Sunday, July 20, 2014


Not sure why this didn't post yesterday, but I did a little shopping & day dreaming while working in my office (aka the beach).  I've been in a red/turquoise phase lately, when it comes to fashion attire.  My nails have been OPI "I lost my czechbook" turquoise but thinking I might go "Alpine Snow" this go around at the nail salon.  There has been a lot of chatter about Birkenstocks on Facebook.  What do you think?  Are you going to break down and join the Birkey Revolution?  Brass has been my theme song in interiors.  In the summer, I always love warm tones and bright colors. What are you loving?

The hubby and I did yoga on Friday morning and one of the girls in our class had the cutest yoga mat.  It made me wish I had something other than my Manduka mat, even though it is fab.  I also took inventory of my beauty products and found I was low on several so off to order more.  I have been loving the Rodin oil for my face this summer.  It makes my skin so soft and smooth which is important with aging skin at the beach!  Speaking of staying young...Do you have a Fitbit?  Even my mom has a Fitbit!  Now you can dress up your Fitbit with Tory Burch's new fashion pieces.  I must admit I haven't been friending people on Fitbit.  Not sure I want my daily activities to be public.  You might find out I haven't been working out like I should.  Something need to remain private, right?  Well, don't forget to pre-order Your Tory Burch Fitbit today before they sell out!  I heard it was a limited addition run and won't last long!  I'm going for the gold TB Fitbit style,because I can wear it when I dress up, otherwise, I don't mind the simple solid color for casual wear.  Ok, so I guess that is all I wanted to tell you!  Enjoy my picks for the week!

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