Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Upholstered Headboards/beds..

When I was shopping for a new bed recently, I decided to go for the 
ultimate in comfort and choose an upholstered headboard.  Upholstered beds
which were popular in the 50's and 60's bow to an era of glamour.  They
are as popular now as ever.  No wonder...
Great for reading in bed!  Fabric beds add another layer of softness and
 fabric to the room.  Here are some interesting styles I found at market.  
Most upholstery shops can make one  from a picture.  It is easy to 
get dimensions  from a furniture manufacturer's website.  
Shop around, sometimes it is  cheaper to just order from the company. 
 Make sure to ask to  see finished pieces if you choose to have one custom made.
The nice part of having something custom made it you can have
 the dimensions made perfectly for your room.  If you are the creative type, you may
prefer to tackle the project on your own.  There are many online resources for
creating one yourself.  Grace Bonney from Design Sponge even made a you tube video.
So What do you think....love um or leave em?

Emerson et Cie
 Love the dramatic shape of this one.  The nailheads define the shape and
 add a finished look to this bed.  Note that this is an entire bed not
 just a headboard.  The curvy footboard is so pretty you 
don't want to cover it with a bedskirt. 

Emerson et Cie
 Forgive my lack of photography skills but this bed was so handsome 
with the headboard and footboard upholstered.  Made me want to climb in for a nap!

Sally Wheat in HIgh Gloss Magazine
Another great tufted headboard.

Emerson et Cie
This fabric sleigh bed was the ultimate!  It was like a bed I saw 
years ago in Domain in Washington.  Loved it then and still love it now
 but it takes a big room to pull this off.

Vanguard Furniture
Another great option from Vanguard.

Oly  Studios
This bed has an upholstered headboard but a handmade metal frame. The
velvet makes the iron frame seem cozier.

 Love this tufted headboard with nailheads and contoured wings. 
Almost like a big chair!

Amanda Nisbet

Love the trim on this headboard.  Making the bedskirt out of the same
fabric makes it look like an entire bed instead of just a headboard.

Again sorry for the photography!
This is my bed!  It is a French blue grey wooden frame with
a mocha velvet inset.  I love this bed all the way down to my
tempurpedic mattress.  

I don't care what anyone says...You can tell a bed by it's frame...

Look online, there are several you tube videos on how to make your
own upholstered headboard if you are feeling creative!
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