Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lilly Pulitzer , The Queen of Pink and Green

I've always heard if you experience a fashion trend and it resurfaces, you are too old to wear it the second time around. Lilly is the Exception to that rule for me.  I won't ever be seen wearing flash dance tee shirts again, but my love affair with Lilly will never end. I first wore Lilly Pulitzer fashions when I was in college.  Still to this day, I enjoy a little  "Lilly style" when I am at my beach house in the summer.  

 Lilly Pulitzer's story is truly amazing and worthy of a read. Please take a couple of minutes and read about the amazing rebel of her era here.

From her incredible serendipitous beginning in 60's, Lilly's fashion line has grown into quite an empire   

The original Lilly look...the shift with
 head scarf and bare feet or flat sandals.

Lilly Pulitzer in her first boutique in Palm Beach

Lilly retired in 1984 and the business remained closed until 1993 when she decided to reopen and remain creative director.  Since that time the fashion line has grown into update styles and fabrics that still remain true to the "Lilly Look" but now also includes fashions for the home.  

Now the home line has made quite a hit!
Here are some of the popular pieces 
from the home line.

Boulevard Barstool

Paramount Bed

Boulevard Pagoda Hutch

Boulevard Arm Chair

Eliot Sofa

Morgan Ottoman

Rowan Bench

 Lilly Pulitzer has partnered with Lee Jofa to produce a line of fabrics for the home.  When I was in the Kravet Showroom recently, I took some pictures of fabrics and thought I would share.  I was working on a project for a beach house design.  If you are interested in pricing on any of the fabrics, please email me at

Do You Like Lilly? What is your favorite Lilly fabric?
I am kinda partial to the vintage patterns which can sometimes be found on ebay.  I still have a Lilly dress and skirt from college tucked in the back of my closet next to my Malia sundresses.  
(OK, so I'm revealing my age!)


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  1. Lisa, I love Lily...
    I had no idea there was a "Home" line. That's fabulous! I especially like that Boulevard Chair!
    Thanks for sharing...the fabrics.WOW!

  2. I love the fabrics from them in chartreuse. They make the best shades of greens, IMO. I'm waiting for the right Lily client to come along.

  3. I love all of this. The colors make me so happy.

  4. You know, its so refreshing to see such a celebrated and fearless use of color. All of this beige linen is wearing on me! I am flipping over the hot pink dragon fabric. Pink and chinoiserie - is there anything better?

  5. and now...reason #205 why I adore you and feel like we would surely be BFFs in real life...I adore Lilly. I treat myself to one Lilly item a year..and this year....I got three!!! I hit a huge sale. I am saving one of them to wear to the Blog her conference with some great gold jewelry. the thing i LOVE about LIlly is that it is an NEVER goes out of style and there really is almost nothing else in my closet I can say that about. I have a dress that I got 7 years ago that I could wear tomorrow...if I wanted to. Lilly is my go-to wedding outfit store and summer reunions. AND I adore that Lilly runs a tad big so I am actually a size smaller in Lilly than in real life!!!!

    LOVE Lilly and Lilly fabrocs are no exception..grooving on those pinks...

  6. Love the bright colors and fun designs. She is one creative lady.


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