Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shopping on a Rainy Saturday....

Yesterday was a rainy Saturday. The only fun thing you can do on a day like that is shop unless you are a duck!  So I packed my bags and headed to the mall!  First stop was BCBG in Belk.  I was greeted with these bright colors when I first entered the store.  What colors are suppose to be big for Spring?  I keep hearing that pastels are back, but this trip proved the brights are big and bold for Spring in my neck of the woods....

Love the chevron created with the lines of this maxi...what's that I hear?
The soft murmur of "take me home with you".....

Color, color and more color...

Lily didn't disappoint either with these brights ready for the islands..

Jules Dress $198

Neon is back, especially in accessories.  How bout this tangerine dress?

Next on to accessories....

Valentino, oohhhlala ....

Valentino Double Handle Satchel $1295.

again Valentino... bow, pink patent, oh my!...

Valentino $995.

Jimmy Choo is keeping beat with the times with this tangerine skin "to die for" bag

Jimmy Choo $1595.

Good ole Kate always pleases with a sensible bag...

Kate Spade $295.

How bout this cutie from Michael Kors?

Michael Kors in Zinnia $138.

Next up... Nordy's sunglass counter visit with my friend Mete.  Mette is the guru of
what's in when it comes to sunglasses.  She has sold so many of these Chanel "Glamour Magic" Jacki O style glasses, Chanel actually sent her a pair!  Sweet Chanel!  
If you are in Charlotte and want glasses she is your girl!  I have to warn you though, she is partial to Chanel!   She is such a love, if you go by there tell her I sent you!!!

While I was over in accessories I stopped off in hosiery and got a couple of pairs of Hue Equestrian leggings.  These are great!  So comfy and a great price.  I got a mink and black pair.  $38.00

I couldn't leave Nordy's without going by the perfume counter to get my "favorite of all times item" that I was out of.....Donna Karan deodorant! (if you haven't ever tried, don't stop til you get to Donna Karan counter and buy some for yourself.  You will thank me.  Instead of perspiring, you will be perfuming.  You can smell good even when you sweat, how's that? 
The company description is, " inspired by the soft, sensual feel of cashmere against the skin". haha!!  I dont' know about that, but I do know that everyone I have given this little treat to  is totally addicted.   Kuddos to Donna Karan for thinking of everything!  


Next on to check out the new products in perfume....

Here I found a new perfume line called Bond No. 9!  No, it isn't James Bond but it is as intriguing and dashing.  Bond No. 9 is named for the street address of the headquarters for the fragrance in New York. All the fragrances in the line are named for New York neighborhoods. As best I could count there are 54 fragrances.  I am one of those people who doesn't buy anything until I have analyzed each product so I was having trouble with this.  

Meet David, the sales rep, who was so graciously introducing the line to me.  

Hello David...

 David is holding "The Scent of Peace" which is one of the best sellers in the line.  
 It smelled like Votio "red current" candle.  It has a strong grapefruit smell
 so if you like that, this is the scent for you.  
 I couldn't' imagine wearing it as a fragrance.   I think would be a fab candle, which the line does carry.    

Here are some of the fragrances and their beautiful bottles...
everything from downtown, midtown to uptown with beautifully designed bottles.
Below and to the right is High Line which was one of my favorites.  If you go buy and
want to try some of the fragrances, David will spray them on the round disc in the pic 
marked with the type it was.  I brought home about 8 of these.  I put them in my 
lingerie drawer... smells so good....

Here is the Coffret Trio gift set that David said covers it all , morning, noon and night.  
It includes three of the line's best sellers Bond No. 9, Astor Place and Nuits de Noho.  

Here is beautiful Lisa with David.  If you go in Nordstrom and need help this is who you find!!!
Lisa is a doll!!  Check out the beautiful Swaroski crystal perfume atomizer 
that David is showing,  it is available through Bond #9 for special order.  How 
beautiful would this be in your dressing area?

Here is a line up of my top favorites.  
 Aren't these bottles great?  I told David I thought the company should 
make art of the bottles.  Wouldn't this be awesome on the wall of a bathroom 
or dressing area?  Actually you could pick your top 5 scents and display them on
ledges in your dressing area, if you were Paris Hilton or Kim Kardasian.

Of all the fragrances, Bond No. 9  Signature Scent and The Hamptons were my favorites.  David said it Signature contains Oud which is a rare spice. It has a 30 percent concentration which makes it a "pure" perfume which lasts longer on your skin.  Of course this makes it more expensive too.   The Hamptons is a clean, fresh scent.  

