Friday, April 15, 2011

Do You Know the Dapper Guy In the Photo?

Why It is None other than the Infamous Julian Chichester! 
There he is, arms folded, deep in thought, pondering his next move
When suddenly he sees me with my camera, aimed and focused......

Julian Chichester
He tried to quickly move out of the way but I was too fast...Haha!!!  Got him!

Caught red handed in his showroom  Mr. Brown by Julian Chichester
He is one of my all time favorite designers!!!  
Even though I knew he really didn't want to be photographed,
 I couldn't resist taking this photo. "What was he doing", you asked?
Why rearranging like any good designer is continually doing...

Mr Brown by Julian Chichester

This photo was after he fled the scene!  Although he wasn't wild about
being photographed, he did stop to chat a bit.  Very friendly chap!
He asked me what I liked about his line so I asked him the same. 

 He said "the strong bold, interesting shapes".....very designeresque answer....
Did I tell you he is british?  Did you guessed by my writing....

Here are some Chichester pieces I have in my own home......

The Library Sofa

This is the two seater Library Sofa In my living room.
Do you love the chocolate and fushia Osborne & Little
fabric with the
silver leaf frame?
The Ricky Chair
photograph by Julian Chichester

How handsome is this guy?  He has a girlfriend on the other 
side of the silver chest...

Photograph by Julian Chichester
The Hobbs Mirror
This was the first piece of Julian Chichester I purchased for myself.
I looked forever for the right star burst mirror before I found this one.
 It has hand carved sunrays and antiqued silver leaf.
The mirror is made to look like aged mirror

Here is the Hobbs Mirror in my living room.  If you look closely,
 the photographer is wearing a pink robe? 

The Twig Table

The twig table in my family room. 
The base has a very sculptural feel.

Silver Chest
All photographs by Lisa Mende unless noted
This chest is no longer in the line.  I love the bun feet and the curved front.
The silver leafing is really pretty up close.  .

Trying to decide what I'll purchase next.......
Will it be for me or for a client....

May be......

The Anna Lantern?


The Dakota Glass Top Table

also another great option...

Anna Media Center
This would be great in a family room or playroom...

Decisions, decisions...Which piece do you like?

Find out more about the line at
Typically sold only through the trade, it can also
be purchased at Mecox Gardens, NY (212) 249-5301
or if you are in High Point, they have a Chichester Closet downtown
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  1. All of these items are fantastic but I really love that sunburst mirror.


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