 Art for either side of fireplace over chests
Items for the hearth
Coffee table accessories
still need  2 small side tables - small
something for breakfast room wall

Accessories, are all about layering the room, to create the final touch of personality, you want the room to convey, much like the scarf added to an outfit, or the tie added to the suit.  It is a reflection of the person that lives there, so I like for my clients to be active in the process.  After we discussed, what the client wanted, in both look, texture and budget, we made our list.  Then, I did a little online research to see who had items, that would work, before we struck out on our shopping excursion.  Remember, we don't' have time to order from my normal "trade" resources, due to the time constraint.  We needed readily available resources!! Often when I need things for clients, I will pop in the car and drive to High Point. There are several trade showrooms that are open year around and the reps are so nice.  I love to go to Capel Rugs and visit my rep Ron Bristow. I love their new line with Genvieve Gorder and their Creative Concepts rugs, which are custom made in about 4 to 6 weeks, but no time for those either! I like to pop into Market Square where Ginger Hicks is always available and knows every resource in her building.  On the first Wednesday of every month, they have Designer Days in the Design District and sometimes I go there to find things for projects at places like Chelsea House.  Ginny Ratchford of Chelsea House  is always so helpful,  but with this project's looming deadline, there is no time to drive to High Point or custom order!  Ok, below are some of the things we chose! If I weren't running out the door to an appointment, I could had dressed this up with type and all kinds of pretty things, but hey somebody's gotta work too! Go to Olioboard, and sign up if you haven't already then type in lisamendedesign to go to my boards and see where all these goodies were purchased if you want to know!  You can follow me there too!

You need to go there to sign up anyway, so when the voting for the
Style Spotter Contest begins, you can go vote for me!!!!

Now go check on the other participates in 
The One Room Challenge and see what they have 
accomplished since we last met!  Wonder if 
their day is as crazy as mine!

Lauren - The Cottage Mix
Lindsay - Everything LEB
Barbara - Hodge:Podge
Tiffany - Living Savvy
Jessie - Mix & Chic
Danylle - Nana Moon
Jennifer - The Pink Pagoda
Bethany - Powell Brower Home
Emily - Rue de Emily
Lindsay - Sadie + Stella

(ok so I have to admit, there was no time to proof this post,
so if there are errors, my apologizes, I typically don't post til
I proof, but the way this day is going, it might never happen,
so deal with it, ok?  Just Kidding! Sorry, if the reading is rough today)
Have a fabulous Wednesday!  See you tomorrow! 
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Monday, July 23, 2012

High Point Style Spotters & Olioboard Contest....

Sorry, it took me all day to get my blog post done today!!! My twitter was going crazy this morning, my phone was ringing off the hook, my Facebook and emails were wild!!!!! While I am typically, not one to toot my own horn, I am "over the moon" excited about an email, I received notifying me, that I had been chosen as one of the lucky 15 nominated, to vie for the vacant spot # 9 on High Point Market's "Style Spotter" Group sponsored by Olioboard.

"What is a Style Spotter", you ask? 

Here is High Point Furniture Market's official definition of a Style Spotter:

"Style Spotters are trendsetters that see ahead of the curve in home fashion trends. Watch for them at Market as they walk the show, capturing images of their favorite looks and on-trend products. The Style Spotters will pin those photos to their Pinterest board and will list the exhibitor’s name and showroom number. They will also present the exhibitor with a sign that highlights the Style Spotter’s name with a QR code and URL for the Pinterest board. You can be involved, too! Pin your own product images and vote for your favorite Style Spotter, using the instructions on the right."

What is the High Point Market Style Spotter/Olioboard Contest?

Direct from the horse's mouth.....
(since I couldn't have said it better myself, this copy was borrow from here)

The High Point Market reported that it has partnered with Olioboard.com, the interior design online 2D and 3D moodboard creator, to develop a new contest to select a ninth Style Spotter. This is the first time that Market has opened up the social media program to more than eight tastemakers.

“We wanted to have even more interaction with our home furnishings communities, and this crowdsourcing contest will allow the Market community to select our next Style Spotter,” says Cheminne Taylor-Smith, vice president of the High Point Market Authority. “Olioboard is a perfect site for this contest because it allows members to create 2D and 3D room designs, while highlighting their own style viewpoint. Voters will be able to vote daily for the person that really showcases an eye for design, which is what the Style Spotters are all about.”

Nominations for the ninth Style Spotter were accepted through July 23, when the finalist were announced. All nominees were required to have a social media presence, and had be a qualified attendee for the October High Point Market, such as an interior designer, a retailer, or a member of the media. Here is a list of the finalist:
Jennifer Reynolds Interiors
Tamara Matthews-Stephensen, NestNestNest
Denise McGaha, Denise McGaha Interior Design
Ivey DeLeon, ID Home Decor
Joni Vanderslice, J Banks Design
Sarah Walker, Curated House
Niche By Design
Selma Hammer Designs
Laura van Zeyl, Residential Lighting
Carmen Christensen, Time2Design
Christy Davis, A Modern Housewife
Holly Phillips, The English Room

Kara Legako Interior Design

If you would like to follow any of these finalist on twitter go to
High Point Market's Facebook page.  The twitter names are listed there!
 A panel has selected 15 finalists who will now compete in an Olioboard contest to win a slot on the Style Spotters panel. Olioboard’s online moodboard application will allow these 15 finalists to create digital moodboards and room designs using a collection of product photos from the April Market. 

