Sunday, January 1, 2012

Is it Blahuary?

What is it about January that always feels to bleak and blah?
Is it because we have our homes so decorated in December?
Is it the weather?  The lack of greenery outdoors?  May be it is a good
time to create some energy inside to get us geared up for the new year.
Since I am still working on my New Year's Resolutions you will have to 
wait for me to share those.  In the meanwhile, how bout nurturing your
inner child and creating a little fun in your home.  It all started with this foyer 
by Kelly Werstler below but graffiti type wall treatments have been popping
up everywhere.  My niece did it in her own home in silver on white ways. 
It looks amazing.  The good part of this look is when you get tired of it 
you can just paint over it!  Do you like the look?  

Kelly's foyer is actually hand painted wallpaper which was inspired by
her children's drawings.

This foyer shown by Apartment Therapy has scribbles on the walls and ceilings
very lightly scribbled.  If you look closely you can see a little yellow layered in with the black
which draws your eye down the hall to the yellow room like a sunbeam.  I love the
black and white picture on the back of the door. Clever way to add art to the foyer but
not interfere with the scribbles on the wall.


Bold black and white scribbles and simple scribble art


Karly Hand of Design Crisis made these scribble drapery for her nursery.
If you go to her blog, she gives you step by step directions.  So if you aren't into
the whole wall being scribbles a little bit at the windows might be the way to go.


Have to say this is a fav, the pink on white scribbles would brighten any mood.
This would be great in a beach house or a dark hallway or powder room too.


Ok, so let's not forget the ceiling.  Now I am quite sure this was planned and not an
accident by a child, even though a child could probably do it better than an adult!
The yellow piece of art is another way to add scribbles in a fun way.  Would add a bright
punch to any table scape.  

You know the old saying, "the best for last"
...The bachelor pad by Nicole Cohen.
What an awesome way to take a very uninteresting space and make it wow!


So what do you think?  Are you inspired to get a little scribble in your life?
It could certainly take the "blah" out of January and your walls!
I'm off to get my crayons and color!
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  1. It's so fun, now if I could only remember the shorthand I took in high school....


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