Monday, August 11, 2014

Carl Robinson Wallpapers & Murals

I love social media for so many reasons. You never know what connections you will make on social media.  Last week, I stumbled upon Carl Robinson, a UK designer who creates beautiful wallpapers and murals.   There were so many fabulous designs I had to share!  I have always been fascinated with European designed wallpapers, fabrics and furniture.  

Both Carl's mother and father were designers so I guess you could say he got a double dose of design talent.  Carl began his career working for his father then worked at Burlington Wallcoverings and also Graham & Brown in England. By 2000, he was serving as a consultant for Wallquest, Inc., one of the world's most-innovative wallpaper manufacturers, whose brands include Pelican Prints, Fairwinds Studios, Sandpiper Studios and Printers Guild Productions. Finally, in 2003, Robinson joined the Wallquest team on a full-time basis, and today is the company's Design Director.

Robinson is happy to have found a home at Wallquest.  He fits in perfectly as Design Director with the family-owned business.  Carl enjoys being active in every role of the process in designing a line of products.  Since the company is small, he is allowed to pursue ideas rather quickly and can introduce a new product into the market within three months, unlike the big wallpaper companies which aren't quite as flexible.  Carl is also allowed artistic freedom at Wallquest, which is important to him. 

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The most-recent brand Wallquest has introduced a new collection which bears the Carl Robinson name.  It took the designer almost a year to put the line together, but I think you will agree it is quite fabulous. Here is a quote from the website with what Robinson had to say about the new line,

"I purchase many designs from the best studios in the world, creating the collections for Wallquest," Robinson says. "I created my first collection by collecting and saving the most-exceptional designs that I felt were worthy of being in my first collection. And if I ever need a second opinion I turn to our talented studio personnel here at Wallquest for their input. It's the culmination of my 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing wallpaper."
Here is a preview of some of the wallpapers and murals in the
 Carl Robinson Collection for Wallquest

Carl Robinson also creates interesting wall murals.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Carl Robinson,  Design Director Wallquest,Inc

How did you like the collection?  Are you dying yet?  I think I am in love!
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  1. These are all lovely Lisa. I especially love the peacock feathers!


  2. These wall paintings/canvases are really fabulous... I am thinking 'pomegranates' for my home in Granada. Thanks for sharing


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