Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kathe Fraga - Artist

I recenlty discovered artist Kathe Fraga.  I found one of her paintings on instagram when scrolling through popular posts and immediately popped over to her news feed.   I was delighted to find more of her beautiful work.  Her paintings have a timeworn look and resemble aged decorative fresco panels like you would see in old Parisian mansions.  Leaves,vines and flowers intertwined with birds creating a modern day version of chinoiserie.  Each painting is layered and distressed on canvas with a lacquered finish or frescoed on panels.  

Kathe's website says her art is inspired by:
"the beauty and romance of old: vintage silky kimonos, hand-worked embroidery, lacquered little boxes, blocked wallpaper and panels form years ago, distressed with age, revealing a soft lovliness still...you'll see layered colors peeking out behind one another - pinks, blues, lavenders - speckles of gold, a wisp of glitter.  Look for a small shy heart.  A nestle of lovebirds.  A French phrase.  Each piece meant to be seen as a part of a larger scene that's been hidden away...until now"

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Julia Buckingham's New Collection for Global Views

Photo Courtesy of Julia Buckingham ID
The mirrors in this foyer by Julia Buckingham have haunted me ever since I first saw them in her portfolio.  I knew better than to ask Julia about them she because she typically uses antiques or custom, "one of a kind" pieces in her projects which is why her work is so interesting.  I thought the mirrors were stunning.  They look like the starburst mirrors that were created from antique religious objects.  Very unique. 

I was thrilled to learn that Julia was including a similar mirror in her new collection for Global Views.  

This Pendant Mirror is part of the much anticipated Julia Buckingham Collection for Global Views Colleciton which debuted in Dallas this week at the Dallas Market.  The Chicago based interior designer, has turned the design world on ear with the initial 62 piece offerings from the collection.  The complete collection will be shown in the Global Views Showroom during the High Point Market in October.   Known for her 'Modernique" Style, Julia has a gift at marrying furniture from different periods, styles and aesthetics together to create interesting rooms.  She is a designer,collector and a shop owner who scowers the world for interesting finds. Now with the release of this collection we all benefit from her keene eye.

Here's what Julia has to say about her inspiration for the collection: 

“My collection [for Global Views] is inspired by all those wonderful items that I’ve found over the years, with the look and feel that it was a lifetime in the making,” explained Buckingham. “I am thrilled to be a part of the Global Views family as they are uniquely positioned to bring my collection to life.”   ---- Julia Buckingham

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

10 Questions For the SisterHood of The World Blog Awards!

Holly Hollingsworth Phillips of The English Room, announced that she had been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Blog Awards (SOWBA) by Sarah Sarna a few days ago.  Holly then tagged me along with nine other bloggers as her list of 10 nominees.  Thank you Holly for nominating me!  Here is the list of questions Holly asked me to answer!

The perfect paint color?

Boy!  That is a hard question for me to answer!  I love so many paint colors!  I think one of my favorite colors is Benjamin Moore Antiguan Sky 2040-60.  It reminds me of the ocean.  I have used it in many projects because it is soothing and creates a relaxed atmosphere.

 If you could have any job besides the one you have right now,
 what would it be? 

I would like to be a painter and plan to one day soon
 resume my art classes.  If I don't do that could I please be the person who names the OPI colors resume my art classes.  If I don't do that could I please be the person who names the OPI colors, pretty please.

  If you could pick any designer, living or dead, to decorate your house, who would it be?

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest Interior Design by Miles Redd

I think about this quite a bit.  It would be a treat to have someone design a house for me. The experience of working with a designer allows you to get to know a designer personally.  I have so many fabulous designer friends, it is really hard to pick just one so I'll pick someone I don't know personally.  I would love to work with Miles Redd.  He designs exquisite, colorful, interiors, which I can relate to because we share the common bond of being southern.

 Dream trip?

I have recently added these two islands to my bucket list....

Song Saa Private Islands in Cambodia. This place is amazing.  I have a friend who was a guest of this island and her stories made me green with envy!

The Maldives and stay on the water in one of these huts!

 Best meal of your life?

Restaurant Gary Danko

My husband and I ate at Restaurant Gary Danko in San Francisco on our 5th Anniversary which was 15 years ago and it was one of my favorite meals ever!

 Pick an all time favorite movie and an all time favorite
 book that you think we should all watch and read?

I know it is cliche' but my all time favorite movie is Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.  We have watched it hundreds of times.  My husband and I recite lines from the movie all the time.  I loved the music, the campy storyline, and the beautiful Ilsa.

.  My favorite book is Memoirs of a Geisha.  I love to read but it becomes increasingly harder to find the time to read for pleasure.  I just finished Dear Carolina by Kristy Harvey and loved it!  i would recommend both!

 Best gift you have ever received? 

My engagement ring, which belonged to my husband's paternal grandmother.  It was made in 1920 and is platinum filigree. I still love it and would choose it if I were ring shopping today.  It is very sentimental.
I'm currently at my beach house and don't have my ring with me but these rings are similar in style to my ringis very similar to my ring.

 Favorite wallpaper ever? 

Design by Nate Berkus

I love and adore Martinique Banana Leaf from the famous Beverly Hills Hotel. It's a classic and iconic.  I keep trying to use it in a project but so far no takers.  I will have it in my own house one day even if it is in my closet.  It makes me happy!

 If you could rewind twenty years and give yourself
 one piece of advice, what would it be?

"Buy the Best First and You only Cry Once"   It took me many years to succumb to this, but it's true.   

