Saturday, July 18, 2015

Throw Yourself a "Foot Party" with these Favorite Sandals for Summer 2015

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Throw yourself a foot party with these cute sandals from etsy!

 I live and work at the beach during the summer
 months so more often than not I'm wearing flip flops
 or sandals. My clients are often coming off the beach
 or their boats to meet with me, so it perfectly fine if I show
 up in Havaianas however I do like to have a couple pairs
 of cute sandals for days when I want to dress. I had
not found any sandals I liked until I saw these
 "Penny Lane" sandals by

Elina Linardaki on etsy.  

 handmade in Greece of the finest leather.
 The only con is it take several
 weeks to get them but aren't they fun?

Click here to visit the shop and buy
 a pair for yourself or as a gift. 

Visit the shop to see more of these fabulous sandals. 
Warning these are not for the shy demure types!
You are promised to get noticed and heard when you 
wear these sandals.  Let's just say, you jingle, jangle
when you walk!  So fab!!!

Here are a few more styles that I love:

Castaway Sandals
I almost bought this pair instead of the others.  If you don't like a sandal that laces up the leg, this one would be a good style to choose.

Spartan "Saltwater" Sandals

I also love this pair.  The designer uses the cutest little trinkets
 and braids to make the sandals unique.  It is almost like having
 jewelry on your feet!
Avalon Sandals

Love the tie dyed look of these sandals!
Wildling Sandals

More fringe, who doesn't love fringe? 

There are so many fabulous styles!
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  1. LOVE!!! Thank you so much for sharing these fabulous sandals!

    1. So glad you like them Erin! Aren't they fun!

  2. OMG Lisa these are so you!! xoxo

  3. Adorable!!! I will post a photo of similar sandals I just bought in India!!! Xoxo, K

  4. How absolutely unique and adorable Lisa!! Love them!

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