Thursday, July 31, 2014


I have always adored shells.  As a little girl, I would spend hours on the beach collecting shells.  There is really nothing more beautiful to me than a shell whether perfect or imperfect, each shell is a piece of art.  Each shell has its own special beauty. 

There are as many different colors, patterns, sizes and types of shells as there are fabrics.
I like the beauty of all the shells mixed together.  

I am fascinated by the colors of shells.  The conch shell with its beautiful white exterior reveals a beautiful pink or coral interior. 

A broken shell can also be a thing of beauty.  The broken shell serves as a great reminder, that we don't have to be perfect to be special.

Is there anything more exciting than finding a starfish on the surf?  We have found so many alive and tossed them back to continue them on their journey in the sea.  Yes, it is safe to say I adore shells.  Do you? I don't think shells need to be reserved for beach houses.  Those of us who adore the sea need to have shells in our year around homes to remind us of our love of the sea.  I like to add shells in bookcases, on trays and other interesting places in rooms to spark a memory of a beloved vacation.  Here are some beautiful ways shells have been used in interiors.  Enjoy!

Credit Via House Beautiful
South Hampton Beach house powder room, featured in House Beautiful with a mirrored vanity from Island Home, a giant clamshell sink, and a shell mirror are at home with Mother of Pearl tiles by Maya Romanoff.

Credit Alessandra Braca

Credit Via

Credit House Beautiful

Credit Charles Faudree

Are you as crazy about shells as I am?  Have these photos inspired you to add shells to your decor?  I think I feel a shell mirror in my near future!  I'm getting out my glue gun as I write.  Stay tuned!
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  1. oh how i love seashells. one might call me a hoarder of them :) last year i brought back a five gallon bucket from palmetto bluff. cross country. my husband thought i was nuts. this year he knew what to expect :) ha! hope you do a tutorial of your new mirror :) would love to see how to do one properly. pretty please.

    1. You and I are kindred spirits for sure Nancy! I will definitely share when I make my mirror!!

  2. Thanks for this beautiful post! Yes, shells are a reminder of one the beauties that God has created. I love to have them in my house here in Atlanta to make me smile every time I see them. Enjoyed your post, my sweet friend!


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