Thursday, January 19, 2012

Exciting for Spring.....

January may be dreary but Manuel Canovas isn't!
Check out the new fabrics from the Spring Collection

I love color especially in Spring and Summer.  
Manuel Canovas's new spring collection does not disappoint!
True to the company's roots this new collection is full of brights.  
See for yourself...

be still my heart....

All the brights in Cruz,Panama & Beaucaire

yummy colors.....

the happiest corner of the house....

or may be this one ...

Fabric in Cruz & Bagatelle with Wallpaper in Penelope

ok, now now you have peaked my interest...there must be something
very exciting beyond these awesome drapery....

Curtains and Cubes in Sola

i'll take one of each please....

Chairs in Saint Remy
Chairs (left to right):

love the mix of the straight lines of this sofa with the organic feel 
of these pillows add to the mix...
Sofa in Belem with pillows in Frida, Jaipura and Alma

Sofa:who wouldn't want to have flowers that don't die?

Beauregard in Rose

I couldn't show the new collection without including a few of my favorites 
from the past....

  i am digging lavender these days...

Wallpaper: Bastille in parme

of course pink is always my favorite....

Balleroy in rose

and here we have the man behind the designs....

not really, this is Joe Nye, a Los Angeles based designer known for using the line.  Doesn't he look like he could be the designer?  I couldn't actually find a picture of Manuel Canovas, but there is a great read about him on the blog "Little Augury" if you would like to read more about the man behind the original designs and see one of the elegant rooms for which he is famous! 

" All my life I have liked big motifs. They feel more elegant, more generous."
-Manuel Canovas

Ok, so now I am ready to redecorate my own house!  "Out with the old and in with the new", as they say! I'd better find a client who is into brights quickly, so I can satisfy my urge to use some of these papers and fabrics or my husband is in major trouble!
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  1. It is actually making me cry that I don't live in that gorgeous room with that beautiful sofa, chandelier, and what I can only imagine is some sort of magical fireplace! If you figure out how to persuade your husband to let you have those amazing, St. Remy chairs, please let me know--I could use a few persuasive tactics!:)

  2. the room with the striped curtains and foot stands - ummm LOVE!!! - they look so rich in every way!


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