Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What's in Your Bag".....Traci Zeller?

Today starts a new Summer series here on the blog called "What's in your Bag?"  I will feature designers and design bloggers in this series who are willing to share their favorite items for summer.  Aren't we all dying to know what is in their bags?  I begin the series with my studio partner, Traci Zeller of Traci Zeller Designs. Traci, a fellow Charlotte designer, is known for crisp, classic and chic designs. Her signature style is very similar to how Traci dresses as well.  Let's see what this style maven has in her bag!

Do you prefer the beach or the pool? 
 Traci: I'm a pool girl.  I only like sand in theory. :-) 

What's your favorite beach /pool bag?
Traci: If I'm going to the pool by myself, I throw everything in a Goyard tote For my twin boys, there's nothing better than the Whale Bags from Saltwater Canvas.  They hold everything!

What are necessities in your bag?  
Traci: The latest fashion and interior design magazines, my iPhone and sunscreen!  

What's your favorite sunscreen? 
Traci: Anthelios 60 Ultra Light by La Roche-Posay.  If only it weren’t so expensive!  I have very sensitive skin, and it’s just about the only sunscreen I can tolerate.  It’s so much cheaper in France, and I stocked up the last time I was there (checking the expiration dates, of course!).  I also got an awesome Anthelios spray when I was there.   For my kids, I really like Kiss My Face spray sunscreens. 

What is your Favorite bathing suit?   
Traci: Ugggh, is “none" a fair answer?  Or “bring back the swim pantaloons”?  Ha!   I generally rock the tankini, but I don’t have one that I love, love, love.  

Do you have a favorite Coverup?  
 Traci: I’m obsessed with the new Lemlem cover-up I got through the Poole Shop here in Charlotte.  Plus, I love the story behind Lemlem and its support of artisans in Ethiopia.  I couldn’t find it online to show you, but the style is similar to this one … 

Do you have a favorite hat?
 Traci: Eric Javits “Squishee” Wide Brim Hat.  It’s pricey, but I promise it’s worth it.  I’ve had mine for years. 

What Sunglasses did you choose for Summer 2015?  
Traci: Well, I’m obsessed with sunglasses, so I wear them year-round and alternate between several pairs.  But my new pair for Summer 2015 is the gray Saint Laurent square sunglasses.  

What book do you recommend for beach/pool reading?
  Traci: I just finished Dear Carolina by Kristy Woodson Harvey.  I loved every minute!  

Favorite beach/pool shoes?
Traci:  I usually rotate Tory Burch flip-flops to match my swimsuit or cover-up.  But I’m still digging on these Gap leather flip-flops in “Tannery” that I blogged about. 

What's your favorite drink on the beach or by the pool?
Traci: It’s usually so hot that I’m dying for some water!  But I do love a mimosa in the morning or my good ole (regular) Coke.  

What your favorite summer activity? 
Traci: Ummmm, how about “staying inside.”  Seriously, it’s so hot!  Truly, though, my favorite summer activity is traveling with my family.  This summer, we are going to Montreal where my boys will (hopefully!) practice their French.  Or at least a language-loving mom can dream.  

Thank you, Traci, for sharing the contents of your bag
 with us today! 

 I know I'm going to check out some of these great products.  Make sure to pop over to Traci Zeller Designs to see Traci's beautiful work and read her blog.   Who knows you just might see Traci at the pool this summer if you are in Charlotte!

What's in your summer bag? Every Wednesday throughout the summer I will be featuring designers and design bloggers who are willing to let us take a peep inside their bag.  I have some great ones in store for you!

Here's hoping you are having a Happy Summer!

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  1. just finished dear Carolina myself and I completely agree with traci :) off to peruse the lemlem coverups :)

    1. I loved it too Nancy! Kristy is so talented! I hope you are having a fabulous summer!

  2. Traci has it all together and I adore her cute coverup!!

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