Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do You Know What This Is?

I am so excited I had to share!  My friend Whitney just returned from South Africa and guess what she brought me?  That's right!  A Cameroon JuJu Hat!!!  Typically sold for between $400-$800.00 she got mine for $120!!!  I am sooooo excited!!!  Isn't it beautiful? Traditionally these tribal hats are worn by the village chiefs.  They are a symbol of wealth and prosperity.  Made of bird feathers painstakingly hand sown onto a raffia base, these beauties have been the darlings of the design world for ages.  When not in use they fold into a neat little bundle for storage.  To hang all you do is fold out the hat kinda like an umbrella.  You can mash the ribs down to open all the way.  There is a little loop on the back to hang it on the wall.  
  I asked her for a white one, but she found this awesome natural colored one which is even prettier than the white one! ( love sigh).. A special thanks to Connor her son who carried it on the plane!  If you don't know what a JuJu is you can read all about them here

It is currently hanging in my dining room but I may have to move it to another
 room or repaint these walls just for my juju!!!

Here are some other pictures of JuJu's in rooms.  I love the texture the feathers add
to the rooms and the colors are such a pop of color!






The Nesting Place

Table Tonic

Table Tonic

If you want to make a JuJu style wreath out of yarn, Rose 
over at FlutterFlutter tells you how here!

What do you think? Do you Juju?

If you want one and aren't traveling to South Africa, you can buy at these online boutiques

Laviva Home (USA)
Table Tonic (Australia)
Design My World (UK)
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  1. I love many different shades in yours and at such a great price, too.

  2. I want one...think it would be cool in my foyer?!

  3. Can i ask where in south africa you purchased it from we are heading over on a holiday soon and I would love to purchase one .

    1. Hey, I have no idea where my friend bought it. She brought it back to me but you can find them in most villiages.


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