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High Point Style Spotters & Olioboard Contest....

Sorry, it took me all day to get my blog post done today!!! My twitter was going crazy this morning, my phone was ringing off the hook, my Facebook and emails were wild!!!!! While I am typically, not one to toot my own horn, I am "over the moon" excited about an email, I received notifying me, that I had been chosen as one of the lucky 15 nominated, to vie for the vacant spot # 9 on High Point Market's "Style Spotter" Group sponsored by Olioboard.

"What is a Style Spotter", you ask? 

Here is High Point Furniture Market's official definition of a Style Spotter:

"Style Spotters are trendsetters that see ahead of the curve in home fashion trends. Watch for them at Market as they walk the show, capturing images of their favorite looks and on-trend products. The Style Spotters will pin those photos to their Pinterest board and will list the exhibitor’s name and showroom number. They will also present the exhibitor with a sign that highlights the Style Spotter’s name with a QR code and URL for the Pinterest board. You can be involved, too! Pin your own product images and vote for your favorite Style Spotter, using the instructions on the right."

What is the High Point Market Style Spotter/Olioboard Contest?

Direct from the horse's mouth.....
(since I couldn't have said it better myself, this copy was borrow from here)

The High Point Market reported that it has partnered with, the interior design online 2D and 3D moodboard creator, to develop a new contest to select a ninth Style Spotter. This is the first time that Market has opened up the social media program to more than eight tastemakers.

“We wanted to have even more interaction with our home furnishings communities, and this crowdsourcing contest will allow the Market community to select our next Style Spotter,” says Cheminne Taylor-Smith, vice president of the High Point Market Authority. “Olioboard is a perfect site for this contest because it allows members to create 2D and 3D room designs, while highlighting their own style viewpoint. Voters will be able to vote daily for the person that really showcases an eye for design, which is what the Style Spotters are all about.”

Nominations for the ninth Style Spotter were accepted through July 23, when the finalist were announced. All nominees were required to have a social media presence, and had be a qualified attendee for the October High Point Market, such as an interior designer, a retailer, or a member of the media. Here is a list of the finalist:
Jennifer Reynolds Interiors
Tamara Matthews-Stephensen, NestNestNest
Denise McGaha, Denise McGaha Interior Design
Ivey DeLeon, ID Home Decor
Joni Vanderslice, J Banks Design
Sarah Walker, Curated House
Niche By Design
Selma Hammer Designs
Laura van Zeyl, Residential Lighting
Carmen Christensen, Time2Design
Christy Davis, A Modern Housewife
Holly Phillips, The English Room

Kara Legako Interior Design

If you would like to follow any of these finalist on twitter go to
High Point Market's Facebook page.  The twitter names are listed there!
 A panel has selected 15 finalists who will now compete in an Olioboard contest to win a slot on the Style Spotters panel. Olioboard’s online moodboard application will allow these 15 finalists to create digital moodboards and room designs using a collection of product photos from the April Market. 

Finalist now have one week to style their boards, and they can create multiple boards. Designs must be complete by July 31. Voting on the finalists’ boards will run Aug. 1 through Aug. 22. All High Point Market attendees will be able to vote for their favorite Olioboard. When voting closes on Aug. 22, the design with the most votes will win and the finalist will be named to the Style Spotters for the October Market.

The winner will join the fall roster of Style Spotters, which were announced last week:
  • Traci Zeller, Traci Zeller’s Blog, @TraciZeller (Spring 2012 winner)
  • Gretchen Aubuchon, Fashion + Decor, @fashionanddecor
  • Lori Dennis,, @loridennisinc
  • Julia Buckingham Edelmann, Material Girls, @buckinghamid
  • Janel Laban, Apartment Therapy, @AptTherapy
  • Cassandra LaValle, Coco + Kelley, @casslavalle
  • Stacy Naquin, Stacy Naquin blog, @StacyNaquin
  • Jason Oliver Nixon, Demystifying Design, @JOliverNixon

 This panel of nine will compete to win "The Style Spotter" for the October 2012 Market based on pins and likes from the "High Point Style Spotter" Pinterest boards created on for them. Even though I was nominated, I still have a loooonnnng way to go til victory!  I would like to ask for your support once the boards go live!  Thanks for reading this and thanks in advance for your support once the contest begins August 1st!


Last Year's Style Spotter Winner was my friend and fellow
MasterMind peer:

On the current Style Spotter 2012 List is my friend:

Stacy Naquin

Two of my friends are also nominees:

Jennifer Reynolds

Denise McGaha

Good Luck Ladies!  May the best man   designer  woman enjoy!!!!!
I can't really say "win" because I think this group of women are already winners!  
I would vote for either of them!  We are all such good friends!
I am just thrilled to be among such fabulous women!

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  1. Congratulations! Well deserved. You are in great company.

    1. Thank you so much Linda! it is stiff competition but I am just happy to be included in this group of wonderful people!

  2. Oh my goodness! What a huge honor to even be selected to enter the challenge for #9! That would be a dream come true for me! Huge congrats to you. And you have my vote when the boards open up!

    1. Thank you so much Heather! This is an awesome group, just happy to be included! I appreciate your vote!!!

  3. Love the picture of the little girl!!! Congrats to you and all you have accomplished!!! You have my vote!

  4. You have the ORC girls support .... Congratulations on such a fantastic opportunity!! Lucky Lady ... that worked hard and it is paying off!!!

  5. I'm ready to vote...YOU HAVE MY ALL MY SUPPORT NEW FRIEND!

  6. I've bookmarked all mentioned sites,and re opened my Pinterst account so I should be able to vote..I was so excited I wrote nonsense in previous comment..Sorry

  7. Replies
    1. sorry Lisa, while listening to a conversation in the room, I wrote "LInda" instead of "Lisa"!!!! hence the deletion...

      I am so excited for you! You deserve every ounce of recognition that comes your way...all of it.and then some!!!

      If you are feeling lucky, come by MY Old Country House as I am doing a Painting Giveaway this week...the first ever!


  8. I am so excited for you....I will cross my fingers and say a little prayer for you. Cant wait to see if you win!


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