Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Finds- The Hunt for The Perfect Chandelier...

 I was at High Point this past week at market and I ran into my friend and fellow designer, Katie Emmons.  Shopping is always more fun when you have a shopping buddy!  We struck out together to visit resources.  One of the items, under search was a chandelier for a child's room.  The room has 8 ft ceilings, so dimension and scale were both important considerations.....

Here are the best options we found.....

Eloquence  had a great replica of a French Antique....


Loved the look with the ribbon intertwined around the Chandelier. 
Don't you think it adds a shabby chic feel to the fixture.

   At Eloquence, the chandeliers are absolutely beautiful, but these chandeliers are either one of a kind antiques or replicas of antiques, so each one is different.  They vary  so much in size and design, the only way you could be guaranteed to get a specific one was if you bought on the spot.  Unless a designer has carte blanche with the client, it is risky to order without the client's approval.  It was important to find a product that could be shown to the client and then ordered.  Good quality and good customer service were important.
We decided to go to one of the interior design trade's favorite resources...

 Currey & Company 

Founded in 1988, as Garden Source Furnishings supplying historical garden furnishings for Winterthur Museum and The Smithsonian, the company when through a restructure in the 1990's and changed the name to Currey and Co. and became a lighting company.   This company has quality products and great customer service!

Here are some of the options we found at Currey & Co...

Chandelier #1

Dainty  little chandelier with antique brass finish, 

 Chandelier #2

Laureate Chandelier

Currey & Co
Love the crystal beading around the frame and the large
crystals dangling from the base

Chandelier #3

Love the shape of this chandelier and how the crystal beading
outlines the shape of the chandelier.  

All three of these chandeliers would work for this project  but Chandelier #4  Valentino was our favorite!   Simple, clean lines without too much to do!  Plus it is on Currey's quick ship program, so it can be ordered quickly!

What do you think?
Did you like another one?  

While  in Currey & Co.  I fell in love with the Maharani......

The Maharani Chandelier

 Don't you Love, Love, Love the Green?
Also, love the big round glass orbs...
Available in two sizes..

or may be you would prefer.....

The Maharani Chandelier

This bold, bright pink !
So fun it looks like big gum balls!

or perhaps...

My Favorite...

The Maharani Chandelier
The Turquoise was really, really pretty!  All three would
be eye catcher in any space!

I had to go back and get a photo of this one just so I could share with all of you!

While I am sharing.....

Here are a couple of celebrity designers that were
 in the Currey & Co Showroom on Tuesday..
photo courtesy of Currey & Co

Recognize Tom Filicia? He was on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.   He was B.M.O.C.
(big man on campus) in High Point this week,
 because he has several new collections out right now.
See the pink chandelier to the right of him over the girl's head?

photo coutesy of Currey & Co

Remember the actress Jane Seymour of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Women.


And here is Rusty, he isn't a celebrity but he is my Sales Rep....

Photo courtesy of Currey & Co

He it guy on the right with the cute smile!

And what keeps the whole showroom upbeat.....

photo courtesy of Currey & Co

Keith Byrd on the ivories! 

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