Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Next Thing After The ALS Challenge & A Surprise....

I wonder what would happen if everyone who participated in the ALS Challenge would do the same for The Ronald McDonald House? 

 Last week when Traci Zeller and I were in Long Island installing our room at The Ronald McDonald House of Long Island, I said "I think  I'll go buy a can of whipped cream and squirt it on your head, then challenge my friends to do the same or pay up just like they did for the ALS challenge."  Traci laughed at me but secretly I was serious.  If we had not been so busy working to complete our room I would have done that but I knew better than make my partner mad when we had so much work to do.  

Would squirting Traci Zeller on the head with whipped cream catch your attention?  

If so, I'll do it!  Hey, don't put it past me,
 it might happen yet!  

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Ronald McDonald Project Design Part 2 Update with Mende/Zeller

Traci Zeller and I installed our room at the The Ronald McDonald House Long Island last week.  We arrived on Wednesday to meet with our contractor, Laurence Carolan of The House of Laurence.  We were thrilled with the progress in our first floor business office which we now refer to as "The Cocoon" thanks to the lovely painting by artist, Kerry Steele.   Our room is tiny, but an important room in the house.  It is a place where the parents of sick children can go to conduct personal business while guests in the house. 

(click here to see our room before & ....)

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stanton Carpet "Felix Rug" Giveaway!!!

Room Designed by Kate Singer Home

Enter to Win this beautiful Stanton Carpet
"Felix" Rug in silver !!!

Stanton Carpet Giveaway

Would you like to win this beautiful 5'x 8' Stanton "Felix" Carpet Rug?
(as shown in the photos above)

Here's all you have to do!  Sign up to follow Stanton on their social media 
channels and then come back here to Lisa Mende Design Blog and leave a comment stating that 
you are following Stanton Carpet on all their channels and leave the hashtag 


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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Is Your Home A Smart Home?

Society and cultural trends have always influenced home design and property value: the peace cry of the 70’s inspiring flower power furniture, the 90’s responding to the recession neutral colors and minimalistic furniture.  Today, it seems you can’t turn on the TV or open a magazine without reading about the connected technology trend – and how it is quickly and efficiently running our lives.  

To examine how this era of connected technology is influencing trends in home design and property value, and give fans simple tips & tricks to take advantage of the trend, to create a sleeker, ‘smarter home’, is Genevieve Gorder, host of HGTV’s Genevieve’s Renovation. 

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Monday, September 22, 2014

10 Tips for Shopping High Point Market

It's time to register for High Point Market!  Have you registered? If not do so today by clicking here.  If you are coming to High Point to shop for accessories (and who isn't, I ask?) make sure to read my Top 10 Tips for Finding Accessories at the High Point Market!  
Thank you High Point Market for asking me to share my tips!  I must confess I adore High Point Market and can't wait to be there!  Also, in case you haven't heard, I'm leading a tour for Editor at Large called "Discover Antique and Vintage Sources" where I will uncover some hidden gems during High Point Market Week.  If you want to sign up click here!  Hurry there is only room for 30 and tickets will be selling fast the closer we get to market!  If they are like everything else, they will be here today and gone tomorrow, so act fast!  

Continue on to my Top Ten Tips.....

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