Thursday, June 18, 2015

I Met Prince Carl Phillip at Ambiente' and He Gave Me a Gift!

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and Princess Sofia's wedding has been widely publicized in the media for the past week.  I had the opportunity to meet Prince Philip when I attended Ambiente', in Frankfurt last February with Modenus on Blogtour.  Ambiente' is the largest consumer trade show in the world and is held annually in Frankfurt, Germany.  The show is so massive it spans forty football fields in size. If you have never been, you should attend just for the experience.  Every year, Ambiente' announces a partner country for the show.  This year's partner was the good ole USA.  Ambiente' joined with Modenus as a media partner to cover the fair.  As a member of the Modenus Blogtour Ambiente' team, our job was to experience the show and attend important events.   Our first matter of business upon our arrival to Ambiente'. was a press conference where Prince Carl introduced his new spring collection with the Danish iconic brand Stelton

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I know you've seen the pictures of the Prince and have probably thought "wow that guy is so handsome."  and you would be correct.  He is even more handsome in person than in his pictures.  Your second thought is he is probably living the "life of Riley" and eating bonbons all day long, right?  The truth, this guy is following his passion.  He is a passionate designer and artist. 

Prince Carl Philip and Oscar Kylberg, together they are the design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg.
© Stelton

When Veronika Miller, founder of Modenus, and creative force behind Blogtour, told our team we were going to a press conference for a Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte, I wasn't sure what to think.  Once we arrived at the press conference, I couldn't take my eyes off the Prince.  He was so handsome and so passionate about his new collection.

Prince Carl Philip uses Prince Carl Philip Bernadotte as his name for his work.  He is part of the design team Bernadotte & Kylberg.  His partner, Oscar Kylberg, is a lifelong friend of the Prince.  The pair have designed interior, product and textile designs in collaboration with some major brands.  Their current collaboration is with the Danish company Stelton which was introduced at Ambiente'.

photo credit Stelton

The collection is called "Stockholm" and includes four bowls and three vases in varying sizes.  The collection is made of enamel and aluminum.  Prince Carl Philip and Oscar shared their inspiration for the collection came from a Swedish archipelago and the blues found in the Baltic Sea.  "Aquatic" the first pattern in the series was introduced at Ambiente' in March 2015.  The second pattern, "Horizon" will debut later this year.

 photo courtesy of Stelton

The panel discussion of the press conference included Prince Carl Philip and Oscar, who were like two old friends discussing their fond friendship and their passions.  It was a most enjoyable event.  As we exited the event, we were gifted a vase from the collection.  It was difficult to travel home with the vase, but it made it safe and sound.
photo courtesy of Stelton

This is the vase I received as a gift from Stelton!

And here is a picture of my vase in-situ

  I will always treasure the gift and reflect back on fond memories of Blogtour Ambiente' and Prince Carl Philip.  I can't wait to see what this young Prince does next.  One thing is for sure; this Prince isn't sitting idle eating bonbons, he is following his passion. 

 Here's another interesting tidbit, the Prince looks very much like my nephew, Drew who is also an avid race car driver like the Prince.  

About Prince Carl Philip and the Royal Family

As the only son of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, the prince was the heir to the throne for a seven months after he was born in May 1979.But in January 1980 the rules were changed, and the principle of primogeniture was introduced, meaning the throne would be inherited by the monarch's eldest child, Crown Princess Victoria.
She will then be succeeded by her daughter Estelle, who was born in February 2012. 
Sweden is a constitutional monarchy in which the royals primarily serve as figureheads. The King is the country's head of state, but his powers are limited to ceremonial duties.

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  1. What a fascinating account Lisa, I had no idea and the vase a a gift from Prince Carl Phillip is not only gorgeous, it is a very special remembrance!

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    1. Thank you Karena, it was a fun time. I do love the vase!


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