Monday, July 27, 2015

Arrival in St Kitts and Nevis!

We arrived in St Kitts at the Robert L Bradshaw International Airport and  breezed through customs.  We hopped aboard a taxi to the waterfront to board our water ferry to the Four Seasons resort.  The forty-minute ride over from St Kitts to Nevis was very pleasant.  We were served rum punch and Caribe beer and enjoyed laughter with other guests aboard.  

  The island of Nevis looks very impressive from the water.    On most days, the mountain is covered with beautiful clouds.  I couldn't help but think back about what Christopher Columbus thought when he saw this island for the first time in 1498.  He gave the island the name San Martin, which later got transferred to another island.  Nevis is a name derived from Spanish and means Our Lady of the Snows.  No one quite knows who named it this after the original name got moved to another island, but the name references a story of a 4th-century Catholic miracle.  It is thought that the clouds may have reminded them of snowfall in a hot climate.  

Arrival at the Four Seasons dock was magical.  The bridge to paradise lay before us. Once we departed the ferry, we were greeted by the gracious Four Seasons staff.   They welcomed us with open arms and huge smiles.  We couldn't wait to see what this beautiful island held for our stay.

Here's a cute pic of my windblown hubby being met by the lovely Phaedra, who was most helpful in getting our itinerary scheduled for our stay at the Four Seasons Resort Nevis.   

 When we arrived at the resort, we were taken directly to our room.  We loved not having to deal with a front desk and the typical check-in procedures after our long trip.  The view from our room was spectacular.  

What a view, right?

I had alerted the staff that it was our 20th anniversary trip and look what we found in our room!   This lovely platter of macarons greeted us along with a note from the manager.  This was only the beginning of the wonderful personal touches the resort staff has provided to make our stay special. A special thank you to Harry, Phaedra, Ari and Ingo for making our stay at Four Seasons so special!

  We ventured up to the main lobby each morning and
 had an amazing breakfast buffet in the grill.  They serve everything from fresh fruit, fish and bakery goods to custom omelets and fluffy waffles.  

There is so much to do at the resort, we have been busy planning our itinerary.  Check out some of the options offered here.  We are getting ready to walk the golf course to see what we can find there.  This afternoon we are having massages and tonight we will dine at Mangos.

I don't think I have ever been to an island that offered more options for interesting excursions than Nevis.  Rumor has it my husband has signed up for the four hr hike to the top of Mt Nevis. (We will see if he goes through with it.  I heard it was pretty grueling, but then you do get a certificate of achievement if you reach the top, so there is incentive for bragging rights!)

 This is a view of the Garden pool at the lobby.  The Reflection pool is right outside our villa that is for adults.  There is a third pool called the Sports pool that is where families hang out and the kids club is I believe.  We will check that out at some point, and I'll share more about it then.  The beach is lovely too.  We walked on the beach yesterday and saw people swimming and enjoying the surf.  I'm more of a pool girl at resorts, though.  The pools are so beautiful I cannot imagine anything more divine.  

The vegetation on the island is abundant and well manicured.  The staff at the Four Seasons constantly works maintaining the property for the guests pleasure.

The state flower is the Flamboyant.  The blossoms are bright orange wthatis one of my favorite colors, so I'm constantly snapping photos of this lovely tree.

Here is a photo of the tree outside the villa next to ours.  Isn't it beautiful?

Sunshines bar and grill was a fun walk down the beach from the Four Seasons Resort.  We had been told no trip to Nevis was complete without a trip to Sunshines for a "Killer Bee".  

Last evening we had dinner at Coconut Grove.  The venue was delightful and the food and service was amazing.  We highly recommend it if you visit Nevis.  We will be visiting all the top restaurants in Nevis so make sure you check in on the blog or my instagram for up close and personal views of each one.  

 Of course I had to get a "selfie" with Sunshine himself!

Make sure to follow my instagram to see more highlights of my trip to Nevis.  I'm sharing it all on instagram as it happens!  
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