Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Ivy

Located on Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles and known for it's picket fence, The Ivy Restaurant has long been known as the place to see and be seen for lunch.  Paparazzi often hang out around The Ivy hoping to snag a photo of a celebrity lunching at the popular hangout.  On my recent trip to LA,  I had the pleasure of dining at The Ivy with my friends. 

The interior is a series of cottage style rooms which instantly reminded me of my friend Jason Oliver Nixon of Madcap Cottage.  It was an Alice in Wonderland meets Mackenzie Childs-esque whimsical feeling decor. ~ In other words, the interior made you feel happy! 

There is something so appealing about a "collected" interior to me.  It was also inspiring to be  surrounded by beautiful fresh flowers and wonderful to have a glass of champagne offered the minute we graced the door. 

I adore blue and white plates especially when on bright yellow walls.  
The Ivy had quite the collection of plates, baskets and all sorts of interesting things.

You felt as though you were visiting in an old friend's cottage for lunch.

There were so many cozy corners to chose from and a fire blazing in the fireplace.

I popped upstairs with the excuse that I wanted to go to the ladies room when
actually it was just to be noisy.  I found more happy!  The slightly pink walls
 were dressed in framed memorabilia and artifacts. 

Cute little corner for making phone calls away from the noise of the restaurant.

Once I made my way downstairs, it was time for us to sit at our table. 
Where to sit, would it be this quaint little outside area?  (We had requested outside)

Nope...actually better, the second table was ours! Perfect!

I was surrounded by so much beauty, I couldn't decide where to rest my eyes. 
 On the table were these beautiful roses sweetly arranged in a hand painted teapot!

The tree above us was covered in colorful lights.   I'm sure at night that is magical!

Let the feast begin...First there were Bloody Marys!!!

We were served the most amazing food! Would you believe this was half of a plate?
  Holly and Felicia decided to split and once it came out they were glad they did! 
I didn't get a picture of my plate but it was ridiculous! 

Photo courtesy of Holly Phillips

There was absolutely no way we could eat all of our entrees so we ordered
 the banana split for dessert!  Yes we did!

The cast of characters....

Beautiful Felicia, whom I heard people asking when we came in, "who is she?", she is somebody isn't she? Look how pretty she is! Yes, she is somebody, she is my special friend, Felicia, designer extraordinaire.  Of course she is also a retired television anchor, so she is really somebody they may have seen on television.  I admire her so much because she had a successful career and has decided to follow her passion of interior design.

My dear friend Holly, who is a fab designer and also from Charlotte, but
 the funny part of all that is I only see her when we travel!

Holly decided it would be fun to take a picture of me taking her picture.  
Love her new malachite phone case!  She is a total trend setter!

Here is my friend Lesli, she isn't a designer but recently feature in House Beautiful which is something I haven't achieved!  She is a fab artist and blogger too.   She was quite pleased with her red velvet cake and champagne!

Who wouldn't be pleased with this cake, right?  We all had to have a taste.

Of course I had to order coffee!  It arrived in a coffee cup the size of a soup bowl!
That's my kind of coffee cup!

Back to the favorite part of the meal....

 It was a perfect day and a perfect meal, however the next time I visit The Ivy, I think I will skip the entree and go straight to the dessert!  Yeah...The Banana Split was Heaven!
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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. whoops, dunno how that got deleted!
      What a wonderful day and I am so grateful that you took so many photos! I cannot believe I missed the pink room upstairs! Lovely post about a Lovely lunch with some Lovely ladies!
      and Thanks for the mention!

  2. Too fun Lisa! I used to live in LA and I loved the Ivy ... this brought back fun memories ... and a desire for a little sunshine!!! xo

  3. Now I really wished I would of guys are having so much fun!

  4. I wish were lounging the afternoon away at The Ivy today. Such a great recap of a terrific day (minus the red eye)! I love the Madcap Cottage connection. You nailed it.

  5. If I ever get to LA I will make The Ivy a must stop. And so funny, a can of Diet Coke on the table!

  6. Oh my gosh, that looks like such a lovely lunch! I never knew The Ivy was so quaint and charming. I might have to lunch there just once before leaving LA... :)

  7. I have been there and it was so much fun to relive a fun memory!
    Thrilled that you were able to enjoy yourself and make new friends.

    1. You are so kind!!! So excited about your rendering! can't wait to see in person!!! Thank You!!!!

  8. Thanks for this Lisa! I have always heard about The Ivy but never have been. Your pictures were so much fun- it makes me feel like I've been there. What a beautiful place!

  9. I just love seeing what a special day you all had!! I love Holly! We met in Charlotte when I lived there through our children's preschool and mutual friends. She always had great style and it's been fun to watch her morph her love of design with blogging and more. I've always heard of the Ivy but never been. It doesn't look anything like what I thought it would, so I am so happy for this insider's tour!

    Love that you made it to the DBC and are having so much fun!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  10. Hey Elizabeth, Holly is a doll. I love knowing her. You are so kind to comment! I loved the Ivy but it was much different than I had anticipated. The food was really good. DBC was a ball. Wish you had gone! Are you going to Blogfest? I hope so!


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