Friday, July 27, 2012

Welcome Liz Carroll! Fabulous Friend on Friday!!!

My Fabulous Friend on Friday is....
Liz Carroll

Liz left the corporate world of banking in 2008 and opened Liz Carroll Interiors.
How does one jump from banking to interior design?   I think it is fair to say, a design gene runs in her family, as sister Charlotte Harris, is also a designer and works with Barrie Benson     Liz and her sister, Charlotte had the good fortune of learning first hand about design, from their mother, Sherry Harris, who is also an interior designer.  It was only natural that Liz follow in her mother's footsteps and pursue her passion.  

I was first introduced to Liz's work, when she was featured on House of Turquoise in 2011.  I was immediately drawn to her crisp, fresh design aesthetic.  I liked the way she combined traditional pieces with just the right pop of color and accessories to make it current and chic.  I  popped over to her website to see more of her work.  What I found was pure eye candy!  Beautiful work!   It wasn't until this past June, when I flying out to Little Rock, Arkansas to my first Mastermind Group Meeting with Tobi Fairley, I met Liz in the Charlotte airport.  I recognized her from her pictures and that signature smile that spans her face the minute she approaches you.  We chatted all the way to Little Rock on the plane.  It just so happened, that Traci Zeller and Liz were in the row behind me.  By the time we landed in Little Rock, I had a crick in my neck, from craning around to chat with them.  We had a fabulous trip!  Our Mastermind Group is awesome!

Liz, Me, Tobi Fairley and Stacy Naquin in Little Rock on
the last day of Mastermind.

Liz and I made a pact to get together, when I came down to my beach house this summer and get together we did!  I went over and visited with Liz and met her adorable children!  Our visit which was suppose to be short, spanned into the evening hours.  I told Liz I felt as though I was visiting India Hicks!  Everything was so lovely and wire was filled with music and laughter.  Every now and then her children would run up to her and she would pause to give them a kiss or a hug.   As I was leaving, Liz offered for me to use her studio, while I was in the area if I need somewhere to work!  I took her up on her offer and spent the next day working in her beautiful studio while she was away on a shoot.  Lucky me!!!

I wanted to share some pictures of Liz's beautiful home, because it is such a good  example of the beauty she creates.   She has created a true to life fairy tale.  She even has the picket fence!  Martha Stewart can move over!  
See for yourself!

Pictures of Liz's kitchen

Her family room 

Her daughter's room 

To add to this fairy tale setting, there is even a quaint little cottage in the back yard,  which Liz has renovated 
for her design studio. It's perfect!  She can stroll out her back door and be at work!

Liz added to the charm of this cottage  with a pergola and porch swing!

The bench on the right is the bench where Liz's husband, proposed to her in Chapel Hill.  
The cool round piece of furniture in the middle is actually a table with chairs that tuck in.  

Let's take a look inside.....

Here is Liz's desk.  Don't you love that Visual Comforts Lamp attached to  on her desk! There is also a great Jonathan Adler ceiling light but I forgot to get a picture!  The starburst mirror behind her desk reflects light from the window.
The color palette is lavender with creams, and white which is soothing and relaxing for her workspace.  

This is the living area of the studio.  It's like a home away from home! The burlap bullseye ottomans got whisked away the last time Liz's mom was visiting!  She wanted them for a client!  Good thing she got them otherwise
I might have taken them for myself!

The table with benches is perfect for client presentations.

I didn't take a picture of Liz's resource library, but it is well stocked with all 
the current designer favorites! 

Liz also uses the studio for out of town guest.  Here is a beautiful guest  bedroom.  

 Last but not least, I couldn't finish my post without sharing this picture of her great back porch! 
She keeps chalk on the porch so her children can draw on the floor. I wrote a thank you to her there before I left!  

Please visit  Liz at  Liz Carroll Interiors website or  Liz Carroll Interiors Facebook page for more pictures of her beautiful work.  If you go to  Liz Carroll Interiors Facebook page, you can see "before" pictures of the rooms featured above.   Its worth a gander!  While you are there make sure to "Like" her page, so you can keep up with her happenings!  She posts really great tips, ideas and projects there daily.   I'm a huge fan of her Facebook page!

 Now you know why Liz Carroll is fabulous!  She uses her talents to create a beautiful life 
not only for her own family, but for all those around her!

Thank you Liz for allowing me to feature you today!

(all photos courtesy of Liz Carroll Interiors)

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  1. Her studio is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing, Lisa!:)

  2. Love you Lisa! Can't wait for our next get together!!

    1. Love you back dear friend! I can't wait either!

  3. What a wonderful friendship you have! Liz is a marvel! I am thoroughly in love with her home and her studio. The entire package! The family room, daughter's room and her kitchen especially caught my eye, not leaving out the rest though! The studio is a perfect work place, actually heavenly!
    I will be bookmarking her facebook and website!

    1. I am lucky to find a friend like Liz, Patty! She is amazing! Glad you now know her too!

  4. I love this post Lisa.....and I'm so happy to have you both as RL friends!! I can't wait to see you again soon. I think I get to see you 3 more times this year Lisa:)
    The photos are FAB and so is Liz.

  5. WOW! So lovely...every last bit of this post! Y'all look fab in the photo too (look at me with my wannabe southern slang!) xx

    1. You are the best Sue! Sorry so late responding. This wedding took over my life for the past 5 days! I'm behind!!!

  6. Lisa....I am having pangs of jealousy. First because I miss you both and can hardly wait to see you in Sept. second, because the amount of inspiration I received just from seeing those gorgeous pics. Liz has a beautiful studio to match her beautiful work....not surprised. It's all so yummy. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Can't wait to see you in Sept! Gotta make my reservations!!!!!! thanks for commenting!!! hope ur day is awesome!!!!

  7. What a beautiful home, I just love all the pops of color. I will have to check out her FB page. Thanks for sharing !

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  10. Wonderful post Lisa! Love your house Liz!

    1. Thanks Karen! Hope this Monday is treating you well!!1

  11. Gorgeous house with such color and warmth! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Sounds like a great lady and a talented designer. Such beautiful spaces!

  13. Lisa, sounds like you both had a great time. I love meeting creative people. Its fun to talk design...

  14. The studio is really beautiful. Thanks for the intro. I can't wait to see all of her before and afters.

    1. Thanks Kerry! Can't wait to pop over and visit you!

  15. Just reading this post again Lisa and missing you! We had so much fun on your visit! Come back soon!!!!


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