Tuesday, July 10, 2012

High - Low , Get The Look for Less

Below are two rooms decorated by Margot Austin.  The first room costs $15,536.00.  The second room costs $5,952.  Can you tell the difference?  All the sources are listed, so you can compare!  
It is hard for the average person to get the same affect, but an experienced designer can nail it every time.  It is smart to hire a designer to achieve the look you want.  A designer can work within your budget, that is if you are realistic with your budget.  Designing a room does cost money!  

$15,536.00 room
Designers Guild Sarafan Collection Anichov WALLPAPER in P 450/01, $162 per roll, through designers,Primavera. Linen PostobelloARMCHAIR, $2,998, white opal glass gourd LAMP, $799, Century maple three-drawer Cloud CHESTwith white highgloss enamel finish, $5,998, Art Shoppe. Martha Sturdy round resin SIDE TABLE, $1,750, Studio B Home. White cotton slipcovered OTTOMAN, $900, Montauk Sofa. White Pauly Shore shag RUG, 6' x 9', $585, Elte. Baby Alpaca Herringbone THROW, $925, green porcelainFLOWERPOTS, $55 each, 1212 Decor. Riedel crystal Cuvée Prestige FLUTES, $25 each,William Ashley China. Round shell-encrusted Harbor MIRROR, 21", $320, Currey & Company. William Yeoward glass Country CLARET PITCHER, $135, Ribbehege & Azevedo. Rubberwood Montreal TRAY, $49, Urban Barn. Silk CUSHION in Raspberry with down fill, $63, InVu Drapery Co. Madeline Weinrib Daphne
 CUSHION with down fill, 18" x 18", $637, Y & CoORCHID, $30, Yang’s Fruit and Flower Market, 416-413-9195.

$5,952.00 room

Design by Color Orange Book BC 1581465 WALLPAPER, $70 per roll, Blue Mountain Wallcoverings. Cream cotton muslin Bromsgrove 4019 ARMCHAIR, $2,340, through designers, Whittington Furniture Mfg. White opal glass Paulette gourd LAMP with Lucite base, $515, Elte. White threedrawer Boudoir Dresser CHEST, $1,790, Stacaro. Red Kobi SIDE TABLE with high-gloss lacquer finish, $299, Blvd Interiors. White polynylon Hovås slipcovered OTTOMAN, $199, white wool pile Vitten shag RUG, 5½' x 8' $249, THROW, $30, green glass Lantstalle FLOWERPOTS, $7 each, glass Svalka FLUTES, $7 per set of 6, IKEA. Oval shell-encrusted MIRROR, 21½" x 25", $289, glass Montana Footed PITCHER, $49, Pottery Barn. Dark wood TRAY, $15, HomeSense. Silk Poppy CUSHION with polyfill insert, $30, Danica. Raspberry patterned CUSHION COVER, 18" x 18", $32 US, PillowMio. Fjädrar down-and-feather CUSHION INSERT, $6, IKEAORCHID, $18, The Home Depot.

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  1. lisa this is a brilliant post -- i LOVE this. like one of my fave shows - the look for less!

  2. What an amazing reproduction of the high look, one of the best I've seen! And thanks for the shout out to House of Fifty! Janell

  3. Excellent! Great post. It's fun to compare the two photos. The sharpness of the wallpaper in the high end room stands out to me. Without seeing them next to each I would never notice. I agree, it's worth every penny to get professional help. I am in the process of "reading" House of Fifty.

  4. Lisa...NOW You are Talkin! this is what I do all day..well, not ALL day, but my whole thing is...IF I can't tell the difference...I wont pay more...and so much can be replicated for less. NOW that being said, I adore fine things, and if I were a Housewife of Beverly Hills, who knows maybe I would have the top room...but I am too addicted to the challenge not to try to save at least a little!!!I just LOVE the comparison....do it again Mama...do it again!!!

  5. I like the less expensive room just as much as the pricey one!

  6. Lisa, what a delightful blog. I love this high low post. You have a new fan thanks to Jennifer Reynolds.

    1. Thank you Linda! So happy you stopped by! I love your blog!

  7. Amazing! First looked at this on my phone. Couldn't tell the difference between the rooms at first, kept going back and forth from picture to picture. Great post Lisa. Thanks! (And happy anniversary).


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