Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Leontine Linens

When Traci Zeller and I first discussed our inspiration for our gentleman's dressing room/bath in the  Adamsleigh Show House we looked to the vision of the original homeowner, Mr. Hamp Adams.  Mr. Adams was known for having the finest items available in his home.  We set out to follow his lead by choosing the finest items we could find in our room.  As such, we knew we must have beautiful bath linens for our dressing area.  Our choice was  Leontine Linens , a privately owned company from New Orleans founded by Jane Scott Hodges.  Leontine is known for its beautiful custom created couture linens. 

Photography courtesy of Leontine Linens and Photography by Heather Schneider
Their flagship store is located on Magazine Street in New Orleans

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Leontine’s philosophy about leading a lifestyle based on the fine “art of living” was exactly what we wanted our room to convey.  Their quality is second to none.  Not only are their linens beautiful but are also machine washable and dryable.  Each product is custom made and tailored to meet the customers specific preferences.  From the initial process of choosing the monograms to the delivery of the products Leontine takes its customer service seriously.  They guide you through the process and take the confusion and work out of making decisions for your linens.  Traci and I knew what we wanted but Kirstin our customer service consultant was a dream to work with.  We chose the Maxwell appliqued monogram because of it's clean masculine look:

Leontine has so many styles of monograms.  Here are a few I really like of the
 embroidered styles:

Courtesy of Leontine Linens

Courtesy of Leontine Linens

Courtesy of Leontine Linen

Allison courtesy of Leontine Linens

Here are some of the other appliqued styles I thought were great options:

Courtesy of Leontine linens

Leontine Linens

Leontine Linens

We are so excited about our bath linens.  Can't wait to show you what we chose.  It was definitely customized for our show house space!  If you need beautiful linens which look as though they were part of your dowery when you married, you need Leontine.  I can order whatever you want for your bed, bath or table or for gifts.

Bed linens by Leontine

Bath Linens by Leontine

Table Linens by Leontine

Gifts and accessories by Leontine

Whatever you decide to chose from Leontine Linens, one thing is for sure, you will want to order more.  Once you own a piece, you will be hooked.  Where else can you buy something that can be passed down for generations.  How lovely to think that your linens could be treasured by your grandchildren...Only when buying Leontine!

Please visit their website to find your favorite and read more about this beautiful resource!

All photography used in this post courtesy of Leontine Linens and Heather Schneider

Thank You Leontine Linens for Partnering with Traci and I in our show house!!!!
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  1. Replies
    1. They are beautiful Sandra as is everything Leontine!

  2. Exquisite linens should be on every gentleman's list.
    I adore "the art or living" well, after all it is the best revenge.

    1. Absolutely Patricia! We are dying to share your beautiful rendering which will happen very soon!

  3. So wonderful! Can't wait to see these fab linens in your design :)


  4. I love Jane Scott and Leontine. She is sitting with me at the symposium. I gotta get u in!

  5. I saw the ad for the show house in Trad Home today and thought that my mom and I would love it!!! Love your room!! You are rockin' everywhere!!! Congrats!!!!!!

  6. I have alwasy been a sucker for a Monogram....I love the kelly and white one!!!xo


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