Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter and What We Did...

The day started with total darkness at sunrise service
 on the beach....

But by 7:00 a.m. the sun was up and it was a beautiful day...
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Friday, March 29, 2013

Thank You Scoop Charlotte!

Local interior designers design a room in the Traditional Home showhouse.

March 17, 2013
Local interior designers design a room in the Traditional Home showhouse.
Local interior designers Traci Zeller and Lisa Mende have teamed up to design a room in the Traditional Home showhouse in Greensboro this April – benefitting the Junior League of Greensboro and open to the public from April 20 – May 5.  The spectacular mansion, known as Adamsleigh — has been chosen as this year’s show house.   Built for High Point textile magnate John Hampton (“Hamp”) Adams and his wife Elizabeth, Adamsleigh was finished in 1931, and is known as “Greensboro’s Grandest House,” or more casually as “the mansion that socks built.”   Mr Adams was co-founder of Adams-Millis Corporation, the first company in High Point to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
The girls are designing John Hampton Adam’s dressing area/bath which is part of the master suite, and have already begun their work.  We’ll be featuring insider interviews with Traci & Lisa on the details and tips, challenges and rewards of this project later during their process, but for now, congrats to them!  And start planning your visit now.

(more after the break)
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I am so disappointed that I can't attend Tobi Fairley's "Getting Published" Camp!  It just so happens it is the week I am installing my show house room for the Greensboro Junior League Show house sponsored by Traditional Homes magazine.  While I am excited about participating in the show house, this camp is one not to miss.  Since I can't go, will you please go for me?     The Journey to Getting Published Camp with Tobi Fairley April 7-11 (DETAILS HERE).  Every time I go to Tobi's studio for a camp, I make important contacts and leave armed with helpful info that propels me into action!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Modern Easter Ideas...

Typically I like color for Easter but this year with black and white being all the rage on the runway, I thought it would be fun to shake things up a little and think of Easter in a different way...

For original post & instructions click here!



VIA Brit & Co



Think I might have to go buy a sharpie and write my favorite scriptures on some eggs! Of course while I am out, l'll also buy color kits too...we love to color eggs! I get as much enjoyment out of decorating eggs as my kids do.  At 12,15 & 22, my kids are really past the "Easter basket" stage, but of course the Easter Bunny still comes on que. Instead of candy and trinkets, the basket now consists of a new swimsuit or shades.  There is typically one wind up hopping bunny or something silly.  

One of my boys' favorite Easter traditions is the "Flashlight Egg Hunt" my sister in law and brother have for my boys and my two nephews.  They hide one money filled egg per boy, arm the boys with flashlights and a clue to help them find their eggs.  The object of the hunt is to make it really hard for the boys to find the eggs, so they have to really hunt.  Last year the hunt went on for hours!  Typically there is one boy's egg that is harder to find than the others, so once the three have found their egg, they join forces to find the elusive egg.  It is always fun to see where the eggs are hidden.  

If you are looking for creative ways to color eggs be sure to check out Brit & Co
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Bathrooms Trends in 2013

Patterned tile floors are a trend that started in 2012 and continues to grow in favor of homeowners and designers in 2013.  I recently found Archipelago tiles by interacting with the company's founder and owner Stephanie Dyer on twitter.  These cement tiles represent a timeless craft which has been reinterpreted in a modern story.  Completely made by hand, these contemporary tiles are comprised of natural materials.  They are cured not fired.  Perfected in France over 150 years ago, this process has withstood the test of time.  These tiles have a green, global and historically compelling story.  Don't you love the patterns?

From the website:  "As the name suggest, the concept for Archipelago Tile is a chain of islands.  each island does not exist alone: rather it is a network of individual environments that form a collection or community.  the name nods to the regions where cement tile has traditionally been popular- tropical climates where indoor and outdoor spaces are often seamlessly blended and therefore equally adorned. 

Pop over to Archipelago website and check out all their beautiful patterns!

