Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Week 4 of "The One Room Challenge"

Wow!  I don't know about everybody else,
but I cannot believe it's been a month
 since I started 
with these wonderful ladies...

Where does the time go?  Only two weeks
 to finish this project!  Yep, that's right,
 only two more weeks!!!!! 

If you are just tuning in, you can check out 
Weeks One, Two, & Three to get up to speed.

This week we went shopping for an 8' x 10'  rug for the family room. 
There wasn't time to order from my wholesale resources, 
so we had to hunt down rugs that were
 available through retail.

Remember the rug that was originally
in the room?  Here she is...
(plz ignore that cord! I forgot to make it purdy!)

Unfortunately, this doesn't go with the new color scheme! 
So, off she went to the rug graveyard!

We needed something neutral, durable dog friendly and not outrageously priced.  Of course it also had to be in stock and ready to be delivered to meet our deadline. Off shopping we went to find our rug!

After several hours, of shopping, a frozen yogurt and tired feet 
these guys,made it to the finals!

1) Capel Rugs "Essex" in putty. 8'x11' $515.
We liked the pattern and the colors. 
This rug is fairly soft as well.  

 2) Pottery Barn's Chunky Wool & Natural Jute Rug
 8' x 10'  $549.00.  This rug is a great rug
and met all the criteria, but did we want 
a little more pattern?  

3) Pottery Barn's Alhambra Tile Dhurrie in espresso.
  8'x10'  $599.00.  Was this too patterned?

Choices, choices!!! So there you have it! The finial three! What do you think?  We stayed in the budget, found rugs in stock and accomplished out goals!
Guess you will have to wait to see what we chose!

(I'll give you a little hint, the first rug was flawed when we brought it home,so back to the store it
went!  The second rug seemed a little boring.
If you are still you know which one was just right!!!  haha!!!)

Don't forget to pop over and check out what the other participates are doing! Some are wielding power tools and all sorts of things.  There is some serious talent in this group!!!  I am amazed every week with my fellow participates and their progress!!!

Lauren - The Cottage Mix
Lindsay - Everything LEB
Barbara - Hodge:Podge
Tiffany - Living Savvy
Jessie - Mix & Chic
Danylle - Nana Moon
Jennifer - The Pink Pagoda
Emily - Rue de Emily
Lindsay - Sadie + Stella

Come back next Wednesday and we will go
 shopping for accessories! 

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  1. Cant wait to see which rug you choose. I like all of them.

  2. ooooh! I love that Pottery Barn Dhurrie print you selected! Can't wait to see more of the room next week! Great progress!

  3. I have been following along, and can't believe it is week 4! I love the rug you chose, Lisa. Still neutral but with an updated pattern. I've learned that plain neutral rugs are not the most forgiving with pets. Even a little pattern helps to hide dirt, stains, etc.

  4. the third was my favorite! congrats on making it to week 4!

  5. I was voting for #4, yeah! Looking good, and going fast, yikes.

  6. I love that rug! I have been contemplating using that rug in blue in my living room, but it would be over shag carpet, meh. I can't wait to see it in your living room.

  7. Lisa I love that...perfect! I agree the other was boring, and Loi has a point about neutrals not always the best with pets. OK, it's almost noon and I haven't gotten a thing done. Next Wednesday I will just lock the door and play at my laptop with you girls! Patty

  8. Great choice! I actually have that PB dhurrie rug in the blue colourway in my bedroom from the last ORC. Love it still, I'm sure your client will too!

  9. Hi Lisa,
    Love your's "just right"!!! I so need a rug for my new playroom/media this is giving me some great ideas.

    Hope you're having a wonderful week!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  10. Great choice on the rug! It's neutral enough yet has some patterns for some visual interest.

    Excited to see next week's progress!


  11. I love the rug you chose! Such a pretty pattern!

  12. Lisa....I have been dying over that rug ever since I saw it at of my favs.
    So glad someone is using it.

  13. Love your choice Lisa...good luck with your challenge!

  14. The rug is fantastic! You are moving along wonderfully!!

  15. Your new rug is gorgeous! I love that you went together!

  16. Good choice... that is the one I would have picked!

  17. Very pretty- its going to look perfect in the space. I cant wait to see everything come together now!

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