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Michelle Workman - What's in Your Bag?

 "What's in Your Bag" guest is Michelle Workman of Michelle Workman Interiors.  One of Los Angeles most sought after interior designers; Michelle has a celebrity client roster that includes names like John Travolta and Kirstie Alley and more.  A couple of years ago, Michelle traded in the bright lights of Hollywood living and moved her family to Chatanooga Tennessee.  She and her husband wanted to raise their boys in simpler lifestyle, so they chose the south.  If you want to learn more about Michelle, visit her website and check out her television show, Glamour Goes South, which is about her move from LA and current life in Chatanooga.  I think you will find the show quite entertaining.  Michelle has risen the latter of fame in the design world but hasn't let it go to her head, she has managed to on to her "girl next door" personality.  She is always the first cheerleader when someone needs a pep talk or a big smile.  Genuine, kind, amazingly stylish and known for her vintage fashion style...

Let's go find out what's in this cool chic's bag!  I cannot wait to see...

1.  Do you go to the beach or the pool?  If the beach, what's your favorite beach? 
I love the beach, and used to go to various beaches in Malibu all summer long, sadly I no longer live close enough to one to go regularly, but I have started to explore some of the southern east coast beaches and I like the Atlantic side of Florida so far… but mostly I lounge by my pool at home during the summers, now.

2. What's your favorite beach /pool bag? 

I have a great woven reed bag with bright red leather straps that I love toting everything in.

3.  What necessities do you put in your bag?  
 I like to have my phone, crossword puzzles, and of course a few snacks. 

A book, coconut oil, a towel, sunglasses and a big floppy hat.

4. What's your favorite sunscreen? 

Coconut oil - nontoxic, and the smell is divine and reminds me of my childhood! 

5.  What's Your Favorite bathing suit? 

I hate trying on suits, so in May I order suits from a bunch of different places and try them on at home, then I pick the best one, this years winner is a red ribbed suit with a low V neckline from Lands End

Land's End Costal Spirit Swimsuit

6. Do You Have a Favorite Coverup? 

I have a vintage (of course) 1970’s Morrocan style caftan that I absolutely adore.  While you can’t get that one anymore, here is one that has a similar hippy boho kind of feel (from Roberta Roller Rabbit)

7. Do You Have a Favorite Hat? 

I have a big straw hat a lot like this one
Eric Javits

8. What Sunglasses Did You Choose for Summer 2015: 

Call me a traditionalist, but I love a good pair of Prada sunglasses!  This year my favorite style are these:

Prada Sunglasses

9. What book is in your bag?
I am a viracous reader, which means I go through at least a book a week (when I don’t have any time) and 2-3 whilst on vacation. I favor History and Science Fiction… go figure.

10. Favorite beach/pool shoes? 

Havaianas are a favorite of mine! I have four different colors (I always get the slim strap), and they aren’t just poolside, I wear them everywhere all summer long! 

Havaianas Slim Strap

11. Favorite drink on the beach or by the pool?
A lemon drop martini is my usual drink of choice, but I recently discovered real Mojitos in Spain and while I had never liked them when I tried them in the US, I loved the way they made them in Spain, and I am going to try and duplicate them!

12. Favorite summer activity. 

I love sitting by the pool, watching my boys splash and play while I soak in the sun and read, I can hear the bees buzzing and the birds chirping and my body just 

Thank you so much Michelle for participating in "What's In Your Bag" today!

Please pop over to Michelle's website and see her amazing work and watch an episode of Glamour Goes South.  Be careful though, You'll get hooked!

Follow Michelle on her social channels here:

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  1. Lisa I love Michelle's style and her choice for swimsuit, the red is fab!!
    The Arts by Karena
    Gallery Opening!

  2. This article is interesting. In 6th point read about coverup which is not available there. Its similar to 'kurtis'( In India, we call that style of tops as 'kurtis') which is available in India in more patterns and styles.


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