"Archipelago Tile launches a new line that is geometrically stunning, modern,
 yet utilizes old world craftsmanship".

 Other trends for  high end  bathrooms in 2013 are heated floors and shower enclosures with built-in waterproof speakers and an MP3 or iPod dock so homeowners can easily listen to music while they bathe which help create the "spa like" bath we have all come to love and covet in 2012.  What do you have planned for your bathroom for 2013?

(All photos courtesy of Archipelago Tiles)
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Thank You Patricia Van Essche! ~ "Adamsleigh" Greensboro Junior League & Traditional Homes Show House Room

Adamsleigh by PVE Design

Adamsleigh Entrance by PVE Design

Adamsleigh Gentleman's Bath/Dressing by PVE Design

When Traci Zeller and I began designing a room in "Adamsleigh Manor", The Junior League of Greensboro Show House Sponsored by Traditional Homes Magazine, one of the top priorities was to have a spectacular rendering done of our room which was the gentleman's bath/dressing area.  Enter...Patricia Van Essche!  Patricia is the artist and founder of PVE Design.  Not only is she talented but also one of the nicest people I have ever known.   She do a fabulous rendering of our room and surprised us with a couple of renderings of the exterior of Adamsleigh as well!

Often when friends ask why I blog, I tell them about the wonderful online relationships I have developed with amazing people.  Patricia happens to be one of those people. We have never met in real life, but I feel she is truly a dear friend.  I look forward to her daily post to see what beauty she has created on her blog PVE Design.  She often shares a lovely drawing, sketch or painting like the one this past week on Good Manners

Patricia Van Essche of PVE Design

Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Patricia worked for 15 years in New York as a designer and design director for Ralph Lauren, Liz Claiborne and Calvin Klein.  Patricia posses the rare gift of seeing things through an artist eye and shares it so eloquently with others.  I was trying to think of a way to explain how her art makes me feel, so I went to her website and there were the perfect words to describe what I was trying to say, which was "she captures the soul of a moment".  There are many talented artist out there, but not many who can capture the soul or essence of a subject quite like Patricia.  I often find myself looking at her art and thinking about how it would be to live in that room, or partake in whatever is happening in the painting.  Her work has an elegance which exudes a "life well lived".  Her work sparks imagination and engagement.

If you don't currently follow her blog, pop over and visit , but we warned, 
you will get hooked!   

Patricia has an etsy shop where you can retain her services for painting any moments you wish to capture, be it a sleeping child, a favorite pet, your home, your logo, a wedding or a special party.  The options of Patricia's offerings are endless.  She also creates custom textile designs for clients!  I especially adore her lovely custom monograms. 
Below are a few examples of her beautiful work!

PVE Design

PVE Design

PVE Design

PVE Design

Thank You dear Patricia for our beautiful renderings, we love them and you!!!

(All artwork used in this post is property of Patricia Van Essche & PVE Design)

Click Here for Details!!!
April 20th - May 5th
3301 Alamance Road
Greensboro, NC 

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hot Trends at High Point Market April 2013

Last Night I participated in my first ever twitter chat.  Have you done one? 

Let me tell you it moves really fast when there are lots of people in the room.  My head was 

still spinning this morning just thinking about it!  It was tons of excitement though!  The chat 

was lead by the fab Lisa Ferguson of Decor Mentor and five of her designer mentors, Lisa  

Pulp Design Studios  curated their favorite new High Point Market introductions from over 

299 entries of pictures that were sent to them by Cheminne Taylor-Smith, Vice President of 

Marketing for the High Point Market.  What are the trends I spotted? Honeycomb patterns, 

emerald green is obviously the color of the year and we saw brass!!!

What to see some of the items picked for the chat?

The first item introduced in the chat was this honeycomb bookcase by Henredon.  

It drew gasps even on twitter! 

