Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kathe Fraga - Artist

I recenlty discovered artist Kathe Fraga.  I found one of her paintings on instagram when scrolling through popular posts and immediately popped over to her news feed.   I was delighted to find more of her beautiful work.  Her paintings have a timeworn look and resemble aged decorative fresco panels like you would see in old Parisian mansions.  Leaves,vines and flowers intertwined with birds creating a modern day version of chinoiserie.  Each painting is layered and distressed on canvas with a lacquered finish or frescoed on panels.  

Kathe's website says her art is inspired by:
"the beauty and romance of old: vintage silky kimonos, hand-worked embroidery, lacquered little boxes, blocked wallpaper and panels form years ago, distressed with age, revealing a soft lovliness still...you'll see layered colors peeking out behind one another - pinks, blues, lavenders - speckles of gold, a wisp of glitter.  Look for a small shy heart.  A nestle of lovebirds.  A French phrase.  Each piece meant to be seen as a part of a larger scene that's been hidden away...until now"

Here are some of my favorites:

I find Kathe's paintings interesting and unique.  I cannot wait to use one in a project!   What do you think?  Do you find these paintings engaging?
Which one is your favorite?

Pop over to Kathe's website to view more of her work here.

Make sure to follow Kathe on instagram here to see a birdseye view into what inspired this talented artist. 

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Kathe Fraga is represented on Bainbridge Island by Roby King Galleries, on Whidbey Island by Museo, in Friday Harbor by WaterWorks Gallery, and in New Orleans byGallery Orange.

Please email Kathe if you'd like to be on her mailing list.

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  1. Lisa I have adored Kathe's works of art for a long time. They are so ethereal with a wonderful Chinoiserie style about them!! I simply cannot choose a favorite!!

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