Next up...Anthropologie and a great sweater on the horizon...
This was a little neon and a little pastel, I couldn't really decide but fresh
and feminine!  

Stitched Origami Pullover $238.

cute crop jeans to match ...

AG Stevie Ankle $158.

I love Anthropolgie for the home department as much as the clothing, often
times I find more drooling is done in housewares....

how bout this fun sofa covered in a bright colored dhurrie?

Dhurrie Sofa

or a beautiful piece of furniture or great dishes?  i've seen people 
use these cute little bowls as jewelry drawer containers.  

Inside out bowls $8 each

Now these are a real hoot!
Who, Who said that?  Was it Mr Owl?  How cute are these cookie jars?

I think I would choose this adorable lithe owl, after all who wouldn't like to get 
winked at every time they go in the kitchen?  
What is it about these storage shelves that always peak my interest.  For some
reason I feel like someone let me snoop in the stockroom.  Do you feel that way?

Who Gives a Hoot Cookie Jar $68

We all know that part of the interest in Anthropologie is the great displays.
I love how they have taken all the lighting options and created this unified display 
over a bed filled with great pillows! 

How bout the way they displayed the quilts on this ladder. 
I think I might have to find a way to do this at my house. 
A ladder in the kids rooms with five rungs for five outfits for the school week!  
Would save time in the mornings and do away with the question
 "what am I suppose to wear today?"  It's right there on rung #2...

There are several great things going on here.  First, I love the way they color blocked 
the wall.  Looks as though it was randomly done.  Secondly, love, love, love
the mirrors hung close together.  Different sizes and frames created a unified look!
Ok, so I lied, this is one mirror but you could create the look with various ones...

Mirror $698

 Who can resist this great pitcher from ?  It is so organic.  Fun for juice or flowers.
I had to have the "make do" vase by Molly Hatch!  Good reminder, especially in our society
of wanting more & more.  Making do is an art form!

Rennaisance pitcher $128 & Make Do Vase $28 

This next item provoked me to go home and look up the saying "let them eat cake".  
You may know the origin but I didn't.  There is no proof but people think Marie
Antionette said this when she was told the people of France didn't have 
bread to eat.  Now that's cold!  I think I'll stick with my little "make do" vase.

Let Them Eat Cake

This beauty caught my eye as I was leaving the store.  I especially like the shape of the mirror and the beautifully painted blue wall really set it off.  Speaking of the blue wall did you 
know that every Anthropologie has an art room in the back for the artist who creates all 
the great displays in the store?  I have always dreamed about having that job!  I think it would
be the ultimate in being paid for what you love!  

Coat of Arms Mirror $198.

On my way out of the mall, I couldn't help but stop through the shoe department to see
what was happening on the shoe front for Spring.  These darling Jimmy Choos seem to speak to me....again I heard... "hey there girlie, take me home with you" but the price tag said "your husband would kill you", so be on your way ...

Jimmy Choo $798

Not so fast there girlie....stop to take in the colors here!  Nine West wedges.
Great looking shoe at a great price in awesome colors.  Every bright popular
color for spring with one stripe pair that has all the colors in one shoe! 
How could I resist? 

Nine West Linger Wedge $89.95

 After the mall I ran over to Taco Paco to meet my hubby for lunch,
I had the most amazing shrimp, avocado salad.  Yum!

Next stop The Container Store.  Now what was it I was looking for here?
Uhmmmm...let me see....more cute is this guy?  These would
make great favor boxes for birthday parties...

....of course The Container Store has a zagillion options for boxes

great gift bags....I especially liked " the two second wrap", which gives you
the bag, tissue and tag all in one package.  These would be handy to keep in my closet 
in my car for quick gift wrapping on the go.  (did you catch that "my closet in the car!)

more great gift wrap in geometric patterns and my favorite "solid" white!

I had to buy a couple rolls of this faux bois wrapping paper too.  
How great is this?  Works for all occasions.  Where is the lime green and orange 
ribbon?  Found it!  I think I buy both to use with this paper.  

yummmm.....faux hot pink skin.....

Speaking of faux....I'm digging this faux croc gift bag...
A couple of those found their way in my shopping basket too.

Did anyone ask for great patterned packing tape?  It's over here...
Wouldn't this be a great way to mark your kid's computer cords, phone cords, etc
 without putting their name on it? 

These felt flowers stopped me on the next aisle.  I decided to buy one to use as a pattern 
to make more, but don't tell anyone!

They come in lots of great colors.  I stood there for a long time
thinking of all the ways these could be used and suddenly realized that most
of the ways I was contemplating, involved little girls of which I have exactly
"none" so what the heck!  Move on girl!

