Sunday, January 1, 2012

Purple and Blue

Before Christmas I was in a mood to neutralize my color scheme.   I have always loved lots of color but for some reason, I guess it was the thought of adding all the colors of Christmas, I wanted things a little more neutral.  Subdued walls with pops of color in accessories and pillows.  Now that I have taken down my decorations, and the weather is so bleak outside, I am wishing for color again...
From what I am seeing on Pinterest, Facebook and the blog world, I think everyone is ready for Spring and COLOR!!!
So here's a little color to get your motor running....

Purple and Blue!  It's on the runway, in interiors and fabrics
It's a nice change away from green and blue, even though I adore green and blue..

Gorgeous Gucci....

Killer Kicks...
Jimmy Choo

This room makes me swoon!!!!

Blue upholstered doors and purple lacquered lampshade, blue foo dogs, lamps,...need I say more....

Soft blue walls with dynamic painting in purple...


Ivanka Trump's bedroom from an old InStyle Magazine with blue walls and lavender draped bed...
Close up of the beautiful drapery with gorgeous edge...
When I was in design school I had a professor that told us to always look to nature for color inspiration.  Is blue and purple naturally together in nature....absolutely!



Here's hoping you are having a lovely day..
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  2. Love the Christmas post. Enjoyed the photos and the narrative.


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