Monday, March 25, 2013

Bathrooms Trends in 2013

Patterned tile floors are a trend that started in 2012 and continues to grow in favor of homeowners and designers in 2013.  I recently found Archipelago tiles by interacting with the company's founder and owner Stephanie Dyer on twitter.  These cement tiles represent a timeless craft which has been reinterpreted in a modern story.  Completely made by hand, these contemporary tiles are comprised of natural materials.  They are cured not fired.  Perfected in France over 150 years ago, this process has withstood the test of time.  These tiles have a green, global and historically compelling story.  Don't you love the patterns?

From the website:  "As the name suggest, the concept for Archipelago Tile is a chain of islands.  each island does not exist alone: rather it is a network of individual environments that form a collection or community.  the name nods to the regions where cement tile has traditionally been popular- tropical climates where indoor and outdoor spaces are often seamlessly blended and therefore equally adorned. 

Pop over to Archipelago website and check out all their beautiful patterns!

"Archipelago Tile launches a new line that is geometrically stunning, modern,
 yet utilizes old world craftsmanship".

 Other trends for  high end  bathrooms in 2013 are heated floors and shower enclosures with built-in waterproof speakers and an MP3 or iPod dock so homeowners can easily listen to music while they bathe which help create the "spa like" bath we have all come to love and covet in 2012.  What do you have planned for your bathroom for 2013?

(All photos courtesy of Archipelago Tiles)
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  1. Those tiles are beautiful! Amazing!
    Not sure about the speakers....:)
    Love the idea about heated floors! Actually, what I would spend money on would be a tankless water heater. When we need a new water heater we will look into them. They are very pricey compared to the normal type.

  2. reminds me of my honeymoon in portugal. they are lovely.
    ageless, stylish and very timeless yet hip patterns.

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  6. These are some funky designs and I would love to see them in person. It is amazing with all the choices we have what we can do to create incredible rooms and designs.

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  8. Absolutely gorgeous. You really know how to put a trendy decorations, thanks for sharing it with us


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