Friday, July 13, 2012

Samantha Barnett Evans of Reborn Designs ~ Fabulous Friend on Friday

Today's Fabulous Friend on Friday is
Samatha Barnett Evans

Jewelry Designer, owner and creative force behind 

I have known Samantha and her family for many years.    When I first saw her jewelry,it was shortly after she graduated from ECU with a BFA in Metal Design.  I was amazed at the hand craftsmanship, quality of material and beautiful designs.  I bought almost everything I saw and told all my friends about her!  I had planned to give most of what I bought for gifts, but somehow, couldn't part with many of the pieces.  That was several years ago and those pieces are still pieces I wear daily.  I think what appealed to me so much was how the designs were inspired by nature!  I also loved the materials she used.  Copper, brass and enamels which only get better with age.

 If you want to know more about Samantha, you can read her bio here, where she shares her background and how she came up with the name Reborn Designs!  As Sam says in her bio, "she has a passion for art and loves that she can make a piece of art, that people can wear around, that represents that passion. Like Samantha, her designs are one of a kind.  So unique, that I have never worn a piece of her jewelry without someone asking about it.  I always tell them it is created by a friend who is a "true metalsmith master at creating art from the heart."
Her work is truly a reflection of her heart. 

The bracelets above each have a little charm 
  like the "hope" charm below.  Choose your favorite from a wide variety of options.

  I am especially fond of this sweet little
 bracelet with a cross charm. Perfect for a first communion gift or birthday present.

Love these leather bracelets with circles.
I think of circle of love or friendship with
 these hip bracelets.

My favorite "Sticks" earrings shown in brass, but  also available in copper and copper with dipped enamel in colors too. They are really long and sexy!

Another of my favorites!
Leaf earrings shown here in mint enamel,
 but also available in brass and bitter green
enamel.  Made of copper or brass.

 Her necklaces are all very unique too.  
Here's one that's gotta make you smile!
Talk about a good luck charm...

 She has pieces that are very fashion
 forward like this beauty!

Love the two circle necklace
If you wanted to have one to 
represent your children she could
make it!  Each circle could be
different to represent your children.

Samantha does a lot of custom work.
She made a charm for my daughter
with a special scripture on the back
and a tree on the front.

She also makes custom bands for 
weddings with the initials and dates, birth of babies,
 entire families names inside for a mother's 
ring or Bible verses.

Below are custom necklaces she made for
a bride to give her bridesmaids.

 She offers custom wrapping in your
wedding colors too.  Of course if 
your item is a gift for a birthday
she will wrap it up pretty as well!

This copper ring says "I always
think of you" in Italian.
Great going away gift!

Another personal favorite...
the world would be a better place
if we all wore a reminder like this ring!

She has also created art pieces like this sailfish and crab which are made of copper with liquid enamel etched drawings that are attached to reclaimed wood
 with copper nails.

 Pet tags like these, have also been added to her collection. How fun are they?

I couldn't help, but throw in a couple of Sam's wedding pictures, because I think she was one of the prettiest brides ever!

Plus, I had to share a little of her fun personality shown here with her bridesmaids. Gotta love the boots.  Are you smiling?  I know I am!

So go check out Sam's great designs at Reborn Designs  NOW!!!
She is having a July Sale, so take advantage of that as well!
If you buy two or more pieces you get 25% off your entire order!

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Pic of her studio...

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  1. "Boots" is the most adorable wedding picture ever! Sam has a lot of talent. I really like the leather circle bracelets--might be too old to pull it off. (When do we start to act our age?)

    1. Never act your age Linda! You know that is the secret to staying young!!! And surround yourself with Sams!

  2. Lisa, The jewelry pieces are, truly, gorgeous works of art! Sam has tons of talent and a fabulous outlook on life. Her wedding pictures shows so much personality filled with love and fun!
    Thanks for sharing Sam with us.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments Patty! She is so talented! Glad you enjoyed!

  3. This jewelry rocks! I love that each piece can mean something with a thoughtful message. And, OMG, those wedding photos are to die for. How adorable that the bridesmaids were in boots! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Heather! I appreciate your comments and follow!

  4. COOL! Thank you for this post! I love learning about different artisans out there! And her work is raw, original, and unique....gonna pin this!


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