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Julia Buckingham Edelmann Shares Color Tips with Traditional Home Magazine

I went to Paris last year due to the prompting of my friend and talented designer, Julia Buckingham Edelmann of Buckingham Interior Design of Chicago.  If you are in Chicago, make sure you visit her store.  If you aren't in Chicago, check out her website!  Julia is one of Chicago's leading designers, and I would say one of the leading designers in our country.  Be on the lookout for many exciting things to come from Julia in the very near future!
 Totally amazing!!!   

Julia is one of my favorite designer friends.  I am always excited when I find out we are meeting up at industry events.  We had known each other for many years on social media, but it wasn't until a couple of years ago, that we met in person.  We were instant friends.

 I just returned from three days with Julia at a Thermador and Traditional Home "Great Kitchens Event" in California.  The event was amazing!  Being with Julia was the icing on the cake!   There is always laughter and giggles when Julia and I get together.  

This morning I was delighted to discover, Julia was sharing her color tips, with Traditional Home magazine!  She is a color diva, so take heed.  These are tips worth savoring.  
 I have included only a 12 of my favorites of Julia's tips, because I didn't want to lift Traditional Home's entire article, but I did want to whet your appetite, so you will, click over  to the feature and to read all the tips and see more photos of Julia's work. 

Tip # 1. Let it Glow  
Let’s begin with the non-colors. Often a metallic finish–either a reflective surface or a mellow patina—can be truly compelling.

Let's start with a photo of Julia's own office!  This is truly a girl who has her head in the clouds in a good way!  Don't you love this?  Her color tip for this room is right on the money!
I loved all her tips, but this one was brilliant!  Who but Julia, would think of the non-colors, when considering color?  Metallics are color!  The patina of metals creates either a cool room or a warm room depending on the use of gold or silver.

 Let's read some of Julia tips on color, and then I invite you to pop over to Traditional Home for the entire article.  I'm going to bookmark this article because these tips are some of the best I have read about using color!

Tip #2. Have No Fear
Color is a big deal in my work, because for me color is synonymous with the word
 emotion. No color is completely off-limits.  Success with color depends on confidence. 

Tip #3. Express Yourself
Color was not meant to be controlled or overly manipulated. 

Tip #4. Don’t Overthink It
Color is meant to be natural and effortless. If you overthink it, it loses its
 spontaneous, expressive nature.

Tip #5. Achieve a Royal Look
Purple is historically a “royal color,” and with Buckingham as a maiden name, I admit
 to an affinity for crowns and symbols of royalty. Use it for an elegant look.

Tip #6. Home on the Range
Use purple in a range of colors, from smoky purple and the deep eggplant shown in the napkins here to almost neutral tints of purple and strong, regal purple. 

Tip #7. Ground Orange with Brown and Navy
Combine orange with grounding colors such as brown, navy and tan. But
 orange doesn’t like to be toned down too much. It commands attention!

Tip #8. Harness the Power of Red
Red has such power and energy that even a single element of it can
 make a space dynamic.

Tip #9. Think of Red as Lipstick or Nail Polish
Use red for impact and punch, in the same way that you would wear red
 lipstick or paint your toenails red. It’s an exclamation point! 

Tip #10. Use Texture with Neutrals
As long as the textural elements in your design have impact, neutrals can
 work wonderfully well, lending a curated look to a space.

Tip # 11. Don’t Shrink from Pink
Even if you aren't a girly-girl, keep a strong pink in your repertoire
 as well as the softer pastel version. 

Tip #12. Try All White
Use white as a statement in and of itself. When I use white, it’s usually all white. I
 like white to stand on its own instead of being used as a canvas. It has 
so much more to say! 

Here we are in Paris last September.

Make sure you visit Julia's website and take a gander at all things fabulous that is Buckingham Interior Design (BID).   Also, make sure you follow Julia on her social media channels below!  She is quite the social media maven and has some of the best instagram postings you will find on instagram!

All photos  and color tips courtesy of Buckingham Interior Design and Traditional Home Magazine.  To read the entire article click here.

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