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Dishing My Own Favorites Today - "What's In My Bag"

My husband surprised me with a trip to Nevis, West Indies for our 20th anniversary this month, so we are off to experience Nevis and St Kitts on Saturday. We were slated to go to Nevis 10 years ago, and we disappointed when the trip fell through, so you might say this trip has long been anticipated.

Nevis is a small island located in the West Indies, with beautiful beaches, so we plan to enjoy a private cabana on the beach during the morning and transition to the pool in the afternoon.  I love the beach and the pool equally so to be able to split my day between both is paradise.  

I decided to share what's in my bag today.  I'm in need of a getaway.  I have had an extremely stressful week for me.  We lost a dear friend this week and at first we thought of canceling our trip but the more we thought about it, travel seemed like the perfect way to honor his memory.  So with that being said, let me share what I'm packing for my trip.  Here's "What's In My Bag" and other summer favorites!

1.  Do you go to the beach or the pool? 

I love the beach, but I also love the pool, so it is a toss up, but the beach probably wins by a slim margin.   What's your favorite beach? My favorite beach is Topsail Beach.  My grandfather built a family house there in 1968, so I have been going to this beach since I was a little girl.  We began summering at Topsail 15 years ago.  It is a community of lovely people.  My parents and brother's families have houses here, and my sister, and I share a house.  It is the only time of the year my kids get to spend any time with my family, so that is why it is a special place to me and why I love it.

2. What's your favorite beach /pool bag?
Mar Y Sol Beach Bag

I love this Mar y Sol beach bag!   It is on sale right now 40%off at Nordstroms here.  I also love Maine Seabags and have been dropping hints right and left that I want one!  I want a custom design with "Happy" on it since that is the nickname given to my by my niece, Anna.  Now all my nieces and nephews call me Aunt Happy.  

3.  What are necessities in your bag?  

Turkish Cotton Towel with Initial

I typically have a pair of sunglasses, sunscreen, a book to read,  Corinne McCormick reading glasses, bottled water, a Turkish towel (on sale now at Nordstrom )and my iphone 6plus in my bag.  If I take a snack, it is typically a piece of fruit or bag of nuts.

4. What's your favorite sunscreen?

La Roche-Posay Anthelio 60 is hands down my favorite sunscreen. The formula is so velvety.  It is Fragrance-free, paraben-free and works great on sensitive skin.  

5.  Favorite bathing suit?

SeaFolly Tankini

I like to wear tankinis.  I love this one from Sea Folly the cut of the top is very flattering. Another favorite brand is  La Blanca.

6. Favorite Coverup?

Pitusa Caftan
I especially love a long coverup because I can coverup on the beach if I start to feel that I have gotten too much sun and am not really to go inside.  This Pitusa caftan is perfect.  It is lightweight and so soft.  I also love my new sundress/coverups from Sundressofficial

7 .Favorite hat?

Eric Javits makes the best fedora of all.  It is called the Squishee Fedora and packs so well in a beach bag.
Elizabina Hat
Love this wide brim hat by Club Monaco. I also like to wear a baseball cap  

8. Sunglasses for Summer 2015
Tom Ford "Cole."
Tom Ford "Cole" in palladium are my newest glasses. I like aviators because they seem to keep the sun out of my eyes so well.

9. What book is in your bag?
Uncommon Threads by Mary Ella Gabler

This summer I haven't been doing much reading.   I have been working so much; I haven't been sitting on the beach, but I did read "Dear Carolina" by Kristy Harvey and loved it.  I have also been reading "Uncommon Thread" by Mary Ella Gabler, which I highly recommend.  I hope to finish it over the weekend.  I bought "The House in Good Taste" by Elsie De Wolfe but haven't started that yet.  

10. Favorite beach/pool shoes?
Love and Liberty Serpent Sandals
I love these "serpent" sandals for a dressed up day at the pool but on an average beach day I typically wear Havianas with a slim strap and patterned bottom

11. Favorite drink on the beach or by the pool?

Pink Grapefruit Perrier

I love slim can pink grapefruit Perrier.  I order this by the cases from Amazon because I hate dragging heavy things into the beach house.  The UPS guy puts it at my front door.  So easy!  I also love Sophia Coppola Champagne in six pack when I can find it.  The cute little cans come with a sippy straw and are perfect for cocktails on the beach at sunset.  Look for those at your local grocer.

12. Favorite summer activity

My family summer activity is gathering with my family for dinner at my parent's house.  Everyone brings a dish, so the food is bountiful.  My nephews and nieces say grace and entertain us by dancing after dinner.  There are as many as 25 and sometimes up to 45 who gather to share the meal.  It reminds me of my childhood.  

Thanks for checking in today!  I have a treat for you next week on "What's In My Bag" so make sure to check in next Wednesday to find out who is sharing their secrets!

We leave Saturday morning for Nevis.  If you are interested in following along to see "real time" photos of the island, make sure to follow me on instagram.  I am getting my work and my blogging in order, so hopefully I will be unconnected for the most part, but I will be posting on instagram here.  We have lots of fun activities planned.  I can't wait!
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  1. Oh I love your picks for a day at the beach Lisa!!
    Those Turkish Towels are wonderful and I love your suit, and have always worn La Blanca!
    Going to try the Pink Grapefruit Perrier!

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