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I wanted to share my new favorite book with you!  It is a book written by Ted Kennedy Watson called
"Style and Simplicity" An A to Z Guide to Living a More Beautiful Life.

Ted's book is an easy guide to the art of living well everyday.    It's a book to read, savor and read again!  He shares wonderful tips and ideas to make life special, but more importantly he shares a bird eye view of his own artful and charming lifestyle.    

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Peruse Kennedy Watson's website and you will read Ted's definition of himself as a finder, shopkeeper and curator.  I would add a gentleman, designer, and one of the nicest people I have ever met to that list as well.  He has a way of making people feel special with his thoughtful gestures.   Ted is a lifestyle retailer and blogger.  He got his start as part of the team for Melinda and Bill Gates wedding.  He then went on to open a successful wholesale showroom called The Watson Kennedy Collection with well known clients such as Gumps, Barneys and Neiman Marcus.   Then the unexpected happened!  The store location that Ted had always admired came available, so he opened a retail shop.  It was so successful he opened a second location and then closed his wholesale showroom.

Ted inaugural shop, Watson Kennedy opened in Seattle's in Pike's Place Market, at First and Spring Streets in 1998.  The shop has the feel of a shop on the Left Bank with a carefully curated selection of the finest assortment of bed, body and bath products.  There are also French and English goods and antiques, gifts and array of unusual artifacts, art and furnishings.   The store is artfully arranged in Ted's signature style.  The shop is named for his late father, Kennedy Watson, only Ted decided to invert the names.  Ted's life's work pays homage to his  Dad's #1 lesson to Ted, which is "make your life's work is something you love."  Ted did more than listen to his Dad, he too heed.  His entire life has been focused on creating his life around things he loves.   Watson Kennedy is a curated example of things Ted loves.  Visitors to Seattle always put Watson Kennedy in Pike's Market on their itinerary. 

.  The first shop was so successful a second shop located in historic landmark, Holyok Building First Street in 2001 offering the same fine gifts and home furnishings of the original store.  Both stores offer a wonderful service of shipping carefully curated gifts uniquely wrapped and shipped to fete a special someone by calling their 1 (800) 991-9361 number. 
(You can thank me later for sharing this well respected designer resource for special gifts!)  

 Ted captures his refined sense of aesthetics in the beautiful photographs used in the book.  

We are so lucky Ted has willingly shared some of his secrets for gracious living with us.   I am listing a few of my favorites of Ted's tips, but you must buy the book to read all of them.
There are simply too many to list!  

Love the "no texting or tweeting allowed" footnote on this tip!

Ted's love of flowers is evident in the book.  He shares many tips and ideas for creating
beautiful yet simple flower arrangements as well as his favorite flowers for the seasons.

I know Ted isn't southern, but when I read this tip, he connected with this southern girl.  
I ask, "who doesn't love a fresh tomato sandwich"?

Ted shares little thoughtful sentiments from his past and then tips for today.  He has a gentle way of mixing the past with the present in this book.

Ted talks about how the mere act of lighting candles can serve as a meditation.  He takes 
the mundane and elevates it to an act of celebration.

This Smoked Salmon and Chèvre Fritatta recipe is to die for, as is the other
 simple recipes he shares in the book.  I've tried them all!  

This tip is one of my favorites from Ted's book!  I love the idea of naming your home and creating special items such as notepads or tote bags to give your guests.  


Do you know what ephemera is?  If not, you need to buy the book and read
 Ted's definition and tips about it.  You will never feel the same way about an old 
concert ticket, postcard or receipt.  

Truly, this book is one to keep and treasure.  I'll leave you with a quote that Ted includes on his page about "ephemera."  I think it also sums up the heart of Ted's book and his life.  

"Treasure this day and treasure yourself.
Truly, neither will ever happy again."
-Ray Bradbury

Thank You Ted Kennedy Watson for making life for special for all who know you and for all who read your book!  You are a treasure! 


I know you will love the book as much as I do so I am giving a copy of Ted's book "Style & Simplicity"
 to one lucky reader!!!!  

Rules of the Giveaway!

Leave a comment below telling me why you want the book!
Then for extra entries.....

Sign up to "Like" or "Follow" Ted on his social media channels:

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You will receive an additional entry for each one you follow.

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Giveaway ends at Midnight  Friday, August 1st!!!

Need a special gift shipped to someone?
Ted is a "go to" for creating an "extra special" package.  Call, give him a price point,
 name and address and he will take care of the rest!  Your recipient will be
 love their package and sing your praises!  

Ted's book is a great hostess or birthday gift.  
It's also the perfect size to keep handy, for quick reference.

Watson Kennedy
Please Ring Here:
1 (800) 991-9361

Ted's book makes a great hostess or birthday gift.  
It's also the perfect size to keep handy, for quick reference.

Visiting Seattle?  Make sure to Visit Watson Kennedy:

 Watson Kennedy Seattle store locations:

Watson Kennedy Fine Home
Location: at First Ave. & Spring, Seattle
Address: 1022 First Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: 206.652.8350

Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: 12pm - 5pm

Watson Kennedy Fine Living
Location: Pike Place Market, Seattle
Address: 86 Pine Street, Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: 206.443.6281

Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: 10am - 5pm
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  1. I'm buying a book!! Ted is so fabulous, and I wish I could visit his shop in person. Some day!

    1. Throw you hat in the ring for the book! Nepotism not an issue!

  2. What a beautiful post. I was wondering about the backstory - glad to know it, how interesting. I am following you everywhere ( <-- that sounds stalkerish): insta, fb, Pinterest, twitter, and following him on Pinterest and Instagram.

    1. I put your entires in the hat! You will love it if you win! Thanks for entering!

  3. So very talented!
    Thank you for sharing, Lisa!

    1. I know you already follow me so I'll add your name in the entries!

  4. I adore Ted, Lisa, and of course follow you both everywhere! The book looks like a great one for my design library, I would be honored!


    The Arts by Karena

  5. Wow what great style love the pages of Ted's book that you shared here. I am following you both on Facebook so add me in to win would love to have a copy of his book:)

    1. Its fabe Mary Jane! I put your name in the pot!!

  6. Sounds fantabulous!! I am following you on it all- and Google+ xoxo

  7. I would love Ted's book. I found his blog by accident last year and have been following ever since. I told my friend, Anna, that she had to go to his shop the next time she went to visit her daughter in Seattle. They had never heard of him and were so excited to discover his shop. Just liked his Facebook page and started following him on Pinterest. Of course, I follow you.

    1. Cool Debbie! I am dying to go to his shop. You should see the things that he brings us from there when he make adorable little gift bags and gives us at conferences. He has a knack for making people feel special for sure!

  8. Anything you recommend must be worth reading <3. Life is precious and I would love to read his tips and ideas on how to make it more special and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing, Lisa.

    1. Good Luck! Hope you win! You will love this book. Thanks for popping in Jen. How are you?

  9. I have been reading about it and I would love to win this book! If I don't win, I'm going to buy a copy anyway. I follow Ted on his blog, Facebook and Pinterest. I follow you on Facebook and Pinterest too!


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