Henredon Furniture - The Revenel Bookcase designed by Celerie Kemble


The Beautiful Micah Chair by CR Laine

Micah Chair by CR Laine

 Everyone loved the Conrad  

 table in green  by Worlds Away
Worlds Away

Harper by Madegoods
Harper Pendant by Madegoods

The Micah Chair by CR Laine

Lisa Kahn-Allen

Madcap Cottage's Pillows which will be shown in the CR Laine Show Room

I predict the following items will be big hits as well!  These are pretty fabulous too.  If you are going to High Point Market, make sure you check them out! 

Piper Collection will be in the Salon

If you would like to see all the items from the twitter chat with High Point Market Click Here to be taken to the High Point Market Pinterest Twitter Chat page

I'm off to Greensboro today to meet our painter for the Show House, Brian Sine!
Follow me on instragram(icon on side bar) if you want a sneak peek of the color Traci and I chose for our trim paint!  I might even snap a few photos around the house if I get time!  

Toodles!  Have a great Thursday!!!!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Leontine Linens

When Traci Zeller and I first discussed our inspiration for our gentleman's dressing room/bath in the  Adamsleigh Show House we looked to the vision of the original homeowner, Mr. Hamp Adams.  Mr. Adams was known for having the finest items available in his home.  We set out to follow his lead by choosing the finest items we could find in our room.  As such, we knew we must have beautiful bath linens for our dressing area.  Our choice was  Leontine Linens , a privately owned company from New Orleans founded by Jane Scott Hodges.  Leontine is known for its beautiful custom created couture linens. 

Photography courtesy of Leontine Linens and Photography by Heather Schneider
Their flagship store is located on Magazine Street in New Orleans

"read more by clicking the title"

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Greensboro Junior League/Traditional Homes Show House


As many of you know Traci Zeller and I have been working fast and furiously on the show house.  To catch you up on our adventures, our fabric arrived today.  Follow me on instagram LisaMende to get a sneak peek of some of our choices.  So what have we learned this week?  #1 We have been so lucky to have the awesome companies to partner with us in our show room.   #2) Without those partners it would be virtually impossible to do our room the way Traci and I wanted to do it.  3) Sometimes the best laid plans just don't work out!  4)  Embrace the plans that fall apart because often times there is something better that is about to take place! 

Some of our partners in the house are C.R. Laine, Madegoods, Kravet, Century Furniture, ModernaireCirca, and  Sarah and Ruby Studios to name a few.  (if you click on the links you might get a glimpse of some of the items we are using in our room although they may not be in the fabrics or finishes we have chosen) We will be posting about all the people who are helping to make our room a reality!  We couldn't do it without you!

Here is a floor plan of the second floor of the house.  Our room is the last room on the far right.  If you enter  the house and take the beautiful nautilus on the left in the foyer, at the top of the stairs, walk through the beautiful iron gates, then take a left, walk through the master suite sitting room, being designed by Lisa Kahn-Allen,(remember I blogged about her line with Chelsea House last year?) then walk into the sleeping porch being design by Warren Kessler and enter our gentleman's dressing will be worth the effort!  The house is large as you can see and all the designers are already hard at work creating a feast for the eyes!  

To learn more about the Show House please click Here!

Make sure to mark your calendar for the following dates!

The Show House will open on April 20th and run through May 5th.

Meet the designer day is April 26th!

The Show House is located at 3301 Alamance Road Greensboro,NC

We Hope to see you there!

Every Wednesday I will have a weekly update on our progress.  

Last but not least, please go to DoodleHome and see the photos from Design Bloggers Conference and while there would love it if you would vote for my board! I might win an ipad and you could win two just for voting!  Here's the here

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Terrariums~ The Answer to Low Maintenance House Plants

Spring is in the air!  Every spring when the weather turns nice, I start thinking about
growing plants.  My husband is the gardner around here.  He plants tons of bulbs in the fall so come spring, our yard is covered in beautiful tulips,daffodils and many other flowers.  I love fresh flowers inside too, but typically the only flowers growing inside my house are orchids.  I adore cut flowers and almost always buy a bunch from the local market each week but that is about the extent of indoor growing things.  Plants dont' exist in my world for more than a few weeks, then they turn yellow, drop their leaves and die.  I have always loved plants though.  I my love of plants comes from my childhood.  My mother has a green thumb and can grow anything.  My grandmother was the same way.