 Chicest Hotel that you have visited or seen? 

I loved my recent visit to the Soho House Berlin.  It is a very chic hotel with cool, artsy vibe.  The hotel decor is geared towards artists, designers and people who appreciate interesting design.  I loved the spa there as well which uses Cowshed products.  My room had a beautiful stand alone cast iron French Bateau tub in lacquered steel finish.

I also think The Viceroy Hotel in Anguilla is tres` chic

 Piece of art that you most covet? 

My children's portraits are probably my most prized, but one of my favorite new acquisitions is a table runner from a dinner party at artist Mark Boomershine's house.  He gave it to me after the party. I had it framed in lucite and used it in the Traditional Home Show House Breakfast room which you will see in the October issue.  It spans 8ft long and 4ft wide.  It's a cool piece of art that reminds me of one of the best dinner parties I have ever attended.  If you didn't read my post about that party and love creative dinner parties, please pop over and read it now.  It was an amazing party!

Thank you,Holly for nominating me.  I now nominate....

My Questions I would like you Ladies to answer are....
( I borrowed most of these)

1. If you could have any job besides the one you have right now, what would it be?
2. If you had one day completely alone how would you fill your time?

3. What is the best vacation you’ve ever taken?
4. What is one vacation spot on your bucket list?
5. What is your favorite little luxury?
6. What is your favorite summertime drink?
7. If you could pick any designer, living or dead, to decorate your house, who would it be?
8. If you could rewind twenty years and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?
9. What is your favorite family tradition?
10.  What is your most prized possession besides your family? (Think Materiallly Here Ladies)

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Tiff Manuel on Fashion Friday Favorites!

Do you ever surf around online and suddenly get stopped in your tracks by a new find?  Well, that happened to me this morning on instagram.  I discovered Tiff Manuel!  Wowza!  I love her fabulous line!  There are pocketbooks, clutches, totes, pool bags, necklaces, tassels, clothes and art! To learn more about Tiff pop over to her website.   But before you pop over check out some of my favorites, then pop over and see more!

Laptop pouches

Do you LOVE Tiff Manuel as much as I do?  I'm trying to figure out what I want the most because I could order one from every category!  If you see something you want let me know because I think we are going to buy some for Studio 202!  

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

African Baskets - A Lisa Mende Favorite!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's in Your Bag...Holly Hollingsworth Phillips?

Today we continue our series "What's in Your Bag" with tastemaker,
Holly Hollingworth Phillips of The English Room.  

Holly is one of my fun designer friends and like me hails from Charlotte, NC. She
 has been designing elegant, eclectic and colorful interiors from her studio, The
 English Room for many years.  Her blog "Musings of a Design Aficionado" has
 developed quite the following due to Holly's chic style and on-trend decor talent and
 fashion trend eagle eye.  If you want to read all about Holly, you can do so here
 I caught up with Holly during one of her breaks between her many travels long
 enough to find out what was in her bag!  Enjoy!

1.  Do you go to the beach or the pool?

Both!  I LOVE Sullivan's Island, and any Tropical Isle. Le Sirenuse is on my
 must visit list for next summer. 

I go to the pool at my mountain house more than anywhere else.
The Eseeola Pool is so nice because it rarely gets hot. 

So Holly....What's in Your Favorite Bag and
 what chic things are in it?  

We are all dying to know!!!!

2. What's your favorite beach /pool bag?

I have more totes than I can count.  The latest favorite is my Hayden Reis.

3.  What are necessities in your bag?  like phone, crossword puzzles, snacks,?

My iphone,  lots of mags- All the shelter..House Beautiful, Elle Decor,
 Trad Home, Garden and Gun, Town & Country, LaCroix lime seltzer, and Lip sugar

4. what's your favorite sunscreen?
I love Beach Bum products, and these are my favorite "must haves"! 
 I love the smell!

5.  Favorite bathing suit?

Marysia Mott Maillot is my favorite!  It's a simple, classic suit with
 a scallop edge.

6. What's your favorite Coverup?

6. Favorite Coverup?
Vaha Cape in orange trim  Love, Love, Love these coverups.
  Chic and comfy!

7. What's your favorite Hat?

7 .Favorite hat?

Tula Explorer Hat Spf 50 is my favorite hat.  It's perfect for the beach, 
pool or running around to keep your face out of the sun.

8. Sunglasses for Summer 2015

House of Harlow Chelsea  - I have been wearing these glasses for a couple of years.
  I have them in several colors.  

9. What book (s) are in your bag?

I am looking forward to reading Dear Carolina by Kristy Harvey and 
The Knockoff by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza.   

10. What are your Favorite beach/pool shoes?

11. Favorite drink on the beach or by the pool?

A Paloma is a perfect drink to cool you off in the hot sun!

12. Favorite summer activity. 

Hanging out with my family at our Pixie Spring Cottage and traveling. 

Thank you so much, Holly, for participating in "What's In Your Bag Series" Today!  I loved all your fabulous choices in your bag!  

Please pop over to Holly's blog The English Room where she shares her love of interior design, exciting client projects, and her "Artists Spotlight Series" weekly.  You will love her blog!  Follow The English Room on all her social channels ( pinterest, twitter, Facebook, and instagram) to stay in the loop with this chic designer!  And for an bonus check out her instagram to see the cool sandals she just got from Greece here.  I'm personally dying over those!  

Also, if you missed last week's "What was In Your Bag" with Traci Zeller, Click Here!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Summer!

Ciao Til Tomorrow!
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