Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Octopus Gardens 30" x30"

So excited to announce Julie Robinson Art has arrived at Studio 202!!  
 Her work is amazing!  Julie lives in Asheville, NC.  Julie studied at the University of New Orleans and New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts.  She received her MA in Architecture from Tulane University and lived in New Orleans for over 30 years.  She was selected for "On The Verge" by WNC Magazine as one of the top ten emerging artist in Western, North Carolina.  
Julie calls her paintings "Abstract Transcendental Paintings".     Her work can be described as a mix between minimalism and contemporary expressionism.  Translucent in nature, the paintings are created by layering glazes on the mylar.   Her paintings are dreamy and reflective and give the sense of floating in space.  I love the pieces we currently have in the Studio.   The colors are more vibrant and watery than my photos show.  
Come by our studio to see these beauties in person. 

{click here to go to the post and see more of Julie's beautiful work..}

The Way of Water 40" x40"

Room without a Roof 38" x30"

Willingness 24"x24"

Carribean 38" x30"

Oceanic 6"x6"

Do you love Julie's work as much as Traci Zeller and I do?  We think her work is amazing! We are thrilled Julie has joined us as a studio partner!  Check out our Studio 202 Artist Partners to see who is currently showing in our studio by clicking here!   We are fortunate to have so much talent in our Studio!!  

Not in the Charlotte area?  We can ship to you!

Need help with interior design or art?  

Come by Studio 202 2935 Providence Road Suite 202 (above The Pink Hanger)
 and see our fabulous selection of art by our amazing studio partner artists!

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  1. Mesmerizing and ethereal, I love her works of art, Lisa!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Fabulous girls! I would love to come hang out at your studio. Great idea having a revolving gallery. I am so impressed! xoxox Nancy


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