Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Harrison Blackford, Newest Artist in Studio 202 Gallery!!!!

I posted this picture four days ago on instagram just to tease you but I was the one who got the joke played on me.  So many of you wrote to ask me about this piece of art.  I am happy to announce that artist Harrison Blackford has joined Studio 202 as an artist in our studio gallery!  I actually corresponded with Harrison over 2 years ago but we finally met in person when she dropped off paintings last week to our new studio gallery.  We currently have 8 of Harrison's beautiful paintings in the studio in a range of sizes and colors!!!  Would you believe that Harrison is actually an interior designer by trade?  She jumped ship about two years ago and decided to paint full time.  If you would like to learn more about Harrison click here.  We can commission Harrison to paint size painting in any colors to match your fabrics or decor.  

"Watch Over Me" 30" x40"

"Never Can Say Goodbye" 36" x 36"

"Steal Away" 24" x 36"

"Dry The Rain" 40" x 60"

"Baja Ballad"  30" x 30"

"Sweet World"  36" x 48"

"Sink or Swim" 30" x 40"

"Saturday Dance" 40" x 60"

Please stop by and see all of our beautiful art, and accessories.  Our furniture hasn't completely arrived but it is on the way! We will soon be able to share photos of our studio.  Traci Zeller and I are so proud of how things are coming together.  Until then, please enjoy these beautiful paintings by Harrison Blackford.  If you want to learn more about them please feel free to contact Traci Zeller or myself. 

We are excited to have Harrison Blackford 
 in the Studio 202 gallery!

Welcome to Charlotte Harrison!

Need art, accessories or furniture?  Studio 202 is the place to come for all your needs!  We can help you find exactly what you need!

Studio 202 Home of :

Lisa Mende Design
Traci Zeller Designs

2935 Providence Road Suite 202
Charlotte,NC 28211
(located in Providence Plaza above The Pink Hanger)

We have a few more artists we will be introducing soon!
Stay tuned!   
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  1. It is all stunning and the cover painting on her site with the umbrellas is fabulous!! Love seeing work from a new to me artist!

    1. Love her work so much Kristy. We only have abstracts right now but she is getting some landscapes ready for our grand opening. i love her cows and her beach scenes too! Have a great rest of the week!!

  2. Such fun colorful abstract art. Thanks for introducing me to a new artist!

    1. I agree! Love her work! So happy you like! she is really close to Christy! Happy Monday!!


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