Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One Room Challenge - Week Three

It's time for this week's progress report on 
The One Room Challenge!

As you may know, I started The One Room Challenge
three weeks ago.  Here are the first two weeks posts: 

Linda from My Crafty Home Life organized this
challenge and Jennifer from The Pink Pagoda invited me to join
 in the fun!  This is the first time I have participated in anything like this 
and I can truly say, it's been a blast!  I am enjoying watching  everyone's progress. We have even started offering advice to our fellow participates!  Linda asked readers to weigh in on whether she should ditch  her chandelier or paint it, so Beth from Chinoiserie Chic did an entire post about it!
 Read it and weigh in with your opinion!  

 I am in this challenge with this fabulous
 group of women:

To be honest, I have been on vacation so we didn't get done as much as I would have liked to do this past week, but we did go furniture shopping.  Since we are doing this room under a deadline there wasn't time to custom order furniture, so we went to A. Hoke, which is one of my "To The Trade" resources.  To the Trade means that the items are so to the Interior design Trade and not directly to the public. They have a showroom in Charlotte and Raleigh, which are both in North Carolina.  They  always have great things to offer on their floor.  Not to mention, they are as nice as can be to work with! Here are some of the pieces we found.  

 Great lamps!  Love the square shades. Love
 this console but not sure we need either.  
The lamps are a little more formal than 
what my client wanted.

I must have a thing for square shades.  Love
 this lamp base. Might be a keeper?

We both loved this lamp but need to see
 how our color scheme plays out.

This lamp is a beauty!  It has a mate too!

 We both liked the style of this Michael Weiss Sofa
 for Vanguard. We especially liked the nailhead
 trim around the sides and back and base of this sofa.

This Lee Industries sofa was fairly neutral
 and safe but was it too safe?

 Lee leather and nailhead  drum ottoman.  
I use these quite a bit, because of their dual
use as an extra seat or table.  

 Currey and Company mirrored side table.  
Great size and classic design. Perfect by a
 sofa or a chair when you need a smaller table.

Beautiful mineral blue velvet sofa from
 Hickory Chair.  I found those pillows on
 another chair and put them on this sofa, 
because they have all the colors my client
 wanted for the room.  Wonder if she will  
like these????  Also, like that lamp on
 the sofa table behind the sofa.

There was a pair of these linen chairs. 
 Love the smaller size. There was also a
 great ottoman made out of the same linen,
but we really don't need an ottoman. 

Another sofa option.  Did you notice I 
brought those pillows along for a test
 drive on this sofa as well?

Up close of the pillow, even though I failed to
 turn the pattern the right way! Sorry, oops!
  The colors are perfect!  Wonder if the 
client will think so?

This club chair was nice.  The pillow looked
 good on every chair and sofa!

Another safe and tradition sofa,
 but may be too safe?

I liked this pair of linen chairs.  They had the
 added bonus of being swivels!

Sorry, this chair is a bit out of focus, but it is a 
chocolate herringbone and is Lee Industries
 #1 selling Club Chair.  Very comfy even
 though it doesn't swivel.

 I fell for this beautiful Bradburn Gallery 
green lamp.  Not sure if the client needs 
it in her family room, but I'll bet I can find a
 place for this beauty!
(Hey Kim, Marsha and Elaine...see you
 behind the lamp working away! ) 
(They are the best)

Great coffee table, but the client has decided
 to keep hers so we don't need it, but
I thought I would show you anyway.

Need to keep this floor lamp in mind, 
in case we need one. I love the simple lines.

Also, loving these charcoal grey chairs from Precedent.
  These might work somewhere...

Would you believe we are also working on
 this client's dining and living rooms too. She
 wanted custom drapery, but there wasn't time,
 so I found these and they match her Sherwin Williams 
Mindful Grey paint perfectly!  Score!

Can you figure out where we are headed with
 the furniture selections? Remember we only
 need a sofa, two chairs, pillows, accessories, a rug,
 lamps and a couple of tables.  Check back next week, 
when we hopefully finish up our shopping.  
We still have lots more to buy!  

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  1. What beautiful things Lisa. I love that Michael Weiss sofa! Good luck with the project! Thanks for sharing your store tour.

    1. Thanks Nancy! There are others that didn't make the cut and then some more that I will share! Have a great day!

  2. LOVE the linen chair and the turquoise ball lamp base...I love a good shopping excursion even if it is virtual! Looking forward to seeing what makes the cut!