My Aunt Betty and Uncle Warren owned a lovely garden center in Charlotte, NC, when I was child.  I was always fascinated by the terrariums she would create.  You could tell she enjoyed making them.  She would choose her plants and within no time, she would have a beautiful work of art within the giant glass container. We had one we kept on the glass coffee table in our family room.  I would sit and glaze at it as a child and ponder the possibilites that there was miniature life among the plants.  I loved the way the moisture would bead up on the glass from time to time.  My mother still keeps a terrarium in her family room to this day.  When I visited my parents over the holidays, I saw their terrarium and thought about planting one for my house.  It might be the only type of living plant that I can't kill.  Since terrariums are basically self contained with little or no effort this might be the perfect plant for me.  (read more after the break)
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Think It Over...

Credit: Nirav Photography

 Today is your day to do what you want with it...
(more after the break)
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Greensboro Junior League/Traditional Homes Show House Update....

Things are moving along nicely with our room in the Greensboro Junior League/Traditional Homes Show house scheduled to open on April 20th.  We are designing John Hampton Adam's dressing area/bath which is part of the master suite.  The first couple of pictures were taken on our original visit to the house.  As you can see the room has old green carpet.  Everyone wants carpet in their bathroom right?  Not!
After spending a couple of days in the house I am convinced it was there to offer warmth.
Last week the Junior League ripped out all the carpet! Yay!   

 I must say we have found amazing people to help us with our room.  When a designer works out of town they have to find people to do the work.  Luckily, Donna Stanley of JD Stanley in High Point came to our rescue.  She had a list of competent people who could help.  Tomorrow our new plumber Matt Hord will be removing the existing sink so
 our floor guy Kris Hampton can start work on our floors.

Here is a peek at the floors under the carpet.  Granted they need some
 tender loving care but that is exactly what Kris is going to provide!

Not bad actually for a house which was finished in 1931!

Here is our new installer, Mike Barclift creating the template for our window treatment. He was recommended to us by Sharon Coppede founder of Custom Window Treatments and in my opinion the best at creating beautiful window treatments in Charlotte. Mike is also helping us with our screen.  Traci was so excited when she discovered he also has twins.  Traci is building a twin team over at her firm.  It seems Traci keeps finding subs that have twins.  She calls it her "twin mafia".. Haha!  I dont' have twins but I do get to share Mike!  Who by the way, is fabulous!  If you live in Charlotte and need an installer he is your guy!  Tell him we sent you!

There's Billy Baldwin to the left watching Mike.  NO, he isn't Alec's brother or the designer who did Cole Porters apartment at the Waldolf Astoria,but he has been hanging wallpaper since he was 12 yrs old at the foot of his dad.  He does many of the show rooms in High Point and is a very busy man! 

Which bring me to the saying I saw painted on the wall at 5th Church last night.

Traci and I feel so blessed to be working with so many artist like Billy Baldwin, Mike Barchlist, Donna Stanley, Kris Hampton, Matt Hord, Brian Sine, John Cook, Patricia Van Esche and more to make our room come to life in the show house.  I guess you could say creating a room in a show house "takes a village" of artists.  Traci and I can't wait to share with our readers our "bespoke room"!  We will also be introducing you to all the amazing people and products who have partnered with us to make the inspiration of our room a reality. Soon we will unveil the rendering that Patricia Van Esche so beautifully painted of our room.  It is spectacular.  She is awesome!  We feel so incredibly lucky to have such amazing people working with us to bring our vision to fruition. 
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