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Gwyneth Paltrow Isn't The Only One Who Has Eaten At Catch!

Ok, So I didn't get a cooking lesson 
in the kitchen, with the chef, like Gwyneth...

  but I did eat a "kicka** dinner" as Gwyneth
so aptly deemed it at..

Catch is located at 6623 Market Street in Wilmington, NC.  Deemed "Hollywood East", due to the influx of from the film and tv industry,Wilmington is home to many restaurants, but none quite compare to Catch.  This restaurant lives up to its name by offering only locally caught fresh seafood daily in creative and delicious entrees.  

Chef Keith Rhodes of Catch

Keith and His lovely wife, Angela

Founded in 2006 by Keith Rhodes, an award winning chef, James Beard nominee for Best Chef in the Southeast and on Bravo TV's Top Chef.  Keith's own personal philosophy about food is that "Food is about family".  Upon entering the front door of the restaurant, I felt I had entered the home of a good friend's for dinner. Everyone is so warm and friendly. It's like one big happy family.  Eager to please and ready to meet any demand.  Mimi, our waitress, met us at our table and presented us with two menus full of tantalizing options. There were so many delicious sounding entrees,we had a hard time deciding what to order.  One menu had the standard offerings and the other had specials of the day. 

Our dinner started with the following appetizers
which I highly recommend:

Cajun fried North Carolina Oysters with 
Mindoro Blue Cheese Slaw and Texas 
Pete Aioli.

Firecracker Shrimp with spicy cognac creme and toasted sesame seeds

 I can't remember what everyone at my table had for their entrees, because I was too busy devouring my own Red Miso noodles with perfectly cooked salmon, but I can tell you everyone left happy.  Chatting with the waitress on the way out, she said "the seafood we serve is so fresh, it gets to the restaurant after I do"!  I don't think she was lying, our fish was definitely the freshest I have ever eaten. As we walked by the bar, Robert, the master of mixology said "Did you have the cucumber margarita"? Well, no! Darn it! 
 Note to self:  excuse to return...

Here are Melissa, Robert and Phoenix at the bar


Sorry Melissa, try as I might, I couldn't get
a clear picture of you!  


I tried again but blurred again! That girl
is in constant motion!

Wish we could have stayed for one
 more drink but we had to drive home!

Picture of the dining room

 Our table!  When Gwyneth ate at the
restaurant with producer Jon Favreau of
 IronMan3, a partition was put up for privacy.
None of the wait staff was able to post pics
or report until after the celebrities left.

We had an added treat when Keith Rhodes appeared
from the kitchen and we were able to meet him. 
My hubby meeting Keith!

Keith is definitely a big presence both in statue 
and personality.  His passion for his work
shines through, when he talks about his work.
It's good to see a local boy bringing so 
much to the community he loves!

 I am trying to plot a quick return for the...

Sweet Potato Salad and...

 Cucumber Margaritas

Who knows, may be
I just might get that cooking lesson!

Remember when I wrote about my anniversary
night away and mentioned Catch?
You can read about it here

Keith also owns Phun Seafood Bar 
at 123 Princess Street 
in downtown Wilimington, NC

If you are local or in the Wilmington,NC areas
please go by Phun or Catch and 
show Keith and Angela some love, 
I promise you will get loved back!

6623 Market Street
Wilmington, NC  28405 
(910) 799-3847 for reservations
Monday - Sat. Lunch 11:30 - 2
Dinner 5:30 -9:00
6623 Market Street  |  Wilmington, NC, 28405  |  910-799-3847
6623 Market Street  |  Wilmington, NC, 28405  |  910-799-3847
"Like" Catch on Facebook to find out
about what's happening

Follow Catch on Twitter for info and updates!

follow Phun on twitter here

(photo credits:  Goop, Catch and my own very bad iPhone pics!)
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  1. I'd go just for the Cucumber Margarita and Sweet Potato Salad!
    Don't you just hate it when "Special" people have to have "Special" treatment! :)
    Love the personal pictures!
    Enjoyed sharing your dinner.

    1. Actually Patty, they treat everyone special! All those things are on the normal menu, I just failed to see them because of all the goodies they offer! Everything is fab!!!!

  2. Love the introduction to Catch and to "goop" from you! Local places are the best and so fun to see someone enjoy what they do so much! Looks like a great fun night!

    1. Thanks Kim. I love Gwyneth's blog. Very informative. Catch is awesome!

  3. wahooo! i love the tip on catch! i remember keith from top chef and have a certain special place in my heart for good ole wilmington - my alma mater (UNC-W). thanks for a WONDERFUL article!

    1. How did I know you had Wilmington connections! You are my kind of gurl!!!!


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