    1. I'll be sharing some more things Emily! Thanks for commenting! Have a wonderful day!

  3. i love that velvet hickory chair sofa!! thats such a piece! and that mirrored occasional table.

    1. you have good taste! it's a keeper! shhhh....don't tell...

  4. So many great options. Love the fabric on the pillows. Cant wait to see the whole project when it is done.

    1. Thanks! That fabric pillow made the cut! Good eye!

  5. Lisa, this is too much fun! I'd give a million to be along for the ride! From what I can see in the pictures, I like Hickory's blue velvet sofa (I know the large piece should be neutral--- but you need a pair of chairs and I like the Linen Swivel ones with that sofa....don't know if the other chairs were available to purchase two in your time frame. Think the cushion shape and arms go well together. Another note,the sofa has dark wood frame and the chairs are skirted. I love the pillows, the pair of silver lamps, and I'd get the mirrored table regardless....would always work somewhere!.
    So, so curious what the final choices are.

  6. Thanks for helping with my chandelier choices, Lisa! Wow, from what I see, this would be an impossibly hard decision. I love a square shade, too. Now that you mentioned it....I can't find one in my home. I'll put that on the list. Your client is so lucky to have picked you. Your taste is fantastic!

    1. Thank you so much Linda! I'll take the compliment when coming from someone who has excellent taste as yourself!

  7. I love shopping...And going along with you is super fun! Can't wait to see what she picks!!

    1. Thanks Nicole! It didn't take long for me to narrow it down and she liked all that I had chosen! Can't wait to share! there is more to come!

  8. I forgot....I have two matching square lamp shades that came with my mirrored square lamps from Z Galleria. I think they still sell them. As I do with all things, I change them out with the other matching lamps I have. Right now the square ones are on the square crystal lamps from Restoration Hardware,(ON SALE) that came with drum shades. I love my square shades! Different and they make a subtle statement. By the way all the above was purchased in 2008 in Charlotte! How is the Relaxed Khaki paint coming? The linen fabrics should look great against it along with the strong blues. Patty

    1. How about that! you bought those in Charlotte! I like to change out my shades too Patty! The relaxed khaki looks great! I should have taken a picture of the room before the furniture goes in

  9. Ooh..lots of good furniture options. Wish we had a store like that in Jacksonville. Enjoy your vacation!

    1. Lauren, do you have any "to the trade" showrooms in jacksonville?

  10. I love the first sofa and the blue one ! Mine is at the upholsterer now getting peacock blue fabric. Going to A Hoke is fun, isn't it ?

    1. I'll show you mine if you will show me yours Tammy! LOL! I love peacock blue!

  11. WOW! I really love everything you're looking at! The room is going to be fab!

    1. Thanks Cassie! That is a real compliment coming from you! I love your taste!

  12. So many choices! I never thought about square shades, but it's a great look.

    1. Thanks Beth! I love everything you are doing with your kitchen!!!

  13. Hi, Lisa - Lots of great options. I love the transitional pieces, but all are wonderful. Thank you for bringing us along on your shopping trip. You are very kind to include us...I felt like I was there shopping with you....learning!! Wonderful post :-)

    1. You are always so kind with you comments Loi! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Have a wonderful rest of the day!

    2. Lisa - You would make a great teacher :) Enjoyed this post very much.

  14. I love the sofas you picked. Also the table lamps especially the turquoise one.

    Thanks for bringing us shopping with you! It's always fun to do a little window shopping.

    By the way, I am hosting a fabulous giveaway! Come by and enter for a chance to win $100 credit towards a beautiful personalized canvas!

    This is a giveaway you don't want to miss!


  15. Lee Industries has always been a favorite of that #1 selling chair :)

    1. i agree totally Sherry! Thanks for commenting!!

  16. OK, I am LOVING the arm style on that swivel chair option you showed. It is fab. M.

    1. Thanks! Love it too. Great chair! Thanks for commenting!

  17. Thanks for taking us along on the shopping trip ... what a place. Square shades rock and I love the leather nailhead stool ... never seen it before and I will definitely search that one out!!

    1. So glad you came along! thanks for commenting!

  18. That pillow you tried on several chairs and sofa's is lovely. What hard decisions. I cannot wait to see what the room will look like.

    1. Thanks! I am kinda partial to that pillow too!

  19. I'm in the market for a new sofa so I'm loving your shopping trip! I'm especially dying over the Bradburn Gallery lamp!

  20. All that shopping looked like fun! can't wait to see what was chosen and the room in the end!


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