Wednesday, August 20, 2014


This past week, Traci Zeller and I had a photo shoot in our Charlotte studio with photographer, Dustin Peck.  I don't know if you have ever experienced a photo shoot but the prep work is maddening but actually Traci and I quite enjoy it.  We combed Charlotte looking for white tulips only to find the morning of the shoot.  Have you read the 10x's Rule?  It is an amazing book which reveals that success is typically achieved only when one had done 10x's what one thinks it takes to be successful.  Photo shoots are a perfect example of the 10x's Rule.  If you think you can shoot five shots in an hour you are seriously wrong.  Flowers for photography shoots typically adhere to the 10x's rule as well.  If you think you will need 1 dozen flowers you will actually need 10 x's  that amount of flowers.   Well, maybe not 10x's on the flowers, but a whole lot for sure.  The flowers are the fun part!  I love loading my car with multiple bunches and varieties of flowers.  For this particular shoot, Traci and I decided to do all the flowers ourself so we ran about town gathering all the white tulips, snapdragons, and hydrangea we could find.   

Here is a tiny peek at our kitchenette....we love the Ann Sacks Back splash in chevron marble and our gorgeous marble countertops from The Tile Collection of Charlotte!
For the kitchenette we chose green and white hydrangea.  Most of the flowers we chose are easy to arrange but what do you do when you want something a little more complicated or interesting?  I have a new book, I would like to share with you.

 The book is called "Fun with Flowers" and it was written by Jay Schwanke.
This is the perfect guide to selecting, arranging and enjoying beautiful flowers.

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I highly recommend you buy one for yourself and another for a gift.  It's the perfect size book to have on hand to refer to when you need ideas or tips on flowers.  There are 42 projects in the book that are all easily created even by a novice.   

As you can see the book is well illustrated with beautiful pictures and step by step directions for making incredible flower arrangements.  

I especially liked reading about the fragrant flowers.  Who doesn't like to have the sweet smell of jasmine, gardenias or lily of the valley in their home?

One of my favorite flowers is the orchid.  We are all intimidated by orchids.  Jay takes the fear out of working with orchids and provides some tips I have never read before.  

 I can't say enough good things about this little book!  I think you will enjoy it as much as I do!  Happy arranging!  

Click here to order your own copy of the book!  If you do order, please write me and tell
me if you like the book!  

Happy Wednesday!!!

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  1. Thank you for the lovely garden tour. Your flowers are all so pretty and I bet your roses are so fragrant. Hope you have a wonderful vacation.
    Artistic and beautiful Balcony Garden

  2. Your flowers are gorgeous and I am dying to see more of your studio - the backsplash is stunning!!

    1. Thank you Kristy and Beth. We are so excited!!! oxoo

  3. Thanks for your Kind words about "Fun with Flowers"... but better still your expert trappings on Photographing flowers... I've done 100's of sessions in my career.. and you're so right... it takes time and a keen perfect eye... which you my dear do so very well!!! I love your Flowers!!!! (((BIGHUGS)))


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