Finalist now have one week to style their boards, and they can create multiple boards. Designs must be complete by July 31. Voting on the finalists’ boards will run Aug. 1 through Aug. 22. All High Point Market attendees will be able to vote for their favorite Olioboard. When voting closes on Aug. 22, the design with the most votes will win and the finalist will be named to the Style Spotters for the October Market.

The winner will join the fall roster of Style Spotters, which were announced last week:
  • Traci Zeller, Traci Zeller’s Blog, @TraciZeller (Spring 2012 winner)
  • Gretchen Aubuchon, Fashion + Decor, @fashionanddecor
  • Lori Dennis, DesignCamp.com, @loridennisinc
  • Julia Buckingham Edelmann, Material Girls, @buckinghamid
  • Janel Laban, Apartment Therapy, @AptTherapy
  • Cassandra LaValle, Coco + Kelley, @casslavalle
  • Stacy Naquin, Stacy Naquin blog, @StacyNaquin
  • Jason Oliver Nixon, Demystifying Design, @JOliverNixon

 This panel of nine will compete to win "The Style Spotter" for the October 2012 Market based on pins and likes from the "High Point Style Spotter" Pinterest boards created on for them. Even though I was nominated, I still have a loooonnnng way to go til victory!  I would like to ask for your support once the boards go live!  Thanks for reading this and thanks in advance for your support once the contest begins August 1st!


Last Year's Style Spotter Winner was my friend and fellow
MasterMind peer:

On the current Style Spotter 2012 List is my friend:

Stacy Naquin

Two of my friends are also nominees:

Jennifer Reynolds

Denise McGaha

Good Luck Ladies!  May the best man   designer  woman enjoy!!!!!
I can't really say "win" because I think this group of women are already winners!  
I would vote for either of them!  We are all such good friends!
I am just thrilled to be among such fabulous women!

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Perfect Solution to Your Design Dilemma

As a member of Tobi Fairley's Mastermind Group, I can personally attest to the quality of Tobi's camps.  You will receive expert instruction while having so much fun! It is well worth the time, effort  and money spent to attend.    Take it from me ...If you want to learn how to design, from one of American's top designers, sign up for this camp.  You will learn more than you ever expected to learn, and be treated like a queen while doing so!  There are other camps out there, but this is the best! Sign up today because spaces are limited and go fast!  If you have questions please feel free.   ~Lisa
Design Camp Logo for Web.jpg
Do you get stuck in completing your room design?

Do your projects lack that "wow" factor?

Do you want to learn how to mix fabrics and colors like the pros??

Do you need help with traffic flow and floorplans?

Then do I have the answer for you!!

I am so excited to announce Tobi Fairley's next Design A to Z Camp!

Traditional Home predicts "Tobi will be like Cher or Oprah, one of those women for whom one name says it all."
Her accolades include:
Named to Traditional Home's Top 20 Young Designers List
Featured on the cover of House Beautiful
Graced the pages of Southern LivingBetter Homes and Gardens andAt Home in Arkansas 
House Beautiful Cover Small.jpg

Now Tobi has designed a hands-on learning experience, Design A to Z, so you can learn to create magazine-worthy interiors of your own. 
Whether you're a designer who has been in business for 30 years or just love all things design...
 Design A to Z is one experience you won't want to miss!

Design Camp 2.jpg

 Join Tobi November 7-9 for this behind-the-scenes experience in her Little Rock studio.
This 3 day course will take you through Tobi's unique 26-step system for
creating beautiful interiors in a workshop setting, with plenty of time for Q & A and
one-on-one attention from Tobi and her talented team.

They have even made logistics easy for you by providing special pricing on lodging, transportation to
and from the Tobi Fairley Studio and meals! All you have to handle is
your airfare and your hotel reservation and you are ready to go!
pink limo.jpg

Are you ready to create a gorgeous room design and have a fabulous time doing it? 
Then grab your friends and sign up for this camp today!! Or want to come alone?
No worries, you will make a ton of life-long friendships in Tobi's warm and friendly camp environment.

Previous campers have raved:
"Tobi's like an open book- you can ask her anything and not get, 'it's a trade secret.' She gives you real answers."
"I was surprised to find I could learn so much in just one camp."
"Tobi is such a patient teacher and a vibrant and talented designer.  I now have a fresh excitement and new ideas for my projects."
"Tobi has the uncanny and rare ability to successfully marry the disciplines of business and economics to the elements of all things beautiful, then present them in an entertaining, easy-to-understand manner."
"The investment in camp is miniscule compared to the return on investment--spending time in a warm, exciting environment while being emotionally and aesthetically inspired is worth thousands of dollars."
Ready to sign up?

Then click on my exclusive affiliate link below to let the Tobi Fairley Team know I sent you!
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