Next!  David Hicks inspired buckets.  Yeah!  
Which color do you like?  These would be great for use in 
so many different rooms, laundry, bathroom...
How great for a crayon bucket?

Moving on to the jewelry organizing department I spied these great foam
jewelry holders.  I need about 50 of these.  
They would work great in an office drawer for paperclips, pushpins  too.  

Down the aisle I found these flip flop holders!  i have to buy one of these
for the beach house, right?  Makes sense!  Also, picking up a couple for
birthday gifts.  I think girls would love these.  You could give them the holder
with a cute pair of Havianas clipped on...

Flip flop holder $12.95

Ok, back to what I came in The Container Store for...
Shelf  and drawer liner!  Love this store for their shelf and drawer liner! 
 Lots of cool patterns!!!!  Scented and unscented!

shelf liner $11.99

Also, needed some storage containers,after all it is "The Container Store" right?
I'll take one of each please....


I especially like this rubber basket which looks indestructible and uber cool.

Rubber tote

His sister was cute too. 

Rubber tote

 Next on to storage solutions.  after all, it is January, right....
time for all good people to get organized for the year.  yeah, right!
I trying folks, really, I am...
One of my problems with organization is that I get too organized.  I
find a file folder or cabinet for everything, but then I can't remember where I put it!!!
I have been analyzing organizational methods and have discovered that
more people have success with filing things vertically where they can
see them.  This might be a start. Makes sense to me.

These are great too if you label properly.  Love the colors!  
Again, the brights are hot, forgive the pun!

These geometric patterns are great.  A little design without committing to color...
I need to decide which way I want to go.  What do you like?

The last thing on my list was to find some way to store 
phone/camera/ipod/ipad/etc chargers, computer cords, this baby fits the bill...
"The Cocoon" check it out.  

On the way out I saw this great magazine stand which is a knock off 
of a more expensive one.  Love it!

Next stop Ikea!  What was I thinking? Obviously it never occurred to me that everyone in North Carolina would also be there... It was so crowded.  The fact that their shopping carts operate like a 5 yr old child doesn't help matters.
 No matter how hard you try to direct it, it goes the opposite way.  I finally
gave in and decided I could call it my workout for Saturday.  This was suppose to be
a quick trip.  I was going to pick up one item but since I was there of course I had to browse
a little.  Here's some of the things I found....

Great vases in bright colors...

I stopped to pay homage to the "open, "Pinterest's little darlin"
I have seen so many different ways people have camouflaged those
drawer fronts that I am sure there will soon be a book called
"How to change the Hopen Drawer fronts for Dummies" 

Ahhhhh...there she is....the girl I came for....Expedit bookshelf.
Can't wait to show you what I am doing with her, but that is another post...

While there I decided to pick up a couple of frames.  

Finally done and on to the check out line....

You might not be able to tell by my photo, but I am about
 20th in line! ugh!  This is when I try to entertain myself with little games like
"wonder what the guy in front of me is going to do with those blue pillows" or
"do I really like what's in this cart and what do I need to park on that stack before I get 
to the register?"  or I start a conversation with the people behind me and ask them what they found they like.  Of course Ikea always has things along the aisles to get you to make
impulse purchases.  Wow, there was that great chest Emily Clark
painted orange in a client's job recently.... reduced...should I buy one?  Or two? Oh, it's
only $50 off the original price....

IKEA on sale for $149.00

Here it is painted orange in Emily's project.  Great piece if you need one.  I don't!
Nahhhh...temptations resisted...Good for me...

After check out I had to go over to the food section.  Really wish they would have this before the check out but they don't.  Have you ever bought their food items?  Most are great!  My children love the latkes and I love the smoked salmon.  Again, I resisted temptation and bought a water instead of the hot cinnamon roll...Good for me..

Now home to put my purchases in action.  What is that rule?  Oh yeah...I have to 
get rid of an item for each item I purchased, right?  When do you do that before or after you decide if you are keeping or exchanging what you bought?

Hope you enjoyed my shopping trip and that you are have a great Sunday!

I'll show you soon what I am doing with the Expedit book case I bought.
I'll give you a has to do with family organization...

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  1. Lisa,
    That was fun! Not only did you preview some great things (love the halter style color block dress) and adore Bond No 9 --- but I used to walk that very mall. Oh, I do still miss Charlotte 5 years later.

    Looks like you had a great day!
    xo Elizabeth

  2. Someone told me those Edland chests were $99 a few weeks ago. Was racking my mind as to where I could use one. I figured it would just end up in my garage and passed :)

    Have a great week!


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